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A Hero’s Welcome Home

This is reality of war not the surprise classroom visit of Dad or Mom coming home.

This is reality of war not the surprise classroom visit of Dad or Mom coming home.

We see it all the time. Everyday; the cameras and media are on hand to capture those moments when that special someone comes back from deployment.

We are all happy to see families reunited. It’s heart warming. But let’s view it for what it really is, propaganda. These are private moments exploited by the government and military to deflect the reality of war. The media gives it attention because it boosts ratings.

The real story about war are coffins being delivered to sobbing families. No number of happy reunions can erase one tear from the eye of a child whose father or mother was lost in war.

My Favorite Person

My favorite person is my wife. When inducted into the Army there was about a two month period I did not see her (basic training).

If we had known she was pregnant with our first it is likely I would not have had to go into the Army. Being young, naïve, and scared I thought it would be impossible for me to get out of the Army once I was in.

From that point on everything possible was done to make certain I was never away from my family. And during my entire four years during my military service my family was always close by.

(January 6: My favorite – What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.)

(Also submitted as a Daily Prompt.)

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My Computer Is Very Fragile And Emotional

Angry-computer[1]Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

So here I am trying to imagine what life would be like without my computer.

I’m thinking back to a thousand years ago; a guy runs into a small village. He’s excited. He tells of their Army’s victory in a distant land and many young village men will return as heroes. It seems in his excitement he exaggerated a bit. Many lives were lost in the victory and the victory was really a truce.

Soon people saw the need for a Town Crier who could read factual reports. It was later discovered he could read in such a way as to put emphasis on what he found appealing.

Community bulletin boards and newspapers would replace Town Criers. Yet, the emotion, prejudice, and disposition of an editor, publisher, or reporter could shade what was printed.

Emotions, no matter what, come into play.

The world in the past 175 years has gone from the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and the internet. Information speeds to our home in nanoseconds and yet it is no better than the emotion of the guy who ran into the medieval village to report a distant war.

We are still ruled and guided by the same emotions of a thousand, two thousand, three thousand years ago. The computer should not change who we are. It should tell us who we are.

The last few months I have followed the George Zimmerman trial. The media and special interest groups did much to distort or hide facts. Everything was revealed in open court. Evidence, testimony, and arguments were presented. A verdict was reached. Yet emotions prevail.

It’s caused me to do some extra research and thinking on my own.

I’ve come to this conclusion, news is best reported by those who were there, after a long walk home. Otherwise it is fueled with emotions and inaccuracies. Likely what happens a month ago and a thousand miles away will have little or no effect on anyone.

Much of our life is ruled by our own emotions, so we need to be careful not to be led by another person’s emotions.

We, ourselves, need to slow down before we hit “send” or “enter.”


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Why I Don’t Vote

If voting is supposed to be a private matter why do people spend so much time telling others how they will vote? Why is there published pre-election polling results?

Politics has always been entertaining to me. I’ve always looked at it academically. I find it interesting how much people think it has to do with their lives, but really doesn’t.

I think it’s just another way to divide people and get them mad at each other.

I’ve never been involved in politics and my life is the same as any other‘s. I really can’t imagine my life any different if Dewy had won.

Many who read this will think my position is obtuse. Some may think not being involved in the process is a step toward tyranny. Some may think it is disrespectful to those who they feel died for those rights.

Next let me state that I would never tell a person not to vote or who to vote for. That is a personal choice. I don‘t prefer one candidate over another. As difficult as this is for many to understand or grasp I simply choose not to be evolved.

The reasons are rooted in my view of the Bible. Jesus never even favored Roman rule over Jewish rule. Although he had opportunity to express an opinion he did not. He was offered rulership by Satan on one occasion and by certain Jews on another occasion. When he was asked a political question about paying taxes to the Romans. He referenced a coin and asked who is on the coin? The answer was Caesar. He answered further with a non-political and neutral reply, “Render Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.”

During the first century Christians were noted for their neutral stand toward politics. The practicality of this is addressed by the Apostle Paul at First Corinthians 1:10,11. Although he was speaking about things to do with faith and worship the principle applies to the realm of politics when viewed with what Jesus stated.

Pragmatically, why do people vote when the results are predictable and always the same.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I don’t mean to offend, but isn’t that like voting? What does history tell us?

I consider myself well-informed. I read the news. I listened to the candidates. I watched the debates. Candidates say only what they think people will like to hear. Politicians condemn their opponents as uninformed, uncaring, out of touch, and so on. Does that even come close to being adult behavior? Are those leadership qualities? It’s like a mean-girls club.

Each candidate will promise much and deliver little. Does one choose the one who lies the most or sound the most convincing? That’s not an informed choice, it’s naivety and credulity!

How can one make a truly informed decision? Listening to the major news outlets are like watching NASCAR. They always seem to steer left. So I don’t think anyone conservative can get a fair shake from them.

Recently NPR ran an article about people who don’t vote. Their reasons varied. They were, in my view, well-reasoned.

What was interesting were the comments. The majority took issue with them and their reasons. In fact they were nasty. Link to article.

Recall the valiant men who many feel died for our rights? They died for the freedom to choose also.

Over the years I’ve had that same discussion with many. Here is a discussion with a man who did not accept my Biblical reason. There is a an expression, “If you can’t convince at least confound.”

This is how my discussion went:

“Who are you going to vote for?”

“I don’t vote? We‘ve talked about this before.”

“Really! Why again?”

“I choose to remain neutral.”

“You mean you let others choose for you?”

“Yes, it has been done all my life. I never chose my parents, where I lived, or my school. So far so good.”

“So you’re okay if a tyrant is elected?”

“I suppose, if he’s elected, but if I did vote I may even be fooled by the tyrant and vote for him. I’d be to blame.”

“But what if you voted for the good person?”

“I’d eventually be shot by the tyrant for voting for the good person.”

“So you won’t vote against a tyrant?”

“Somebody will shot him anyway.”



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What Truth Is The Media Hiding About Jerry Sandusky?

The media is unwilling to connect all the implications of Jerry Sandusky's abuse with the possibility of conditioning young boys to be homosexuals.

There are three words that you likely don’t see by the media in the same sentence, paragraph, or story; “Jerry,” “Sandusky,” and “homosexual.”

The reason (I’m going into sarcasm mode) is that the media considers the public too stupid to recognize the difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. (I’m leaving sarcasm mode now.) You can be one without being another or you can be both. The homosexual community along with the entertainment media industry have put so much effort into presenting homosexuals as being smarter, more sensitive, accepting, and thus morally superior that calling Jerry Sandusky a homosexual pedophile might send a confusing signal. (Which is why you never see the term “black racist” also.)

Some might think that such a connection could start a fire-storm of hate crimes against homosexuals. Maybe it’s just me (and it always is), but I hear of more guys going into a bar getting their clock cleaned for acting macho rather than being a homosexual. If you go into the hood acting like you own it that’s going to get you hurt long before walking like a sissy will.

I never have understood the hate crime thing. Don’t all crimes essentially come down to hate. I know, I know, if the crime is directed because of a person’s race, national origin, sexual orientation, and etc.

Back around to Jerry Sandusky and homosexual; It seems that Sandusky is afforded some sort of extra protection because he is homosexual. If he were attracted to prepubescent girls bail would have been set so high he could have never made it.

Here is the can or worms being avoided; Is it possible that boys introduced to homosexuality at an early age will have a proclivity towards it? In other words is it a learned behavior. To take this a step further are the Jerry Sandusky-types of the world breeding future abusers and homosexuals. If it is true that those abused have a greater chance of becoming abusers themselves even though they are not raised that way is there the same chance they will be homosexual? Are they both learned behaviors?

The homosexual and entertainment media industry have concluded and led a successful campaign of propaganda that homosexuality is normal and one is born that way. To suggest anything other than it is normal a person is shut-up and labeled as a backward thinking close minded homophobe. (Sarcasm and paraphrase alert!) ‘They doth protest too much, methinks.’

What did Jerry Sandusky teach besides football? Perversion, abuse, pedophilia, and homosexuality. Is that all so hard to say? And I’m not even, a psychologists, a rocket scientist, or a red-neck.


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It’s Not The Media’s Fault!

Anderson Cooper and Dr. Drew Pinsky, TV talk show host who are two of the best, but...

Dr. Drew Pinsky said something very interesting the other night. I don’t recall the entire context, but he said the problems we are experiencing today are the result of what happened in the 60’s and 70’s.

I recall liberal and progressive types calling those times an age of enlightenment. There was a revolution of openness and freedom from morality and the guilt that went along with it. Suddenly we (the world, the nation, society) were going to be better. Sin, morality, and the Bible were shackles that inhibited healthy psychological and emotional growth.

Working around mental health and social workers at that time (early 70’s) they were arrogant as to what the problems of society were. Suddenly six thousands years of human existence was all wrong.

I’m okay, your okay (A book also by that name) was a mantra echoed by many. Moral relevancy was touted as the new morality by psychologists and theologians alike. Once it started it was like a runaway train. The masses clamored, groped, and ingested it like a crack addict or hungry dog.

The truth always has been that people develop best where there are known restrictions and guidelines. Is this not true of rearing children? This is not to be confused with religion which has a tawdry history of oppressive behavior and domination. What is meant is the principles and guidelines found in the Bible which when correctly applied and honestly taught are healthy psychologically and emotionally.

Permissiveness and moral relevancy continues to flow like a drug pipeline to the inner city.

The media wrap, package, distribute, and sell it with all the greed and glee of Colombians drug-lord to the two-bit neighborhood drug dealer.

Dr. Drew had Anderson Cooper on his HLN show a night or so ago. They were talking about what stories get covered by the media. Pinsky mentioned a picture on the front page of the National Enquirer of Whitney Houston in her casket. They both expressed distaste.

The conversation unfolded into a justification for covering stories was the publics’ appetite for them. If I heard that right; It’s the public’s fault!

As much as I like Dr. Drew Pinsky and Anderson Cooper they cleverly shifted the blame from an all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-wise media community and onto the minions.


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Could Tiger Woods’ Life Be In Danger?

When Phil Mickelson defeated Woods by 15 strokes the media treated it as if Tiger was the real winner because of a handshake. The last time Tiger got beat that bad was by a Norwegian blonde.

All the headlines from the Pebble Beach Pro Am this past weekend made it look as if  Tiger Woods was the only golfer in the tournament. Every story about the first rounds of the tournament pictured it as his Phoenix performance.

There was only one problem; to the chagrin of the Sport’s Intelligentsia (SI), family man and nice guy, Phil Mickelson won. The report on the tournament made it sound like it was two men coming down to the final hole; Mickelson and Woods. Woods finished 15 strokes off the lead. That’s like being lapped on a mile run.

The Fox Sports News’ story (and all the others as well) made it look as if Tiger was the sentimental, emotional, and spiritual winner when they said Tiger was the first to congratulate Mickelson. Mickelson even attributed his good play to Tiger being in the tournament. It is clear golf and the sports intelligentsia (SI) think that golf can not make it without Tiger Woods.

They want Tiger to win so bad. Sponsors have too much wrapped up in him. They will do anything to revive his career.

Is His Death The Answer?

Tiger has to win and if he doesn’t they only thing left to do is kill him (come on now, just being stupid). It could be a freak accident. Remember the commercial a few years ago with Woods, the alligator, and the water hazard; an accident can easily be arranged. How about a lightning storm during a practice round. Someone could grease the brakes on his golf cart. No one would question anything; he couldn’t even make the turn out of his driveway without hitting a neighbor’s tree.

Memorial golf tournaments bring in really big money.

All kidding aside (not really) look for the words “Tiger Woods” and “courage” to appear in the media before long. When those words appear the sports intelligentsia is pulling the plug; that is the signal of the end of a career. All has-beens are courageous.

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Super Bowl Personal Tragedy Stories Add Meaning To Life

Eli Manning and Tom Brady; their lives are not as charmed as people think. Their lives are riddled with tragedy and struggle.

Every football player in the Super Bowl has a tragic story or background. They have all had to overcome adversity. This makes the game much more meaningful and human. These are real people; just like me and you, but have to overcome so much more. If they don’t have a story than let’s just make some up. It’s called creative journalism.

It’s not enough for them to be over-paid self-indulgent egomaniacs who receive enormous amounts of money for endorsing anything from earmuffs to suppositories and worshipped as gods, but we should feel sorry for them too.

I’ve got some suggestions to make the Super Bowl more interesting. Who cares whether they are true or not; truth has never been a concern of journalism before.

Tom Brady has had to overcome his incredible good looks. “It hasn’t been easy; everybody taunting me with ‘pretty boy, pretty boy’ and it’s true, so true. All I have to do is look in the mirror and there I am, pretty boy.” Tom tears up and apologizes to the camera for his unmanly uncontrollable burst of emotion.

Eli Manning was born into a football family. “Do you know how hard that was as a kid? I wanted to be involved in the arts, but Daddy and big brother, Payton, always picked on me, saying I was a sissy boy. Well they ain’t sayin’ much now. I got a chance for another Super Bowl ring, but I’d really rather be dancing for the New York Ballet Company. They are the true giants of the Big Apple.”

There are some not-so-well known players who have come back from tragic backgrounds to play in the Super Bowl:

Hans Friedrich demonstrates his kicking form held over from his old goose-stepping days with the Nazis.

Back-up place-kicker Hans Friedrich was a Nazi guard at Auschwitz during the war. Hans’ exact goose-step form made him a perfect long-distance field goal kicker. His holder, Moesha Goldman, is an Auschwitz survivor. They had to overcome the bitterness of their backgrounds to perform at a professional level.

Earlier this year Goldman removed the ball as Friedrich kicked and laughed at him as he lay on the ground. “Take that you Nazi war criminal schlepper!”

At times Friedrich purposely missed the ball and kicked Goldman in the head. “Take that, you scourge to the Fatherland!”

Eventually they gained each other’s trust and friendship.

Dilbert Parker of the Patriots and Denton Parker of the Giants are Siamese twins separated at age six, but now opponents on the gridiron. Neither one can be in a position of calling defensive or offensive plays, because as former closely united twins they think alike. When Dilbert gets his bell rung it’s Denton’s eyes that won’t dilate.

Special teams player Winston Markowski for the Giants is married to a team cheerleader who is also his sister. They both attended Kentucky University Truck Drivn’ and Mechanix School for the Privileged.

Those are just a few heart-wrenching background stories you won’t hear covered by the main stream media that will make this Super Bowl and your life much more meaningful.


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