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Family Pub – Part 4

(Continued from yesterday.)

A Good Man

“William Benson and Layton Sexton June 7, 1798,” Layton said.

“And read further,” Bernard said.

“June 7, 1799, If a Sexton has no place to call his own he will always find a home here, even if it is 200 years.”

“What is the day, lad?” Bernard said.

“June 7th 1999,” Layton said.

“Now think, think hard,” Bernard said. “Why did you come here?”

“Just before my father died, he said I was named after my ancestor that came to America in 1799.” Layton said. “He told me he had nothing to leave me, but if I found the place of my ancestors I’d find a treasure.”

“And you have, lad,” Bernard said.

“Indeed,” Layton said. “This place is like home to me. I really never wanted to leave. I thought if at least I didn’t try you’d all think of me as a ne’er-do-well. I’m educated and qualified to instruct, but to my detriment I want to be no place but here and now I know why. This place is in my blood. I was meant to return. I was born to return.”

Bernard smiled broadly. “Now sit, lad and I shall go on.”

Layton sat. “I feel the best I have ever felt. We must drink the brandy till it’s gone and stagger the streets of the village like William and Layton must have. So what is it you want to go on about?”

“Layton Sexton left this place 200 years ago with a beautiful lass of the Benson stock,” Bernard said, “William’s sister. She was with child. They had a son in America. That was the last our family heard of the Sexton’s. You see our family owes your grandfather a dept of gratitude. This place was passed down from generation to generation.”

“It seems strange that of all the places I could have found work it was this one,” Layton said. “And I never wanted to go anyplace else. I was satisfied here and now I know why.”

“There is more,” Bernard said. “Let me pour a bit more brandy.”

“Am I related to the queen,” Layton quipped.

“Oh no,” Bernard said. “Not that dirty bunch. Each year, you recall, a percentage was deposited in the trust. It collected over all these years and had collected interest. I suspect it is a handsome sum at this point and it belongs to you.”

“How much is there?” Layton said. “Do you have an idea?”

“It has to be a tidy sum,” Bernard said. “After all it’s been 200 years. There have been some lean times, but it has always been steady. The sum is not mine so I’ve never kept track. “We owned the B & B next door and sold it several years ago to keep this place afloat without going to the lenders.”

“Well,” Layton said. “If the sum is anywhere near what I think it should be we should buy the B & B back. After all we’re partners.”

Bernard smiled. “My ancestors always spoke well of Layton Sexton and I shall not be hard-pressed to pass it on.”

The End



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A Family Secret

Modern Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

Not a good question. It eliminates many. Not all families have shocking elements, perhaps intriguing or interesting would do just as well.

Let’s say my Grandfather Jim (father’s side), who died in 1933, suddenly sprung to life. I could ask him a question about something recently discovered about he and my Grandmother, his wife. “Grandpa, I noticed something; Grandma was just a little more than three months past her 15th birthday when you two married. It was just beyond seven months when she gave birth to your first child. How did you avoid jail time, given the fact you were 24? Just curious. I know Grandpa, you should be turning in your grave right now.”

Here is the link to my short story for the day, The scent of a Woman and Coffee.


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Pride and Joy: Relationships

Pride and Joy

What’s your most prized possession? GO!

Admittedly I don’t take the prompts serious. I have fun with them. Fun has its limits and never would I want to give a false impression for the sake of being funny. This is, to me, a serious subject.

My most prized possessions are relationships with people. I really like them. That’s why I aspire to be one someday.

First there is my wife. If that doesn’t exist life is somehow a little less full. There are times I look at here and see the girl I dated as a teen ager. Her hopes, he dreams, her vulnerabilities, her fears. She makes me smile and feel not so alone. She knows my thoughts, my feelings, and who I am (and loves me still).  Then comes my children. I really like them. Of course I love them, but they are really likable. (This includes grandchildren, sons-in-law, and daughter-in-law, it’s a package deal.) They are easy and enjoyable to talk with. My mother, who is now 100 and at present not doing well. But we talk daily and it means much to both of us. I have friends far and near. One I call perhaps once a week and others less often, but that in no way indicates any less attachment and regard for them. Most importantly is my relationship with my Creator. Without his direction, examples, and teachings none of the above would even be remotely possible.

Here is a link to my daily short story, The Kellen Moore Selfie at Billy Bronco’s.


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Feeding The Monster

th3WNX6F0SBert picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Guess who?”

“Hey, Sis,” Bert smiled. “What’s up?”

“Hang-up the phone right now and get over here right away,” Sis said. “And no questions. Just get gone.”

She was too jovial to be serious so Bert’s drive to his sister’s home was not with a sense of urgency.

Bert’s sister was 8 years older. She was the one who looked after him as an infant, a toddler, an until he started school. At times she was the scolding disciplinarian and at other times a doting aunt. It all seemed like the perfect balance.

Bert mused about the time Sis gave him the beating of his life. They never had a harsh word. “I had it coming,” Bert mumbled. Bert was so wrapped up into memories and the mystery behind the invitation he didn’t bother to knock at Sis’s door. He walked in. Sis gave him a hug and pulled out a chair at the kitchen table.

“I’ve got a surprise,” Sis said and placed a huge bowl of ice cream in front of him.

“Is this it?” Bert said.

Sis raised her eyebrows and said gleefully, “This is it.”

“The color is perfect,” Bert said. “Beyond pink, but not quite red.”

“Do you remember how we relished it as kids?” Sis said.

“Oh yes,” Bert said.

“And you even got the small chunks of cherries in it,” Bert said.

“Taste,” Sis said eagerly.

Bert dislodged a sliver of ice cream from the mound in the bowl. He brought it to his mouth and enveloped it like a snake. He allowed it to melt slightly and the flavor burst in his mouth and raised like incense into his nostrils.

Bert swallowed and smacked his lips. “It’s perfect.”

“I found the owner of the Red Rooster and threatened him with bodily injury if he did not give me the recipe,” Sis joked.

“Did you get it from him?” Bert said.

“No way,” Sis said. “I looked up former employees and they didn’t know what the recipe was. They said the only guy who knew was the owner. You won’t believe how I’ve experimented over the years and now we have it. We can enjoy our own Redheads.”

Bert chuckled. “Remember Saturday afternoons Mom and Dad packed us kids in the car and we drove out to the Red Rooster for ice cream. Me, you, and Mom we got the Redheads and Dad and Lucy got the Brown Cows.”

“We always got the Redheads,” Sis smiled and reminisced. “Those were the days.”

“Sit down here, Sis,” Bert said patting the chair next to him. “Get a bowl and let’s live the moment together.”

Bert and Sis savored the ice cream and the moment. They spoke cheerfully of old times.

“What is the secret ingredient?” Bert ask.

Sis leaned close. “Cinnamon oil.”

“You’re kidding me. How did you come up with that?” Bert said. “Did you tap somebody’s wire?”

“One of his old employees told me he bought supplies from a local candy maker,” Sis said. “I found the candy maker at a nursing home. He was reluctant to tell me, but I pretended to be his wife and he told me everything; even some things I didn‘t want to here, if you know what I mean.”

“You’re a conniver,” Bert said and smiled. “And evil.”

“All for the taste of a Redhead,” Sis said. “No one would do this for vanilla or chocolate.”

“I think it’s deeper than that,” Bert said. “It’s guilt for the beating you gave me.”

“What!” Sis said. “You were a monster.”

“Yes I was,” Bert affirmed. “And you did a good job of taming me.”

“You have two choices with a monster,” Sis said. “You either beat him or feed him.”

(365 Writing Prompts)

(This is also a Daily Prompt. My sisters were my heroes.)

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A Hero’s Welcome Home

This is reality of war not the surprise classroom visit of Dad or Mom coming home.

This is reality of war not the surprise classroom visit of Dad or Mom coming home.

We see it all the time. Everyday; the cameras and media are on hand to capture those moments when that special someone comes back from deployment.

We are all happy to see families reunited. It’s heart warming. But let’s view it for what it really is, propaganda. These are private moments exploited by the government and military to deflect the reality of war. The media gives it attention because it boosts ratings.

The real story about war are coffins being delivered to sobbing families. No number of happy reunions can erase one tear from the eye of a child whose father or mother was lost in war.

My Favorite Person

My favorite person is my wife. When inducted into the Army there was about a two month period I did not see her (basic training).

If we had known she was pregnant with our first it is likely I would not have had to go into the Army. Being young, naïve, and scared I thought it would be impossible for me to get out of the Army once I was in.

From that point on everything possible was done to make certain I was never away from my family. And during my entire four years during my military service my family was always close by.

(January 6: My favorite – What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.)

(Also submitted as a Daily Prompt.)

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The Fact We Live May Be An Accident

Daily Prompt: By the Skin of Your Teeth

Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster.

I was 5 years old. My parents, two older sisters, and I were driving home from the auto races at the Allentown Speedway in Allentown, Ohio just few miles west of Lima, Ohio.

The races had been cancelled because of rain. Mom drove. We were stopped at the light at the Old Westinghouse plant on Lima’s south side on old Route 25.

I was asleep in my dad’s lap. It was hurting my dad’s knee so he asked my sisters in the back seat to take me.

“Oh, dad, can’t you keep him up there,” Char said.

“We’re all stretched out,” Becky said. “There’s no room back here.”

“We’re almost home,” dad said and lifted me over the seat. “So take him.”

My sisters grabbed me and sat me between them.

A little more than a minute later I heard Mom scream. I’ve never heard a scream like that before or after. I stood and saw headlights coming toward us.

The next thing remembered I was walking aimlessly around the wreckage of our car. There was an eerie silence interrupted only by the rain patting on the pavement and the sound of windshield wipers. There were no human voices. I began crying. I thought everybody was dead, but me. Suddenly Mom moaned. My sisters began crying.

Dad made no sound.

In time the ambulances came. Dad was the first to be taken away. Mom was told that he was likely not going to live.

Dad recovered. Injuries to his chest were massive; every rib was broken.

That was my narrow escape from death. Recall moments earlier my head was nestled in my dad’s lap and he handed me to my sisters in the back seat. Likely, I would not have survived the impact.

That’s been over sixty years ago. In this very strange way I’d like to go back and hold that dysfunctional family of five close to me and tell them everything will be all right, but there is a lesson; life and family are precious.

Life is a remarkable design. What happens after that seems like a series of accidents that take our lives or extends it. People loose there lives by reason of accidents, but I suspect many more of us are living because of accidents. By accident we were not at the wrong place at the wrong time. It probably happens more times than we care to think about.

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A Thanksgiving Mom Won’t Forget

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past

What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

Dad’s dream was to own his own business. That’s sort of everybody’s dream, but Dad wanted to own a bar (actually ‘bar’ is too sophisticated; “beer joint” would be more apropos).

This was what my Mom had in mind when it came to Thanksgiving.

Dad’s business plan was to sell beer. Food was something he would offer to keep the customer there to drink more beer. On the other hand; Mom’s plan was to provide good meals and the beer would come as a compliment to the food. Dad wanted a bar/restaurant and Mom wanted a restaurant/bar.

This sort of tug of war is nothing unusual. Everything is perspective and one trying to accommodate the other, but frankly accommodation was the furthest thing from Dad’s mind.

Dad’s first year in the “beer joint” business, like all businesses, was tough. The first big holiday to come along was Thanksgiving. He knew that week would be bad. In the “beer joint” business it’s all about the weekend Thanksgiving takes the weekend away.

We all have an idyllic view or memory of Thanksgiving; a farm, a field with a dusting of snow, and a warm home full of the aromas of food and family.

Traditionally our family had Thanksgiving dinner at Mom’s sister’s home. They lived on a farm and had plenty of room to accommodate the entire family. There is nothing more pleasing and heartwarming than a Thanksgiving meal on a quaint bucolic farm setting; fields with a dusting of snow and walking into a warm kitchen full of the aroma of good home cooking.

Dad envisioned a big Thanksgiving meal at the bar where the beer flowed freely: an open invitation to all patrons and their families. Mom wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her family; in thankful grace and reverence.

Dad won out.

Mom invited her family.

Mom’s Father, Mother, and Sister belonged to the Church of the Brethren. There was no beer, no cursing, and no farting at the table.

Dad thought there was nothing better to be thankful about than a bar full of beer drinkers.

Mom and Dad arranged that the family could have a large room separate from the hedonistic bar clientele. What was great about this room was that not only was it more than large enough for all the families; it had a shuffle board, two pinball machines, an old honky-tonk piano, and a jukebox. Mom’s family opted for the more traditional setting. Mom’s sister played church music as bad as anybody on the piano and if there was one thing that old piano needed was some religion – even if off-key.

As it turned out Mom’s puritan and prudish family decided at the last-minute a bar on the seedy side of town was not a proper place to give thanks. When Mom said, “Maybe we can do it for Christmas,” there was silence.

Mom prepared three turkeys, a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, Mom’s signature cranberry relish, and pumpkin pie. Not only did the family shun us, but not one patron showed up for the Thanksgiving meal.

When it became clear no one was showing up; Mom called a local homeless shelter and donated some of the food.

My two sisters and I missed our cousins, but it was one of the few meals, if not the only, I remember as a family.

When we gathered with Mom’s family the meal was started with a blessing. This privilege was reserved for my younger cousin. He mumbled it so fast I never understood him. I always wondered what was the difference in that, than saying what our family normally said; “Let’s eat!” Was he truly thankful or just as anxious to eat. Come to think of it; he always got the first scoop of mashed potatoes.

During the meal Mom was quiet. I saw a tear or two roll from her eye. After the meal Mom, my two sisters, and I played a couple games of shuffle board. Mom was really good at it and smoked us all. Dad sat at the table having his traditional Thanksgiving drink; Burger Beer.

It ended up being a pretty happy time. We listened to Hank Williams and Hank Snow on the Jukebox. My sisters were eight and ten years older than me. I was seven. They danced with me. Dad danced with Mom to their favorite song, “Now is the Hour.” We cleared the table and washed dishes. As nightfall came we turned on the TV that sat above the bar. Dad, Mom, my sisters, and I sat at the bar on bar stools with our beverage of choice watching TV.

That was not the traditional Thanksgiving setting. Dad fixed Mom a highball (gin and Squirt). It seemed to chase the blahs away.

As I was writing this I gave Mom a call and asked her if she remembered the Thanksgiving our family had at the bar. She said, “I sure do; nobody showed up.”

It was a great Thanksgiving for me. I wasn’t under the critical eye of my grandparents. I wasn’t upstaged by my younger cousin who knew one repetitious prayer (I knew all the words to Hank Williams’ Jambalaya), my Dad didn’t have to watch his bad language, my sisters got to do jitterbug, and Mom showed us a few Charleston steps.

I’m sure Mom’s family had a good time, but to this day no one is more thankful than I for having Thanksgiving in a bar: excuse me – beer joint on the seedy side of town.


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