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Running: My 8th Week

June 17

My inspiration for the week.

I’m thinking about changing the name of this series of blogs from “Running” to “The Gout Chronicles.” I simply can’t run.

At this point I’m too ill to go on the exercise bike.

I drove to Emmett Idaho today; about a forty-five minute drive. I gave a talk and on my feet for thirty-minutes. I felt pretty good.

A friend said he was given indomethacin. “One pill and it was gone.”

I have theory I’d like to proclaim; I’m on medicare. It is their intent to keep me coming back until I’m dead or so miserable I want to die. The guy who got the indomethacin was still a productive part of society. Sure they’re going to keep him going.

June 18

Very sore today. Songs have been written about cocaine, LSD, and marijuana; but none about hydrocodon. I think the time is here.

An old high school buddy, Bob Hempker, sent an email today and suggested I change the name of my blog to “The Jittery Gout.” Funny, very funny.

June 19

Family came over for supper. The foot is sore, but tolerable; not so much the grandkids.

June 20

The pain is very intense today. I’d have to rank this as my worst day. It seems like with all the medication, rest, and time it should be better.

I promised my wife if it’s like this tomorrow I will call a podiatrist friend.

June 21

I got a hold of my doctor’s assistant. They prescribed another product from the vast monolithic evil pharmaceutical empire. Colcrys was prescribed; take two pills every hour until gone. (Six pills, you do the math)

June 22

I talked with my son this morning. I told him that, all kidding aside, I really miss running.

I’m wondering if I’m a part of a study and that I’m a part of the group given a placebo. I slept quite a bit today and when not sleeping was still tired.

June 23

I still have swelling, but the pain has nearly subsided. It’s time to pop the corks.


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Running: My 7th Week

My inspiration for the week; Walter Brennan.

June 10

Can’t walk

June 11

Saw my personal physician today at 8:00 AM.

He said I have gout. There will be more on this in the future, but this diagnosis could have been rendered nearly two weeks ago. So for around two weeks I’ve had to live with a kidney stone in my foot.

June 12

Can’t walk.

June 13

Limp like Walter Brennan. (See YouTube clip at the end.)

June 14

I did three miles on my bike.

June 15

I’m feeling better. This entire week has been spent depressed and physically ill. Probably the medications. I don’t take them well. Each time I take them there is a different side effect. Neither of which I enjoy.

I went through the entire 60’s without so much as taking whiff of marijuana, no acid trips, or mushroom parties. Now that I’m in my 60’s I’m starting to experience the effects drugs have. If I took them then the only thing I would have missed were the 60’s.

June 16

Still have some occasional sharp pain in my foot.

Look what my life has come to; talking about my foot!

Now I know I’m old. What’s next incontinence?

A YouTube clip of the Walter Brennan limp. It’s comes at the end of the clip.


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Running: My 6th Week (Sitting On My Toucas)

My inspiration for the week; it takes away the pain.

June 3

Went to the doctor. The ball of my foot is still sore. Even though I’m taking some an anti-inflammatory drug (meloxicam 15 mg) there is still slight swelling, but I have noticed my cynical and sarcastic remarks have completely vanished from my vocabulary. I didn’t know anti-inflammatory curbed inflammatory rhetoric also.

Every four hours acetaminophen 250 mg has been taken for pain.

I am elevating my foot and resting a lot.

I recall from my previous days of running that any day missed feels as if you are falling behind; falling behind what? I don’t know. It’s all in your head.

Today, with the tension turned up on the bike, I peddled fifteen minutes. I worked up a good sweat, heavy breathing, and fast heart rate. This is my road to recovery. I plan to start running again in about a week.

I peddled nearly four miles. I wonder what that is in running miles or even in dog miles?

June 4

I peddled 4.2 miles in about fifteen minutes. I don’t want to loose anything that I gained since starting the first of May.

My plan is to peddle everyday until resumption of running.

My foot is still sore. I wake up at night with it throbbing.

June 5

Today I went 4. 5 miles at 17MPH and the half mile at 14 MPH.

Boise is known as a bike-friendly community. What that means is that cyclist can get away with anything.

Last week I stopped at a light. (For real.) I glanced to my left and saw a bicycler on the other side of the street racing on the side walk. For the life of me, doesn’t he know he’s in a bike-friendly community and tax payers have paid millions for bike lanes? He whizzes through the intersection like he’s the only one in the universe and got plunked by a car that had the light.

I’m not making light of this. He was tossed at least ten feet in the air and landed on the concrete. I called 911. A nurse was already there. The man was conscience and bleeding from the right side of his head: no helmet.

The lady that hit him was in her late 70’s/early 80’s. She was shaking and in tears. Immediately three people came to her and said they saw the whole thing and she was not at fault.

My stationary bike is in an extra room. I watch for traffic, obey the laws, and will buy a helmet – someday.

June 6

I’m thinking about changing the title of this series of blog posts from Running to Sitting on My Toucas.

 June 7

I got a letter from my doctor that said the whole thing might be osteoarthritis. First of all, who writes a letter any more; people text. My doctor is so yesterday. I suppose he’ll want to bleed me next. He’s never seen me. They sent in the second team when I went to his office; the physician’s assistant. Isn’t that like sending Joe Biden to do a high school commencement in Air Force 3; that‘s the one the pilot wears goggles and a scarf and has a flask of whiskey under the seat for courage.

June 8

This was the worst day of pain I have ever experienced. My wife contacted the doctor’s office as directed and set an appointment for the June 25. By 5:30 PM the pain became intolerable. I was ready to buy drugs off the street. I took two acetaminophen and waited an hour. I went to emergency. No x-rays were taken, but only the same advice was given that I received from the physician’s assistance seven days earlier. This time I was sent on my way with a small prescription of hydrocodon. It took an hour to kick the pain.

I just put a street dealer out of business.

Hydrocodone has replaced acetaminophen.

It looks as though my plans of running are on hold.

Words fail to describe how this admission frustrates me.

June 9

Took the hydrocodon at 5:00 AM. At 5:45. I was nauseas and sweaty. I went back to bed. It’s now 8:00 and I feel great (drug induced great).


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Running: My 5th Week

May 27

My inspiration for the week. I’m going out and make foot impressions in the foot hills near Idaho City.

This was a no run day and I’m glad the ball of my right foot is killing me

May 28

I decided to rest my foot another day.

I was going to try the stationary bike for twenty minutes or so, but opted for a bowl of ice cream.

May 29

Took two Aleve at 1:00 AM. They’re not working. The pain has shifted to the top of my foot above the ball. This can only be compared to a broken bone. The pain is near excruciating.

This blog is supposed to be humorous. Right now it ain’t funny unless you’re into sadomasochism. I’m not sure how that works anyway.

Anyway it looks like another day without running. I definitely have to use the bike today.

May 30

My foot had incredible pain. I’m thinking about a doctor’s visit.

Aleve does nothing to rid the pain. Aspirin seems to do the best. I’m concerned about aspirin addiction. It starts like that with athletes. “Here, take a couple of aspirin.” The next day it’s, “Try two of these, they’re better.” Next thing you know I’m buying from and undercover cop.

May 31

There is no improvement. It’s been swollen for a couple of days. It feels like I’m lugging a watermelon around instead of a foot.

I thought about going into the foot hills near Idaho City and leaving footprints and claim a Bigfoot siting. Idaho City could use the tourist’s revenue. The problem is it will only be a right foot. Hmm, I’ll make another impression with a broom stick; Bigfoot was a pirate with a pegleg. I’m a genius!

June 1

Got an x-ray and told that it looks like and old injury has been aggravated. I was prescribed medication to ease the swelling and sent on my way, but not pain pills. There’s this guy I see on the corner; nah, looks too much like a cop.

I recalled when a senior in high school I injured my foot and told everybody things were fine when in fact I still had pain. I was young and invincible; it comes back to haunt you forty-six years later.

June 2

Slept nearly all day yesterday and didn’t get up until six fifteen this morning. The foot feels better, but still very sore and the swelling has gone down considerably.

My plan is to put some time on the stationary bike; I might even pedal.

With the time away from running it has caused be to be somewhat philosophical; Ah crap!


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Running: My 4th Week

May 20

Cement Shoe Drop Zone; My inspiration for the week.

Today I had a special event to attend. No running; that’s why I ran two days in a row – May 18 and 19.

 May 21

Yesterday I spent the entire day on cement floors. Today my legs hurt and my ankles are swelled. I ran two days in a row now I’m not running two days in a row.

I can’t complain; there are guys at the bottom of East River who have spent decades in cement.

 May 22

The internet said no breeze. As hard is this is to believe there was a breeze out of the West; the internet lied! Which leads me to wonder; are all the benefits of running that I’ve read about on the internet lies as well?

Maybe I should hold off and not buy those really expensive $12.99 running shoes I‘ve been admiring and mulling over at Wal-Mart.

The ball of my right foot is killing me today.

 May 23

The ball of my right foot still hurts. I’m not attributing this to running, but rather the concrete I was on Sunday. I’ve had this before without running. I’m sure there’s a name for it and a reason. The only source I have available to look it up is the internet and they can’t even be trusted to give me the correct wind velocity.

 May 24

Ran a mile today. My foot was good, but I felt a sharp strain in my left calf.

I’m not saying I’m running slow, but once again I passed a motion detector light and it didn’t come on. I’ve seen a blowing leaf trip these things. I’ve heard that aliens can’t trip those things either. It has something to do with their molecular makeup. Maybe I was switched at birth for an earth child. I wonder if he’s happy today and knows what I know.

 May 25

This is a no run day.

 May 26

It rained about an hour before my run and started sprinkling at the end.

I have so much flatulence ducks are doing flybys.


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Running: My 3rd Week

Running: My 1st Week

Running: My 2nd Week

May 13

My inspiration for this week; dangle a Krispy Kreme donut in front of me and I’m likely to plunge over the edge of a cliff.

I didn’t run, but I did go to Five Guys’. They were really, really good today.

May 14

No breeze and 54 degrees.

I’m not at the point where I’m snobbishly looking away from cars that drive by and I think, ‘Look at me. Now look at you, you poor excuse for human flesh. What is it you are eating as you drive by; a greasy breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s? Don’t you wish you were like me?’

I ran a little more than half my run with less exhaustion and more ease than I was running only a few hundred yards two weeks ago.

I have a more sober evaluation of goals. I first wanted to be running three miles by the end of three months. Given my age and lack of a past exercise routine for quite some time, it may be four months. I’m not thirty. I can’t push myself to beyond exhaustion which is how I used to run.

May 15

I Didn’t run. The heating and air-conditioning guy is supposed to finish installing new units. It’s supposed to be 91 today. Boise 91 is like Ohio 75 – no humidity in Boise.

May 16

This is the start of the third week. Today I ran within 200 yards of a complete mile without stopping.

There is a ‘thunder hut’ (portable toilet) on my run. I may have to check it out. I think it’s following me, because each time it appears to be getting closer. I’m told paranoia takes many forms.

May 17

I didn’t run today, but I drove to Kispy Kreme Donuts and measured the distance. It’s five miles round-trip. That’s nearly a 10 K. Hmmm. Now that’s what I call motivation!

May 18

Today’s goal was to run a mile without slowing to a walk. When I turned west a 12 MPH wind hit me. ‘I’ll try the mile tomorrow.’ Turning south I thought ‘what the heck!’ I did it; one mile! I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I didn’t think I would be able to do that for another ten days.

Early in my run today there was a banana peel on the sidewalk. I looked ahead and sure enough; a clown was pacing me.

May 19

Instead of skipping a day I’m going to run.

I fought quitting today. I wanted to walk after a half mile and felt myself really wanting to ease into a walk, but continued till the mile was finished.

Right at the end of my run a sprinkler system came on and showered me. I didn’t want to come home and shower anyway. Life is so full of unexpected opportunities.


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Running: My Second Week

May 7

Yes, there was a time when runners didn’t have spandex, but I still wouldn’t want to look. This is my inspiration for this week.

I’ve read enough and have been preached to enough about not running everyday especially given my age and IQ.

This was a major decision. When I commit to something and not do it, it tears me up. I stew over it.

Back when I was running five to ten miles everyday I begged my wife to drive me five miles west of our home and drop me off. It was minus five Fahrenheit. I didn’t want to run into the wind, nevertheless determined to run.

Anyway, I read my Bible, “… on the seventh day He rested …” Exodus 31: 17.

 May 8

As I put on my sweats there was doubt; should I have tossed all advice and wisdom aside and ran yesterday?

My left calf muscle hurt at a hundred yards. I ran in smaller portions today.

Although completely disappointed, when I look back to just a week ago I have improved significantly.

On my run I pass over a fast-moving canal. I run a ways, turn left, and run over the same canal.

When crossing the canal the first time I saw a fish swimming against the current. I said, “Swim the other direction. It‘s easier.”

He did and really took off.

I made my turn and headed toward the canal again. Before I got to it I heard the fish yelling, “Wee, wee, I won. I won.”

Fish are like that.

“Oh yeah, well my calf hurts too buddy!”

 May 9

No running today, although I feel like it and want to.

Yesterday my calf swelled. It looked like a python digesting a goat.

I have an old school mate, Ron. He’s been a silent inspiration to me about running (more on him later). I want to personally tell him how big my calves have swollen; Remember the school librarian, Bouncing Betty? Yeah that big, but not as sculptured.

 May 10

I’m sitting here thinking, ‘how can I keep my running diary interesting? After a while I’ll run out of things to say except, ‘I ran. I ran some more. I really ran some more. I really, really ran some more…’

I still don’t have running shoes, which speaks to the confidence I have to keep this up. I don’t want to pour $12.99 into some really good running shoes and give it up.

Half way through my run I head west. I faced a 10 MPH wind. It felt like I was attached to a bungee cord and it was about to snap back any moment. So I tried an old sailing maneuver – tacking. Apparently the police got some 911 calls about a drunk running wildly on Fairview Avenue. You ever try to give a breathalyzer test when you’re out of breath? It’s slightly easier than running away handcuffed.

 May 11

Not running today. I really felt like it, but I’m restraining.

Also I’m thinking about the strawberry pie Costco makes. It would take a year of running to burn the calories. I’m going for it!

May 12

I went out the side door this morning and looked over the neighbor’s fence. He was watching the news. I saw Obama on the screen. ’Hope and change,’ I thought. I opened my back gate. The gate created a breeze, sort of an updraft. Whew! My sweats! I need ‘change.’ During my run I wondered if there is a government program to fund my running; maybe one of those 3.6 million dollar studies that Sixty Minutes could do an exposé on. It would be a great way to promote my blog. (Interesting fact; “Obama” and “blog” come up on my “Spell-check” as misspelled.)

I’m calling this the end of my second week. Today I ran ¾ of a mile without stopping and I felt much better than the ¼ mile of two weeks ago.

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