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The Scent Of A Woman And Coffee

th0DG6TE62“I notice you are the first here every morning,” the young waitress said to the old man. “What gets you up so early?”

“Coffee,” the old man smiled. “Wonderful, aromatic, nostalgic, pleasing, mellow, relaxing, buoyant, and the rest of the world too.”

“That’s a little over the top,” she said. “Tell me, really, why you are the first here every morning?”

“What if I told you it was your pleasant smile and courteous disposition?” he said.

“I’d say you’re pulling my leg,” she said, “because some mornings I ain’t worth being around.”

“That’s where the good coffee comes in, my lady,” he said. “Good coffee is not only good for the inside, but it makes everything on the outside better too.”

“Well it keeps me awake,” she said.

“Let me tell you something, my lady, coffee doesn’t keep you awake; it wakes you up,” he said. “There is nothing better than to wake up to the smell of coffee.”

She smiled patronizingly and poured a coffee.

“Here’ a bit of advice for you, my lady,” He said. “The first morning after your honeymoon have coffee ready for your husband when he awakens. Train your man early and that way when ever he smelsl coffee he’ll be thinking of the first morning. I do.”

“Why ain’t your wife with you now…” she said and then felt embarrassed. “She’s no longer with you is she?”

“She passed two years ago,” he said. “I live next door to this place and when the coffee starts to brew I think of her and come over for a cup of coffee.”

“I guess it’s not really over the top after all,” she said.


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Coffee Neurotics Seem To Find Each Other and The Daily Prompt


Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone

Ever have an experience that felt surreal, as though you’d been suddenly transported into the twilight zone, where time seemed to warp, perhaps slowing down or speeding up? Tell us all about it. If you haven’t had an experience in real life that you can draw from, write a fictional account of a surreal experience.

This or a variation has appeared in several prompts in the past. They make a good plot or background for imaginative and clever writing. Indeed, I have used it in the past to comply with the Daily Prompt. Such writings make the character the center of the universe; as if time, space, events, etc change for him or the convenience and contrivance of the writer. I don’t think we enter special places where time is bent or manipulated. It is only our perception and that is at best faulty. It is a gimmick for the writer to intensify his plot and we mortals use it to make our experiences more intriguing, distinctive, and memorable .

That’s my view and here is my story du jour:

 Coffee Neurotics Seem To Find Each Other

Nick had been seeing psychologist Dr. Mitchell Rolston once a week for a year. Except being an obsessive-compulsive disorder he functioned highly with the exception of stressful situations and interpersonal relationships.

The fact Nick was not noticing any measurable improvement was causing him concern. He brought it to the attention of Mitchell. He did what he could to alley any concerns Nick might be experiencing.

“I don’t want to see you for at least another month, but I want you to work on something for that month and at the end of that month I want you to return,” Mitchell said. “And what I think will emerge is a pattern. Likely after a couple of weeks you will see it yourself, but I’m going to have to look at it in view of the other psychological and clinical studies I’ve done on you. So how does that sound?”

“What is it you want me to do?” Nick said.

“Keep a tablet or notebook beside your bed and when you awaken each morning jot down the first thing you think about,” Mitchell said.

“Nothing complicated about that,” Nick said.

“We will be on the very edge of recovery,” Mitchell said. “You will know things about yourself that will begin to help you deal with the things in your past that effect you now.”

“I really feel good about this,” Nick said. “For the first time in a long time I think this is all moving in the right direction.”

“Good,” Mitchell said, “Just see the lady at the desk and tell her you want an appointment in a month. Here‘s something to think about; I use this on about 25% of my patients with 100% success. You can be confident. I am.”

A month late Nick returned.

“Did you do what I told you to do?” Mitchell said.

“Yes,” Nick said and handed the notebook to him.

Mitchell scanned it and looked curiously at Nick.

“I don’t get it,” Mitchell said. “You wrote ‘coffee” down for each day.”

“Bummer, right?” Nick said. “That’s the first thing that pops into my head. Can that be helped? Is that normal?”

“Not really,” Mitchell said. “I think you’re the most sane man I’ve ever met.”

Mitchell looked at his watch. “Wow, 10:00 o’clock already. I’m ready for a coffee. How about you? If you buy it comes of the your bill.”



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3 Wishes; You Got To Be Kidding Me!


Making three wishes; This is an old one. Not much imagination put into this Daily Prompt. So I’ll return the favor by not making any effort whatsoever. Wishes are folly. Things for the lazy. When they don’t come true than there must be some cosmic force in the way. It just wasn’t meant to be. No wishes from me today.

Anyway here is a short story I hope you enjoy. It’s about not wishing.

The Old Man At McDonald’s

Nearly every morning Quinton observed the same old man slowly almost drag himself across the floor and up to the counter at McDonald’s. The old man ordered the same thing; a plain biscuit and senior coffee with cream.

He was always dressed in bib overalls, plaid shirt, and a well worn John Deere cap. His face was always shaved. He would have looked just as comfortable in a suit.

Quinton wondered what the old codger’s story was.

The presence of the two there at the same time became so common that it elicited a nod to the other every now and then.

After several months Quinton asked the old man, “How ‘bout if I buy ya breakfast this morning?”

The old man smiled kindly. “That will throw my budget completely out of kilter.” He chuckled. “I’m afraid if I don’t spend everything that comes to me they may start to figure out I don’t need it and start taking some of it back, but perhaps I can spend excessively elsewhere.”

“How ’bout sitting with me?” Quinton said.

That began many mornings of coffee, biscuits, and stories told by an old man who seen the world change in his life time and as for himself traveled no further than 200 miles from the place he was born.

“Don’t you wished you had traveled and seen more of the world?” Quinton asked.

“Never really crossed my mind that much,” the old man said. “Got all I want right here. If I went to California, I would have wanted to go to Hawaii. If I went to Hawaii I would have wanted to go to China; it would have never ended and by the time I was all done I’d just end up home again.”

The old man dunked his biscuit in the coffee and took a bite. “You don’t get it do you.”

Quinton smiled. “No, sir, I don’t.”

“It is said that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, but it’s not empty; it’s full of shoulduvs, woulduvs, and coulduvs.”

“What is the name of the room you’re in?” Quinton said.

“Ah,” the old man said. “It’s a lonely room, but spacious; not too many find their way in. It’s called ‘no regrets.’”



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You Can Take Your Bucket List And Shove It

thHR79VYH6There they were, like clock work, 8:00 AM, the same booth at McDonald’s; Elmer and Waldo slurping senior coffees.

“What’s on your bucket list?” Waldo said.

“Bucket list!” Elmer said. “What the heck is that?”

“You know, just a list of things you want to do before kick the bucket,” Waldo said. “They made a movie about it. Two old guys doing what they always dreamed of doing before they die.”

“They make a stupid movie and everybody has to run out and do stupid things and act like there‘s something wrong with you if you don‘t comply and do what Hollywood says is normal,” Elmer said. “It’s not normal. People’ve been croaking without bucket lists for millenniums. I suppose you‘re going to tell me next Lincoln wanted to go to the Ford Theater before he died.”

“There’s got to be some things you want to do before you kick the bucket,” Waldo said.

“It all sounds to me like its hastening death,” Elmer said. “You don’t make a grocery list until you’re about ready to go shopping. I’ve put off going to the grocery for at least a week because I didn’t have a grocery list.”

“What are you talking about?” Waldo said.

“I’ll be sitting at home and all the sudden I want cookies and there aren’t any in the house. I could go the grocery right away and get some, but instead I say, ‘Wait till you have a list.’ It may be a week before I get cookies. Who knows, if I stay away from making a bucket list I can put death off for a couple of years. I ain‘t ready to die and I‘m not gonna give the appearance I‘m ready to die by doing something like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or entering the running of the bulls in Pamplona.”

“But nobody knows when they’re going to die,” Elmer said. “It could be tomorrow. You got to start a bucket list.”

“Let’s say I start one today,” Elmer said. “And I’m laying on my death bead tomorrow. That’s a very unpleasant death.”

“What do you mean?” Waldo said.

“Because first on my list is a beautiful woman waiting for me at the corner bar and I’m stuck on life support,” Elmer said. “Who wants that?”

“Don’t you get it,” Waldo said. “That’s what keeps you alive; planning and doing.”

“It’s a gimmick, Waldo,” Elmer said. “It’s just another way they get us old guys to spend our money and die before our time dangling at the end of a bungee cord. Let‘s just close the subject, I don‘t want to talk about it anymore.”

Waldo waited for a moment. “Elmer, there’s one more thing about the bucket list.”

“Sure,” Waldo said. “What is it?”

“Whose the woman you got in mind?” Elmer said. “If you ain’t gonna put her on your list it would be a shame not to have her on somebody’s.”

“Elmer,” Waldo said. “There’s something you must want to see or do before you kick the bucket.”

“There is something,” Elmer said.

“What is it?” Waldo said.

“I’d like to see Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson appear on screen together,” Elmer said.

(This is 365 day prompt.)

(This is also a Daily Prompt)

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Coffee With A Marine At McDonald’s

mcdonald-s-cups-campaign[1]Daily Prompt: Imagine All the People

The next time you’re in a public place — a coffeehouse, a park, a store — observe the people around you. Pick a person, a couple, or a group, and imagine what their lives might be like.

In every McDonald’s there is an old-timer or two who comes in, sits, and sips coffee.

‘There he is,’ I say to myself. It’s the old Marine I see in here all the time. He has the tattoos and a cap to tell the world he was or is a Marine.

His wrinkled face was healthy as if by design. His hair is silver and bright; it almost reflects the sun. His hands are stout like two sledge hammers.

He’s still large; almost one of those larger than life characters. He walks as if he’s waiting to take charge. If he heard mortar rounds there would be a parameter staked out within minutes and we’d start taking prisoners.”

He smiles and talks loudly. But I know he’s lonely. Why else would he be here everyday.

“How’s it going, today,” I said.

“Good,” he smiles. “How ’bout yourself?”

“Fine as a frog hair,” I say.

“Ya wanna sit and have a coffee together,” he says.

“Sure,” I said.

We slid in a booth opposite of each other and began sipping our coffees.

“How long has your wife been gone?” I said.

“Five years,” he said. “I’m just now getting out.”

“That’s good,” I said.

“Is it that obvious?” he said.

“As obvious as your cap and tattoos,” I said.

“Sure gets lonely,” he said.

“Would you like to talk about her or the Marines?” I said.

“How ’bout your wife?” he said.

“I come in here a time or two a week and pick us up something to take home,” I said.

“That’s nice,” he said.

“Bring her in sometime and we’ll have coffee and a sandwich together,” he said.

“I’ll do that,” I said and smiled. “But I can’t havin’ ya talk like a Marine.”

He chuckled. “Marge, never let me talk like a Marine either. She was my real commander. She had me chargin‘ up more hills than the Marine Corps could have ever made me do. You a Marine?”

“No,” I said.

“I bet you’d have made a good one,” he said.

“Nah,” I said. “Not me.”

“Why not?” he said.

“Don’t like hills,” I said. “I was Army.”

“I don’t like hills either,” he said.

“You come in here to watch the people,” I said.

“But I’m not lonely,” he gestured with his head towards the other patrons. “They’re lonely. I just come here to keep all them company.”


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The Best Sensation Of The Day

Good morning world.

Good morning world.

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re least drawn to.)

When I wake up it’s dark. I’m not really in to checking out my senses at that time of day; just glad to be able to get out of bed, sort of. Things pretty much work on autopilot at that time of the morning. It’s taken years of stumbling into walls, dressers, and closed doors to hone my morning routine without interruption. Reasoning skills are for much later in the day.

I start the process of making coffee. Even though not completely awake it’s right every time: fill with water and add five scoops of coffee. I toss my bagels in the toaster and hope I can make it to the bathroom in time. Everything is timed and measured to precise degrees. If one thing goes wrong or if there is a moments hesitation I wet myself. It hasn’t happened, but the day is coming I’ll have to remind myself to build in some contingency timing.

When the coffee is brewed the bagels are pushed down into the toaster. I pour the coffee and read the emails. By the time I have two sips of coffee the bagels are ready. A generous portion of cream cheese is added to the bagel. I enjoy the coffee and bagel with cream cheese while reading some news.

Now I’m ready to open my blind and see the day from my window.

It is peaceful and calm. Not one leaf moves. Not one bird chirps. The suns rays have just found their way over the mountains to the east. I find that is the best sensation of the day.

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Hey, Let’s Have A Coffee

The harbor in Stonington, Maine; come and have coffee with me anytime.

The harbor in Stonington, Maine; come and have coffee with me anytime.

Daily Prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

Ever since I can remember maps have fascinated me. Not so much the map, but what it represented; it represented places and people.

My favorite maps or places were Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. My mind wondered about the life and people there.

My wife and I have been to Maine on many occasions, but we always seem to run out of steam to go any further. We’ve never traveled to the Maritimes.

One fall we were in Bar Harbor, Maine. At our motel was a couple from Prince Edward Island. I asked them what it was like this time of year there? I was hoping for an answer to motivate me to go there. “It’s flat and dull,” they said. “That’ why we came to Maine.”

That didn’t sound promising nor motivating especially when they added, “All the Maritimes are like that. There’s just nothing there.” How disappointing!

I go to the Google Map and try the street view for the Maritimes. Sometimes I even click on to the webcams. It is not nearly as rugged as I had envisioned.

I miss Maine, though. It has been a while since we have been there.

Every morning I click the webcam in Stonington, Maine. There is a webcam overlooking the harbor. I view it where I live while the sun hasn’t risen, but there it has been daylight for a while. It is low tide and the harbor bottom is visible.

I imagine myself in a small coffee shop in Stonington overlooking the harbor, some old friends arrive, we talk and sip coffee for a while.

Ya know if you’re not doing anything go to Google maps, enlarge it to the coast of Maine, click the webcam, wait for Stonington to pop up, click it, and have a coffee with me and my friends. In fact, it’s Saturday, we’ll likely be there most of the day.”

Somebody is sure to give you a down east, “Mornin’! What brings ya this way?”

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