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Jonathan Moxey And Family

After his playing days at BSU Moxie Java should award him a franchise until then just name a coffee drink after him. A Moxey from Moxie Java's; strong, quick hitting, and guaranteed to wake you up.

After his playing days at BSU Moxie Java should award him a franchise until then just name a coffee drink after him. A Moxey from Moxie Java’s; strong, quick hitting, and guaranteed to wake you up.

A few words about Jonathan Moxey. He’s a freshman. But he’s a year or two ahead of himself. He has quietly worked his way into a lot of serious playing time for the Broncos. He’s going to be one of Boise’s best. Before long you won’t see opposing quarterbacks passing in his direction.

He’s a typical Boise State recruit. He wasn’t rated. No other major program was interested in him. The only other college he visited besides Boise was Bowling Green.

He’s learning the college game and doing quite well.

A few words about his family. When Jonathan committed to Boise I wrote a brief article about it. Shortly after that I received an email from one of his family members. They said they were proud of Jonathan and thought Boise was a good place for him to play and learn.

Don’t you get the sense the family was recruited as well as the player. Families are big part of anyone’s success. No matter where Jonathan decided to go likely his family would have supported his decision.

I think Jonathan Moxey would look good on the side of this motorhome.

I think Jonathan Moxey would look good on the side of this motorhome.

This reminds me of the Kyle Wilson days at Boise when his Uncle had a motor home painted with Kyle’s image on it and traveled to most of the Boise State games. Not only do players commit to Boise, but so do families.

To the Moxey family, I know where you can buy a motor home.

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Boise State – Life After UT-Martin; A Time For Sober Reflection

In Boise they talk more about Joe Southwick's stache than Miley Cyrus's video.

In Boise they talk more about Joe Southwick’s stache than Miley Cyrus’s video.

Looking back at Boise State’s game with UT-Martin with such an offensive output it’s difficult to single out one particular outstanding performer. The giddiness of a lopsided win dissipated while players were still toweling off.

Normally such accolades for such a game are reserved for the quarterback. Other than the center he handles the ball more than anyone else.

If possible to say, Southwick had a much better day than what showed up in the final stats. There were at least four pass interference not called. In addition, there were at least three passes that should have been caught. Get the picture? Great game and Southwick has charged up the hill of the starting quarterback and firmly planted his flag.

Shane Williams-Rhodes is a nuisance to opponents. His real value is downfield pass plays. He is near impossible to cover legally. I don’t think he is the player who will put up big numbers consistently from the line of scrimmage, but he will be the guy who puts up the big numbers when big numbers are needed. I get that Chris Matthew’s warm Obama tingle up my leg every time Williams-Rhodes touches the ball. He’s easy to love (Williams-Rhodes not Obama).

Geraldo Boldewijn has emerged as a first class receiver. He’s running nice crisp routes and making catches. Likely this may be, in part, due to the attention shown to Miller – either way.

Except for two nice touchdown runs of 11 yards each from Jay Ajayi, a 50 yard run from back-up quarterback Grant Hedrick, and 38 yard run by back-up running back Charles Bertoli there is nothing to talk about as far as the ground game is concerned.

So, let’s talk about Bertoli. He’s been the buzz under the radar since spring drills. His first touch from the line of scrimmage went 38 yards. If not for a referee missing his appointment at Eyemart the week before the game that run would have gone another 18 yards for a TD. With minutes remaining in the game is Petersen going to challenge the call with a 63 – 14 lead? Who wants to be in the same class with Chip Kelly?

In one year Bertoli has worked his way from walk-on to earning playing time on the blue turf. I see him as a Wes Welker-type. He’s unassuming in presence and stature, but always carries a quiver full of stakes to pound into an opponent’s heart.

Perhaps by the end of the season Bertoli will be taking up some of duties of Williams-Rhodes and it would be nice to give him a complete possession of downs. I think he has one gear – forward.

We know Nick Patti can fling the ball now. I’ve watched enough of his high school footage and now want to see what else he can do. Grant Hedirck still looks like the back-up for Southwick, but Patti sure looked sweet. He didn’t look like a guy taking his first snaps in college ball. He looks prepared upstairs.

Without a doubt Southwick was the most impressive player on the field. Without a doubt the offensive line and defensive unit must improve by leaps and bounds. They’re performance to this point is no where near what it will take to win the Mountain West or get a good bowl bid.

Most students fail in college for not turning in assignments. At least turn in something. Boise blockers should at least put a body on somebody; they are missing assignments. It is mental not physical.

Think! Think! Think!

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Why Boise State Lost

Keith was Priceless.

Keith was Priceless.

Well shut my mouth and call me stupid. I earnestly thought the score would be the opposite of what it was. I looked at my wife just before kick-off and said, “Boise doesn’t stand a chance.” There just seemed to be something missing. As the game progressed I saw some hope.

Robert was Princeless.

Robert was Princeless.

It really got ugly, but like an accident; I had to look. I watched to the bitter end.

I’ve read a whole lot of reasons and excuses in blogs and comments from fans. There is only one that is true and make sense; the University of Washington was the better team.

With the score 10 – 6, UW, at half I felt comfortable, but Boise has never played well in the second half, they’ve never had to.

I’ve never seen a BSU team so ineffective on both offense and defense. Hey, it was bound to happen sometime.

For guys like me there is just speculation. It seemed like the game plan was to move the ball quickly in short bursts; a combination of running plays and short passes. UW’s defense seemed to cluster near the line of scrimmage. That gave them a short field to defend. Southwick went 25 for 40, but less than four yards per throw. Likely BSU was hoping for runs after the catch.

It was good to see the debut of Aaron Baltazar. He looked good, but with the UW defense expecting nothing but run or short passes neither he or Ajayi had much room to maneuver. Boldewijn and Moore looked very good. Bertoli looked in command and aggressive on the one return he handled.

One thing baffles me; the toughest guy to cover on the field, Shane Williams-Rhodes, had only one downfield pass thrown his way. He is so tough to cover that the only way a guy has a chance is to be there before he is.

The defense was huffing and puffing in the second half. They were being pushed around like they were schoolyard sissies. There was little doubt of UW’s strength and speed. We saw that in the MAACO Bowl Game. BSU has been similarly out-matched in the past, but it seemed like they were out-gutted and hearted this time. BSU seemed like it didn’t enter the game with the same little guy’s chip on their shoulder.

Demarcus Lawrence was not a factor. There was one pick, the first pass and that was it. BSU could not force a fumble. BSU defense stung runners in the past. The zip just didn’t seem to be there.

It’s only one loss and if it’s going to happen the first game is the one.

From the looks of things BSU has some soul-searching to do. Great programs come back from adversity.

Yet, there is even a more likely scenario to Saturday night’s drubbing; the Huskies might very well be a very, very good team. Last year they were up and down. They beat some very good teams and lost to some they should have won.

From here on out I’m pulling for the Huskies to win them all and win them big.

Frankly, one loss takes BSU out of any contention or speculation of a BCS Bowl game unless some of the biggies lose a game or two. It could happen.

Next week’s game with Tennessee-Martin should be played as if it were for a National Championship. The score doesn’t have to be 84 – 0, but BSU must dominate.


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What Does Boise Football Have To Do With Sewage Problems?

Many feel a Boise State win will come down to the foot of the kicker, Dan Goodale.

Many feel a Boise State win will come down to the foot of the kicker, Dan Goodale.

Boise will be quiet this Saturday night except for anticipated problems with the city’s sewage system (more on that later). Boise State has its first game of the season with the University of Washington in Seattle.

Every decent citizen will be at the game in Seattle or perched in front of their TV like crows on a telephone wire.

Fans in Boise are not like fans anywhere else. They don’t take losses like a Michigan fan or Ohio State fan does. Ohio State could win a national championship and the fans will say, “But last year we lost two games.” Boise State fans move on. They know there will be a tomorrow.

A typical Ohio State fan remembers every defeat in their lifetime with clarity, but are vague about the wins. The losses are so painful.

Boise State is so used to being the underdog it is the wins they remember more than the losses. Sure the losses are tough, but the murder rate and wife-beating don’t escalate like it does in Ohio and Michigan after a loss.

Kyle Brotzman, a Boise place kicker missed a field goal that would have given Boise a win and a possible shot at the National Championship a couple of years ago. After the immediate angst he was quickly forgiven. He was remembered for all the good he did over the years. Sure there were some reported death threats, but they were from Ohio, Michigan, and California transplants.

Michigan will never forget opening game loss to Appalachian State on September 1, 2007 (I won’t let them). Ohio State doesn’t care whether they win, they just don’t want to lose; if that makes sense.

Boise State is an underdog in the upcoming game. That’s where they want to be.

Last year Boise beat Washington in the MAACO Bowl. Some might think this gives UW a revenge advantage. The only thing Boise won the score. UW pushed them around the field like a schoolyard bully. Boise knows they got beat. They have something to prove.

Home field advantage is not all it’s cracked up to be. It makes the home team overconfident.

Prognosticators and analyst alike look at games three ways from Sunday (or is that seven – same thing) for the advantage of one team over another no matter how inconsequential. It doesn’t make any difference whose birthday it is or what a quarterbacks biorhythm chart is, or which team wins the most games closest to a full moon during odd-numbered months; the best team wins. It all comes down to skill, conditioning, preparation, and motivation.

I don’t know how good Boise State is this year. I hope they are real good. Nevertheless nobody will know until the first game is over. Nobody can make an assessment on anything from the past. The only thing that is really known is that Boise and UW are two good teams.

I’m assuming Boise has remained motivated better than most in the off-season. I assume Chris Petersen is the smartest guy on both sidelines. I’m assuming Boise players have honed their skills to an art. I’m assuming they have bigger hearts.

There is a good thing about Boise, the fans, and the people; win or lose there will be no riots, fires, or cars turned over in the streets. They know how to win, they know how to lose.

The city of Boise Sewage Department has only one overwhelming concern. There will likely be at least 50,000 Bud Light drinking males who will be holding it until the final knee taken by Nick Patti. They will all rush to the john at the same time and flush within seconds of each other. The overload to the Boise sewage system will be catastrophic! For those near the river, watch the game from high ground.


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No More Moores From Prosser, Washington After This Year

Kirby gets a snot-blocker from Fresno State; looses his helmet, but not the ball.

Kirby gets a snot-blocker from Fresno State; looses his helmet, but not the ball.

Kirby Moore is about to finish his final year at Boise State.

He is not the fastest receiver on the squad. He doesn’t make the quickest cuts. He’s not a great leaper. He is the guy open on a third and twelve for a thirteen yard gain. He catches the ball, gets hammered, and holds on. He snatches the ball thrown behind him. He snags the ball before it hit’s the turf. He twists and turns to catch the ball. He tiptoes and drags his foot to stay inbounds long enough to make a reception. He’s made impossible catches during his career.

He is an unsung receiver.

Kirby did not get to Boise State on his brother’s shirt tails. He was a premier high school receiver holding a national record with 95 career touchdowns.

Last year he had 36 catches for 368 yards. Not a bad year; second on the Bronco squad.

Just as it was amazing for brother Kellen to come to Boise and make a name for himself on the national scene from the little town of Prosser, Washington, it has been the same for a wide receiver Kirby to shine as a part of one on the most successful college programs in the nation.

Kirby waiting for the snap; not flashy just tough.

Kirby waiting for the snap; not flashy just tough.

He is a good mid range receiver who knows when a play breaks down and knows when and where to go long and when and where to come back toward the quarterback. Intelligent receivers are the guys who keep drives alive and find an open spot before the quarterback gets sacked.. To say it is instinctual would be deceptive. He sees things and processes them at lightening speed. A smart receiver knows the play is busted shortly after the quarterback sets up. It is then that the receiver does his magic. And time after time Kirby Moore has been that receiver.

Moore is capable of a 70 to 80 reception year. The question is; will the offense be able to accommodate all the receivers. There are enough good receivers for Southwick to have a 4,000 plus year in passing. Much depends on how the offense will be ran this year. If defenses key on Boise’s top receiver from last year, Matt Miller, look for Moore’s numbers to increase.

It would be nice to see Kirby’s final season one to really remember.


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Derrick Thomas May Be “The Man”

516a0d75f0476.image[1]Number two running backs have a way of making it to number one due to the most unfortunate circumstances, especially for the number one running back – an injury.

It seems like Boise has their number one running back on the field about 60% of the time, number two about 30%, and a wildcat formation or some sort of mishmash less than 10%.

For a running game to work effectively it is best to have no more than a hair’s difference between the number one running back and the number two. And for optimum effect, little to no difference between number two and number three.

It looks as though Derrick Thomas has been pegged as Boise’s number two running back behind Jay Ajayi. He brings two years of starting experience with him from Butler Community College and he looked good in Spring drills..

Not only does Thomas have good speed, but he is a patient runner. He waits to see where the hole is opening. Some runners predetermine the slot in which they will run. That slot or hole sometimes moves after the snap. The Derrick Thomas type runner gets the ball and watches with a degree of confidence that his offensive lineman will leverage an open hole. Sometimes the runner must wait with some degree of confidence that he hole will open.

At 6’0” and 210 he will carry some power with him. When he gets to the secondary he’s hard to bring down. If I were to compare him to any one particular runner it would be Jay Ajayi.

The odds of Jay Ajayi coming down with an injury are good. This is not doom and gloom stuff, it is reality. Running backs get injuries all the time.

It seems like I’m mentioning Jay Ajayi nearly as often as Derrick Thomas in this post. I don’t think you can say one without saying the other. Given Ajayi’s lack of motivation early last year and his off-campus run-in with law enforcement it may indicate a problem.

Also given Petersen’s lack of patients with men who are getting a free college education, it may be predictable that more will be seen of Derrick Thomas than what is projected. If that’s so Thomas could emerge as a force to be reckoned with when opponents start there game prep for the Broncos.

Talent will get a guy to Boise Stare, but manhood will keep him there. Whose going to be the man?


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Peppermint Patti – Cool And Refreshing

Nick Patti, ready to be great.

Nick Patti, ready to be great.

Everyone is waiting for the Nick Patti era to begin. Where he actually stands in his development as a Division 1 quarterback only real game experience will tell. He has yet to take a college snap.

Although at this stage of his development he has earned the respect of his teammates being named Scout Team Player of the Year last year. That is a big one. That’s where he stands with one of the most successful college football programs in the nation.

Many said that he would replace Southwick last year when the Boise State offense was sputtering. I have no idea where anybody got the information that he was somehow better than Southwick. He was virtually unproven.

Many now figure he is the heir apparent to the Boise State football legacy.

Make no mistake about it, this guy is a great player. He has football instincts and leadership aptitude. He throws a really good ball, I mean really good ball. In addition he runs well. He’s crafty and slippery. He has everything it takes to be great in Division 1. He reminds me of Russell Wilson, but throws better.

While in high school he was considered one of the nations top high school quarterbacks.

He is the kind of quarterback that when the going gets tough he pulls off miracles.

He’s 5’10”. So what! I don’t think that means didly squat. That means the defense can’t read his eyes or find him. That means he ducks under the arms of 6’5” defensive linemen. That means he’s been called undersize most of his life and has chip on his shoulder – right where you want it.

He has under 4.6 speed. Not a blazer, but enough to outrun seven or eight guys on the other side of the ball. He is not afraid to take a hit or give one. It looks like he wants to punish anyone who tries to put him down. I see a lot of Tylenol in his future.

Enough was not seen of him in the Spring game to indicate anything. He left the game in the first half with an shoulder injury.

Will the four months from Spring to Fall drills mature him enough to take over the starting position? We can only be assured of one thing, the best man will be behind the center come August 31st.

At this point the indication is that there is a real struggle for the back-up position at quarterback with Grant Hedrick.

Nick Patti is like an uninvited guest – in a good way. He shows up you let him in. You soon find out he’s the life of the party. In fact, without him there would be no party. Soon you realize you’re glad you let him in. You don’t want him to leave. He moves in with you and the next thing you know you’re kids are calling him Daddy Nick. When the kids ask you to do something you tell them, “Go ask Daddy Nick.“ Once Patti gets in the game it’s going to be hard to imagine him with headsets and on the sidelines ever again.

Not this Peppermint Patty.

Not this Peppermint Patty.

Now go out and buy a York’s Peppermint Patty. Take a bite. Remember that burst of mint the first time Nick Patti trots onto the blue turf.

I’m buying a bag of those little Peppermint Patties and every time he tosses a touch down I’m having one; beer or not.

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