The Cafe


Have a seat; somebody will be with you shortly.


Anyway, as long as you’re here have a coffee.


Some pie with that coffee?

Come on now, what other blog offers you coffee and pie?




This is my gift shop it has t-shirts, cups, cards, and bumper stickers.

This is my sales staff. They will be glad to assist you.. or not.

6 responses to “The Cafe

  1. Peter

    I know that this is not the place but I have a question: Is there anyone out there in the universe who is from Detroit and remembers a morning radio show called The Hudson’s Minute Parade? The show was on WWJ-AM Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. The hostess played short, minute long excerpts from the classics. What was the lady’s name who hosted it

  2. Peter

    Thanks. It was worth a shot since nobody in Detroit knows either.

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