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The Genie Lied And The Daily Prompt


Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

My wife and I would get on a plane and go visit my daughter, son, and their families. I can’t think of a better time. Since one daughter lives near with her family, I’d ask them to go with my wife and me. That would be a perfect day.

Here’s a short story I conjured about two old guys who saw the light, sort of. The may have had a drink or so.

 The Genie Lied

“I have a theory,” Rick said. “And it goes against everything I believed up to the last few years.”

“I’d like to hear what you’ve come up with,” Wilt said.

“You know what the problem with this world is?” Rick said.

“We ain’t go the time,” Wilt said.

“Well,” Rick said. “It was me and you and the rest like us. We thought we had the answers. We was gonna change the world. Well, we did. Now look at it. If I’d knowed it was gonna look like this I’d never bought my bellbottoms, tented glasses, or let my hair grow. We was all wrong. We thought all we had to do was join hands and sing a song and the world would come together.”

“I tend to agree. We let the Genie out of the bottle,” Wilt said. “They say the frontal lobe doesn’t fully develop until around the age of 25. I think we shouldn’t listen to anybody until they’re at least 40. Nobody’s really mature or responsible till then. That’s the problem the world listens to too many people who are under 40.”

“Once the Genie is out of the bottle it’s impossible to put it back,” Rick said.

“Rock ‘n’ roll was the Genie,” Wilt said. “It was fun and exciting. It was too sappy to be taken seriously; first kiss, first dance, holding hands, that was about it. Then it started into psychedelic, disco, heavy metal, then before you knowed it, songs were about raping, killing, shooting up, getting down, getting high, getting it on, everything but getting an education and getting a job.”

“Yep,” Rick said. “Rock was the Genie in the bottle.”

“Sure is,” Wilt said. “You can’t go from Nat King Cole, Perry Como, and Frank Sinatra to Jay Z, Ice Cube, and Tupac without going through Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.”

“Did you ever think we’d live long enough to say that?” Rick said.

“We’re sounding like our parents,” Wilt said.

“And I remember my mom telling me the fits her dad had when he caught her teaching The Charleston to her younger brother and sister. The devil’s dance he called it. What would he call what they’re doing now?” Rick said.

“Can you imagine a world without rock and rap?” Wilt said.

“In all candor,” Rick said, “I don’t think the world would miss it.”

“Logic tells us,” Wilt said, “It us it is useless, mundane, and we could very easily live without it, be just as happy, just as productive, and just as creative.”

“Strange,” Rick said.

“How’s that,” Wilt said.

“The Genie has everyone convinced we can’t live without her,” Rick said.

“The Genie lies,” Wilt said.

“We lied to ourselves,” Rick said.



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Hey Dude! What’s Wrong With Modern Culture?

Nobody captures modern culture better than Gary Larson.
Nobody captures modern culture better than Gary Larson.

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

If I had to explain what’s wrong with modern culture you wouldn’t understand it anyway.

This is not a prompt that cynic such as my self does well with. There is simply nothing about modern culture to place on board.

What would you put aboard: an episode of Two and Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, or The Walking Dead?

What kind of music performances: Miley Cyrus (Wrecking Ball) or Eminem (Rap God)?

What book would you place in the Voyager, Fifty Shades of Gray?

Perhaps a video game, Grand Theft Auto?

These are written, produced, and performed by the best we got. These are the people who are called the creative geniuses of our time.

Likely I would put something on board that modern culture has chosen to preserve from previous cultures.

Here’s my list in corresponding categories:

TV: The Andy Griffith Show, The Walton’s, Gunsmoke, Ed Sullivan, Seinfeld, All in the Family.

Art; Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Norman Rockwell, Gary Larson (Far Side).

Music: The works of Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Gershwin.

Books: Bible, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Old Man and the Sea.

Movies: The Third Man, Casablanca, Shawshank Redemption, The Princess Bride, Citizen Cane, A Face in the Crowd.

Games: Chess and crossword puzzles.

If it were possible that a Voyager spacecraft could speed into far away galaxies and bits of present day modern culture were on display likely the ones for whom it was meant would say, “Is that the best they could do?”

No, there’s little from modern culture I would choose to send. I’m certain there are exceptions.

There is nothing out there, really. We are it in the universe. Figure it out for yourself. So put what ever you want on your stupid spacecraft, because nobody is going to see it anyway.

Call me nostalgic, call be a critic, call me cynical, call me a fuddy-duddy, but don’t call dude. (Never thought of seeing the day I’d sound like an old crank.)


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Is A Presidential Clown Mask Funny?

images[1]Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Years ago comedian David Brenner commented that humor trumps everything. As much as I like Brenner’s work, he is wrong. You have to know your audience. Some things are funny, thought-provoking, and honest to some people while causing tears, anger, and embarrassment to others.

Recently I posted a story about how I handled an episode in my life when I was accused of using an ethnic epithet. My accusers were wrong. Their motive was clearly to make an issue where there was none. I referred to them as “Amos and Andy” to their faces. Amos and Andy were two black characters from a radio and TV program by the same name who were always scheming mischief.

A reader was offended. I defended myself. In one sense there was a serious side to my remark, in another sense there was a humorous side to my remark, and yet in another there was an offensive sense to my remark.

Certainly you can’t please everyone, nevertheless if someone is offended there should be some sort of acknowledgment and an apology for causing offense. (That was an apology.) Does that mean such a reference should never be used again? Certainly not. You merely acknowledge and move on. You don’t stop dancing because just one person in the room doesn’t like the way you dance.

Recently there is a big hubbub about a clown at a rodeo wearing a mask of President Obama. Some have taken offense. They fired the clown. That’s humorous in itself; who fires a clown?

Have we not heard of political cartoonists? Saturday Night Live has the highest ratings when they poke fun at the President. George Bush (the elder) invited Dana Carvey to the White House, because he liked his imitations of him. No one found them offensive.

The clown in a rodeo is the hero. He saves the lives of contestants from Brahma bulls and bucking mustangs. What is a more fitting symbol than the President to save lives?

Gilbert Gottfried loses his gig as the AFLAC duck’s voice because of a remark he thought was funny. Alec Baldwin makes offensive remarks about homosexuals in earnest that might end the career of some and life goes on for him.

I recall asking a black man why a black man can tell black jokes and black people laugh, but when a white person tells the same joke black people are offended. My answer to the question was that it is what is in the mind of the one telling the joke, it is what the audience feels he is thinking. His answer surprised me; “If you are proud of who you are no one can offend you.”

There are clearly areas that are simply not funny and inappropriate. Much depends on the context, audience, and intent. It is an area where there are no set rules, you just kind of know it when you hear it or say it. I always say people would hardly recognize me without my foot in my mouth.

Check this one out:



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If It’s A Sermon I Want, I Know Where To Go

Churches aren't the only places you'll be preached at.

Churches aren’t the only places you’ll be preached at.

Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

The answer to this question is easy. Nearly everyone who responds to this prompt mentally or by posting will say they can put a person’s lifestyle and political views aside and enjoy that person’s art regardless of what the artist does or believes.

Yet the truth is that we all have a line in the sand somewhere. I do.

I will offer an example without using a name. There is a singer with an absolutely wonderful and flawless voice. I’ve seen clips of his on stage performances and read about his lifestyle. It is repugnant to me. I will not buy his music, never consider going to his concerts, or watch him on TV – period. I don’t hate the person and will never hurt him. I choose just to ignore him. If he had a flat tire along the road I’d give him a lift or fix it – you get my point.

When ever an artist’s art becomes political, religious, or lifestyle oriented to the point of campaigning, proselytizing, or recruiting, that crosses the line. I don’t want to be preached at, I want entertained.

Entertainment TV programming will become so heavily political I will stop watching them. Many times I feel as though there is an effort to covertly convert me to something or manipulate my thinking.

The vast array of awards shows have become little more than an opportunity for entertainers to express a personally held point of view. That view may even be one held by me or the majority. Nevertheless, when I see one of them accept an award, step to the lectern, and express one of their views about the problems of the world I immediately try to find a station that has a commercial because they have now become the problem.

That said, I know it is near impossible for an artist to shy from their personal point of view, yet it does not have to be exploited and revered as the only point of view. If I go to a performance and the entertainer I’m there to see speaks badly about a political figure, whether they be liberal of conservative, they are disrespecting me – the guy who came to be entertained.

But what about me? Isn’t my point of view or lifestyle reveled by what I write? Certainly it is and for that reason everyone has a choice. I can’t please everyone, only myself. My point of view can’t help but raise its head. Sometimes one is pushed into a corner and must express their point of view to be honest to themselves. In my view there is nothing wrong with that.

Tolerance is the word most often used, yet misunderstood. Tolerance is often used to beat somebody over the head because they won’t change a point of view or accept another’s. When used in the world of manufacturing there comes a time when something becomes so far beyond tolerance it is no longer useful. It is measured by a standard. People who proclaim the loudest they are tolerant often times are the least intolerant of others. As convoluted as this is to express they become intolerant with people who don’t share their tolerance.

That said, I try not to know anything about an artist’s personal life. Yet if it is pushed on me; “hasta la vista, baby.”


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How I Met Carly Simon

Sometimes we don't know what's on the other side of the door, but we should. It is fear of the unkown that keeps us from enjoying ourselves when we are with people.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s on the other side of the door, but we should. It is fear of the unknown that keeps us from enjoying ourselves when we are with people.

Daily Prompt: INTJ

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

There is nothing more energizing and refreshing than being with a group of friends. They are people you know and trust. They understand the reason for a gathering is to refresh one another.

Normally before accepting an invitation to a party I know who will to be there. If not, I ask. My circle of friends feel the same why so there is little chance of anyone being at the party who might cause anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Thus I feel safe at parties I’m invited to because there is a reasonable expectation of civility and refreshment. All social gatherings I attend alcohol is the least feature of the evening if at all. Alcohol can ruin a good time.

When attending a large public gathering I am as cautious about with whom attending. With the crowd in general it is impossible to know who will behave themselves and who will not.

My radar is always on full alert; rowdy, inebriated, and uncouth elements are given distance. For example I will stand and watch a sporting event rather than sit with a bunch of drunks or people who can’t behave.

I have seldom attended a musical concert. People don’t know how to be respectful at them. If going to a concert I’m there for one reason, to hear the music and not to add or detract from to anyone else’s enjoyment.

I must relate a dream that expresses what it feels like to be invited to a party that you are completely uncomfortable and painfully aware you don’t belong:

It was New York City in the late 80’s. I rode alone on an elevator. It stopped at a floor and the doors opened. In front of me and across a hallway was a door to an apartment.

As I raised my hand to knock the soft sound of music and chatter with occasional polite laughter came from the other side.

I knocked. The door opened. The smile of the hostess was big, warm, and friendly. It was Carly Simon.

“I have been expecting you,” she said with a peck on the cheek (that’s as sexy as my dream gets) She locked her arm with mine and brought me into her apartment.

It was filled with people dressed in formal attire. Clearly I was out of my element.

“I’ll get back with you in bit,” she said. “But please, introduce yourself to my guest and mingle a bit; get acquainted. You’ll love my friends and they’ll love you.” She started to walk away, but turned and smiled broadly, “I’m so glad you came.”

I felt special.

Carly left me on my own.

I saw a group of four or five people standing and talking. They conversed, smiled, and laughed. I approached them and they looked at me like I was the plumber there to fix the sink. They turned away. Maybe it was private I thought, after all Carley said they were nice.

I tried the same with another group and got the same reaction, likewise with a third. ’I’ll stay and put up with it, but only because Carly and I are friends.’

I stood alone in the middle of the room. Suddenly the first cords of You’re So Vain reverberated over the crowd. I looked in the direction of the music. The people parted. Carly walked slowly toward me and began to sing, “You’re so vain, I s’pose you think this dream is about you?”

I woke up and said, “You’re darn right it’s about me.”

This dream comes from fear of parties and the unknown.

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My Music “Wild Thing”

Reg Presely, another ole rocker gone, but forever young.

Reg Presely, another ole rocker gone, but forever young.

This past week the lead singer of a group from the sixties died, Reg Presley of the Trogs.

There most famous song was Wild Thing. It is so reminiscent and descriptive of the times that it often appears as background music in several movies.

The group also had a string of other hits, but they never hit the big time anywhere near the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Yet many of there songs are very good and instantly recognizable.

As for Reg Presley, he never got involved with drugs and he was married to the same woman for forty-seven years.

Right after Wild Thing was released a parody of the song by comedian Bill Minkin was recorded. It was done in the voice of Robert F. Kennedy. The voice and articulation are captured brilliantly.

First is the original by the Trogs and the parody.


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Music That Makes Me Cry

images[3]I burst into tears when watching sad movies or a sad scene from a movie. The full emotional impact hits me just like the writer and director wants it; the very moment they want me to, I’m always on cue.

I’m emotional putty in their hands.

No musical ever made me cry like Carousel.

Every song is a masterpiece.

To me the whole musical is about living life in such a way you have few regrets and hold closely those who are most dear.

The Carousel Waltz is one of the most joyous songs I know. It is uplifting and bold.

There is no finer song about courage from a musical than You’ll Never Walk Alone. It inspires integrity, purpose, reflection, and meditation.

They don’t make ‘em like that any more.

Here is the Carousel Waltz and You’ll Never Walk Alone.


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