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The Sixth Man – Episode 115 (Final Episode)


Well my friends and readers this is the end. I hope you enjoyed The Sixth Man. Feel free to send any comments you may have.

I’m taking a little break. There are several projects that need some dire attention. I have started my next novel. It’s entitled The Middle of Nowhere. If you receive notices by email keep on the watch.

The Fisherman

I’m looking for Charles Abbot,” a voice said.

There’s nobody here by that name,” Berta said.

Somebody said he was here.”

Perhaps you might try the house just down the street,” Berta said.

I’m certain this is the house.”

What do they want?” Papa said moving toward the door.

Somebody named Charles Abbot,” Berta said.

That’s me,” Andre said and quickly sprung from his chair and made long steps to the front door.

Berta opened the door wider.

Drake!” Andre said. “Everybody it’s my son. Come in.” Andre waved him in.

They hugged.

Drake,” Andre said. “This is our family. I have found my family; our family. These are our family.”

What are you doing here?” Andre said.

We got to worrying about you,” Drake said. “Missy and I came.”

Missy is here!” Andre said and turned to everyone. “My daughter is here!”

Where is she?” Andre said.

She’s in the car,” Drake said. He went to the door and waved at the car.

Dad,” Drake said. “Lynn is here too. We called her. She was worried and we met in Toronto.”

My other daughter is here too!” Andre said.

There’s someone else too,” Drake said a nodded toward the door.

Marti appeared slowly in the doorway.

Marti,” Andre said. “You all came.”

We were all so worried,” Marti said. “Now my daughter will know her family.”

Andre moved resolutely toward Marti. “I will never allow you out of my life again.”

And I will never let you,” Marti said. “Let me meet your family.”

Our family,” Andre said.

That was pretty much it. Andre Benoit Clement found his way home. That is not the complete end to the story. It ended well.

Andre sold his dealerships and other business interest to his employees. He remained and advisor, but after learning of his background his heart was no longer in business, cars, sales, investments, or Atlanta. His heart had always been in Burin; he just never knew it. It was always there, he was unable to recognize what the longing was that pulled him away at times.

Drake and Missy made some life altering decisions also. Drake quit the FBI and was able to qualify for a licenses to practice law in Newfoundland. It happened there was a need for a lawyer familiar with U. S. law. Missy was welcomed as a licensed physician in Burin and opened a clinic. All clinics need employees; that’s where Marti’s experience as a nurse figured in. Lynn was also employed by the clinic.

As you may have already speculated Andre and Marti married.

Andre entered the fishing business with his father and brothers. Marti became the fisherman’s wife.



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The Sixth Man – Episode 114

thSZ8KLOJ6Sunset On Back Cove

It was the fog,” Papa said. “It came all the sudden. It was you and me, Andre. You loved to go with me. I was teaching you about the sea, the boat, the fish. The haul scraped on some rocks. We were taking on water. I launched the skiff and lifted you aboard. I went back to the radio to signal a mayday. I slipped and hit my head. When I woke you and the skiff were gone, washed out by the tide hidden by the fog. The boat rested on the rocks. That was the last I saw or you. We searched for a week. Do you remember what happened or were you too little to remember?”

There is something I must tell you about myself, Papa,” Andre said. “I trained myself to shield the past by forgetting. Some terrible things have happened to me over the years. I remember being rescued. I think it was another fisherman. We went some place. I don’t know where, but I remember traveling a long distance by car. I have come to know recently that ride ended in California. It was there that the people who raised me told me over and over again to forget everything that was painful to think about.”

How did you find your way back to us?” Papa said.

Andre related the details of the last year of his life.

It was a good thing I made the medallion for you,” Papa said. “I made them for all our children.”

It was a good thing, Papa,” Andre said. “I have some memory of you and Mama, but I don’t remember your faces and the way you looked. I remember Mama singing; a good gentle voice.”

Mama chuckled. “The years have played tricks on you; my voice was never good. I could not carry a tune.”

Bilge,” Rene said. “Mama, you have a beautiful voice.”

Yes, she does,” Papa said.

Mama, Papa,” Rene looked at his watch. “Everybody will be coming shortly. Only me, Claude, Berta, and Danni have met Andre; everybody else will be here shortly.”

Oh my,” Mama said, “we will have such a wonderful time. Andre, Rene, help Papa and I prepare refreshments for everyone.”

Mama,” Papa said. “Rene can go the grocery and buy some things while we spend some time with Andre; how would that be Rene?”

Sure,” Rene said. “Get to know your son.”

Rene drove Papa’s truck to the grocery. Andre, Papa, and Mama arranged the kitchen for visitors. Rene returned from the grocery. Slowly family began to file in. Andre met them all. After eating the family settled in on chairs, couches, and the floor as Andre told them about hit life.

After he told them his story each Claude, Danni, and Berta told Andre about themselves and families.

Outside the sun sat over Back Cove. It was a night no one wanted to end.

This is the best night my life,” Papa said.

This is the best night of all of our lives,” Rene said.

Everyone agreed.

Amid the agreement and good cheer a knock was heard at the door.

Who could that be?” Claude said.

I’ll get the door,” Berta said and moved quickly. There was another knock. Berta opened the door. “May I help you?”

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The Sixth Man – Episode 113

thMFH8OZ85Meeting Mama and Papa

It was not a long walk, less than a quarter of a mile. Not much was said, but much was thought.

They arrived at the door and Rene walked in with Andre behind him.

Mama! Papa!” Rene called out. “I have a visitor to see you.”

We’ll be right there,” Mama said.

Andre nervously looked around the living room. It was warm and comfortable. Knickknacks lined shelves. The furniture was leather and the floor a was beige carpeted. It was a seaman’s home. Pictures hung on the wall. The oldest was of a small boy dressed like a fisherman.

That is you,” Rene said.

Andre heard someone in the other room making there way towards them. Mama walked through the opening from the dinning room into the living room. She wore a floured house dress. Her hair was laid in long grey strands. Her face was small and had a kindly smile.

Hello,” she said to Andre and turned to Rene. “You should have told me you were bringing somebody by, we could have had something ready. Why not introduce us.”

I’ll wait till Papa comes,” Rene said.

Mama stood still and looked at Andre curiously.

Papa was heard coming through the dinning room. Mama moved out of the doorway to allow him into the living room. Papa wore coveralls and a red flannel shirt. His hands were large and rugged. His face was wind worn and tanned. Papa had a look on his face as if he walked in on the middle of a conversation. He glanced at Rene and Mama after a long look at Andre.

Who is our visitor?” Papa said.

Rene nodded at Andre. “Go ahead.”

I’m Andre Benoit Clement, your son,” Andre said.

Yes!!!” Mama cried out. “I know my son. That is him.”

They embraced and cried.

Papa slowly moved to a chair and sat. Mama took Andre by the hand and led him to Papa.

Andre kneeled down on one knee. “Papa,” he said with tears. “I have come home.”

Papa through his arms around Andre’s shoulders and pulled him close and they sobbed uncontrollably.

After a few minutes Andre sat on the floor. “Tell me what happened.”

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The Sixth Man – Episode 112

thQRRRUJ1BAndre and Little Bo

Two rugged men in working cloths quickly exited a pickup truck, hurried through the back door, and into the kitchen. Andres stood. The two men slowly moved toward Andre. Andre stood. They looked at Andre suspiciously.

The older looking of the two stretched out his arm for a handshake. “My name is Rene Clement.”

Andre shook his hand.

The other reached out. “I am Rene’s brother, Claude Clement and your name?”

Andre Benoit Clement,” Andre said proudly.

How can this be?” Rene said.

That’s why I’m here,” Andre said. “In the last year all I’ve done is try to find out who I am and where I came from. It has all led to here.”

But, how did you find your way to this place?” Claude said.

Andre reached out to Rene. He lifted the chain from his neck. Andre held the medallion in his fingers. “You were three years old when Papa put this around your neck. I was there. It has your initials and the coordinates of Burin. I don’t remember it, but Papa told me about it; he told all the family about it. It is a family story. He said as long as there was hope he would tell the story. The he stopped telling it one day; he said he lost hope.”

Rene reached and held Andre’s medallion. “You are my big brother.”

They embraced and Claude joined them immediately. There was a wailing for lost years and jubilant cries for the impossible joy.

Sit,” Berta said, “Everyone sit. I’ll get coffee.”

They all sat around the table.

We must come up with a way to break this joyous news to Papa and Mama,” Berta said.

We must get everyone here except Papa and Mama,” Danni said. “We let our husbands, wives, and children know.”

And then we all go over to Papa’s and Mama’s,” Claude said.

I can’t think of no other way,” Rene said. “Andre is here and what else can we do?”

Perhaps we can ask the oldest in the family,” Berta said. “What do you think is best?”

I think it would be good to meet your husbands, wives, and children first,” Andre said, “but if you please, I’d like to meet with my Papa and Mama alone at first.”

He is the oldest,” Rene said. “He is wise. That’s what we should do.”

I’m calling everyone in my family now,” Danni said.

Berta, Rene, and Claude called their families. Everything came to Danni’s home except Papa and Mama. For the rest of the afternoon Andre became acquainted with his new found and long lost family. He related to them his quest to find them as well as other things about his life.

It is quite strange,” Andre said after relating many things, “I look around this room and I see people who look like me. I’ve never had that before. I see not only physical resemblances, but smiles and gestures I’ve had all my life and never knew from where they came. I remember fragments of things; boats, my room, old boots, fishing gear – did Mama play piano?”

There was a collective “Yes.”

I remember,” Andre said. “And father a guitar.”

Another collective “Yes.”

Andre stood. “Little Bo,” Andre said to Rene.

You were the only one to call me that,” Rene said.

Let’s go Little Bo,” Andre said. “It is time. Take my hand and we will walk to Papa and Mama’s together.”

Hand in hand Andre and Rene walked up the incline and around the curve in the road to Papa’s and Mama’s


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The Sixth Man – Episode 111

Andre, Finally

You are our brother,” Berta said, “and Rene and Claude are your brothers.”

Come in, come in,” Danni grabbed Charles arm and pulled him up the steps to the house and led him into the kitchen.

Berta followed shoving Charles.

They entered the back door and he was quickly ushered through an enclosed porch and into the kitchen.

Sit,” Berta said to Charles and pulled out a chair from the table for him. “Danni, make some coffee.”

Don’t order me around in my house,” Danni said. “I want to look at him. You make the coffee.”

This is your house,” Berta said

If you just tell me where the coffee is I can make it,” Charles said.

They chuckled embarrassingly and bumped into one another as they dashed to the cupboard.

I’ll make it,” Berta said. You’re coffee is always too weak. You call the boys.”.

Danni nervously dialed a wall phone. “Rene, get Claude and come to my house right now. I don’t care if you are taking a crap. Squeeze it off and get her right away and bring Claude with you… I can’t explain, just get here now.”

No one can talk to the boys like Danni,” Berta said. “She gets results.”

Charles smiled, “But her coffee’s not so good.”

Right,” Berta said.

Danni hung up. She looked at Charles, her face twisted into tears.

I could really use the bathroom,” Charles said.

Danni and Berta stood motionless in sort of an admiring gaze with no words spoken, but hearts obviously full of joy.

A bathroom,” Charles reminded.

Danni shook herself from a trance-like state and pointed, “First door down the hallway.”

Charles returned to the kitchen. “How many brothers and sisters do I have?”

We are your sisters,” Danni said, “and your two brothers will be coming down the road in a red pickup truck in a couple of minutes.”

Are our mother and father still living?” Charles said.

Yes,” Berta smiled eagerly.

May I sit again,” Charles said.

Yes,” Danni said. “Are you hungry?”

No,” Charles said.

I have plenty of food,” Danni said and rushed to the refrigerator.

Coffee will be fine,” Charles said.

It is for you brothers,” Berta said. “They are always hungry.”

Will it be possible for me to meet my mother and father?” Charles said.

Oh yes,” Berta said, “but we just can’t walk in on them.”

Are they frail?” Charles said.

Frail!” Danni said, “ Papa still fishes and Mama goes with him sometimes.”

Where, oh where have you been my big brother,” Berta said. “I used to dream of what kind of man you would be, but now here you are and now I know. You are strong and handsome. Do you have children and a wife?”

I have children,” Charles said.

Tell us about them, Andre,” Danni said.

First of all,” Charles said. “I don’t go by the name Andre, it is Charles, Charles Abbot.”

It is Andre,” Danni said. “From now on that is your name. I don’t care what you are my big brother, Andre!”

Andre, it is,” Andre said, “and I can’t tell you how proud I am to finally know who I am and what my given name is, Andre Benoit, Clement.”

The children,” Berta said, “Your children.”

I have recently found out I have a daughter,” Andre said. “Her name is Lynn.”

Danni interrupted, “Oh my god, a playboy Casanova.”

No,” Andre said. “It’s a long story.”

Thank god,” Danni said. “Such news would have put Mama in the grave.”

And Papa would fall in right after her,” Berta said.

I have a son, Drake and another daughter, Melissa, who we call Missy,” Andre said.

And you wife?” Danni said.

I’m divorced from my only wife,” Andre said.

We should be careful how we break that to Mama,” Danni said.

Well she’s in prison,” Andre said.

Oh, no,” Berta said, “are you a criminal and she took the rap for you?”

Andre smiled. “It’s complicated and I have a very long story tell.”

If it involves a lot of sex don’t tell Mama,” Berta said.

Danni craned her neck and looked out the kitchen window. “Here come the boys.”

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The Sixth Man – Episode 110

th13Y7UII5A B C

My name is Charles,” Charles said. “Why do you ask?”

The people who live in that house lost a child, their oldest, many years ago,” she said and added sternly. “They don’t need to be reminded of it.”

His name was Andre?” Charles said and his heart began to beat heavily and he found it difficult to gain a breath.

Yes,” she said.

What was his full name?” Charles said. His chin quivered.

Her lips quivered. “Andre Benoit Clement.”

Charles nervously removed the necklace and handed it to the woman.

It has the initials A B C on it,” Charles said.

She looked at it. She sniffed. “Where did you get this?”

It has been with me as long as I can remember,” Charles said.

Oh my god!!!” she cried out and embraced Charles. “Andre, Andre, it is you!”

She let go and hollered to the house Charles had just visited, “It is Andre!!! He has returned!!! He is here!!!”

The woman from the first house came running. “Leave her alone!!! Has he hurt you!”

No, Berta, no,” she said. “This is Andre!!! This is Andre!!!”

Our brother! Our brother!” Berta said. “How do you know, Danni?’

He has the medallion,” Danni said in tears. “And like you said, he looks like Marcel.”

Quick we must call Rene and Xavier,” Berta said.

Charles was near panic and euphoria and yet stood in the middle of hysteria which he could not grasp. “What is going on?”

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The Sixth Man – Episode 109


Instinctively he slowed as he came to the crest of the road. Charles looked out over a body of water – Back Cove, there is was. He trembled. He eased off the brake and allowed the car to coast down a slight decline that led to the cove. He came to a fork in the road; one led to the east of the cove and the other bordered the north.

He stopped at the fork. “I’ve been here,” he murmured. “It is not my imagination. I’ve been here,” he repeated firmly.

He turned right and slowly moved along the cove. Three small fishing boats were anchored in the middle of the cove. He drove to a small gravel parking spot overlooking the cove. He parked and eased out of the car.

He walked down hill along the road. He stopped before it declined further.

At the bottom of this hill is a dock and a shanty is on the dock,” Charles said quietly.

He walked to the bottom of the hill and looked to his left. There was a yellow shanty attached to a dock. He walked on to the grass and to the water’s edge.

I’ve sat on that dock,” Charles said. “I’ve been on a boat at that dock.”

He turned around. Houses dotted the roadways and were tucked into the hillsides. He walked across the road to the nearest house. It was a single story well kept home. There was a bicycle in the driveway. ‘A young family,’ he thought.

He walked up the steps and onto the porch. He knocked.

A slender woman in her late 40s came to the door. Her skin was dark and leather-like as if she worked in the sun. Her eyes opened widely as if surprised when she looked at him. She held her hand to her chest and took a step back.

I’m sorry,” Charles said. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

I, I just w… was expecting someone else,” she said.

I’m sorry to intrude unannounced,” Charles said, “but I was hoping you might be able to help me.”

I’ll try,” she said. “How can I help?”

Are you aware of a boy disappearing from here many years ago?” Charles said, “probably before you were born.”

Her face seemed as if frozen. “No,” she said suddenly at ease. “No, I don’t”

Is there a neighbor perhaps older than you that has lived her a long time and might be able to recall something like that.”

I don’t think there is anyone that can help you,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

Charles smiled politely. “Thanks for the trouble, ma’am.” Charles turned away as the lady shut the door.

Charles reached the road.

Sir, sir.” the woman came down the porch steps. “Can I ask why you are interested.”

It’s a long story, ma’am,” Charles said, “and a very improbable story. I’m too tired and weary to tell it.” Charles walked away.

He walked further and turned back to look to the east. Tucked into a slope on the east side of the cove stood a home. “I know that house,” he said. He scanned the landscape trying to capture long lost memories.

Excuse me, excuse me,” a woman’s voice from behind him said. Another woman slightly older but very similar in looks walked curiously toward him. She forced a smile. “Can I help you?”

Sure,” Charles said. He pointed to the house across the cove. “Who used to live in that house?”

Why do you want to know?” she said.

It’s difficult to explain,” Charles said, “but I’ve come a long way. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and I think I’ve been here before. If you could just tell me who lived in that house it may help me.”

Is your name Andre?” she said curiously.

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