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A Novel About Finding Treasure And What To Do With It

Looking for and finding treasure; a human fantasy.

Looking for and finding treasure; a human fantasy.

Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

My last novel, Galapagos Man, is based on such a premise.

Alex Thurston and his son AJ sail the coast of California, Baja, and visit Panama on their way to the Galapagos Islands. They do so to recover treasure buried by Alex decades earlier.

The treasure becomes a white elephant of sorts. Nefarious organizations are searching for it and know that Alex may know where it is. If it falls into their hands it will only be used to further their aims. Turning it over to the government is equally risky. Along with the treasure are documents that would expose and ruin high-ranking, powerful, and prominent officials, leaders, and families.

On the quest for the treasure old loves are found and new relationships forged. The treasure has little value unless used wisely. That is the question the main characters ponder and struggle with and eventually come up with a solution.

Here is an excerpt from Galapagos Man. It is early in their quest and the treasure has not yet been recovered. After a few day at sea they decide to go ashore at a secluded village on the Baja coast.

The dory was launched and AJ putted to shore. They pulled the dory onto the beach and looked around the village. The most prominent building was a bright yellow adobe building with the a green letter sign – ‘cervasa.’

The village had about twenty-five other adobe buildings and wooden shacks. There were a few old cars and pickup tucks. A couple of dogs barked in the distance. Alex and AJ moved closer to the cantina they heard chickens cackle from a wooden building on the opposite side of a dirt road from the cantina. A few old dories lined the beach close to the village.

AJ mused quietly, “Anybody home?”

“Kind of strange, isn’t it” AJ said.

“When things get strange beer is the answer,” Alex said and ushered Alex to the cantina.

Inside it was dark except of a light bulb hanging above the bar. The bar was two long planks attached side by side and supported by three fifty-five gallon metal drums. There were four square tables.

“There’s not even a Mexican sleeping under a sombrero in the corner,” AJ said.

They sat at the bar. It had eight stools. Behind the counter was a shelf of liquor. Beneath the shelf was a refrigerated Coke cooler.

“Hola!” Alex said and paused “Hola!”

A round woman entered through a door on the side of the room.

“¡Buenos días, Mi amigos!” she said smiling.

“Lo siento, no hablo español,” Alex said.

“Ci,” she said. “I speak English, a little.”

“Can we have two beers?” Alex said.

“Ci, two beers,” she said. “Only one kind.”

“That’s fine,” Alex said.

She pulled two bottles of beer from the cooler.

“Do you serve food?” Alex said.

“Ci,” she smiled. “Best food in town.” She chuckled with her hand over her mouth and her belly shook. “No place else.”

“We have chicken fajita with beans and rice,” she said. “Fresh chicken, killed early before sun come up and cook all morning.”

“You can never get enough of fresh killed chicken,” AJ said. “That’s what I’m having.”

“Me too,” Alex said.

She brought them two plates of chicken fajitas.

After two bites. Alex said to the woman. “If we pay you for the plates can we have two more to go.”

“I have paper plates,” she said. “I put them on that, okay?” She brought two more meals on paper plates with another paper plate on each as a cover. “How will that be?”

“That will be fine,” Alex said.

They finished the meal.

“Do you want paid in pesos or dollars?” AJ said.

“Oh, dollars,” she said.

AJ tossed two twenties on the bar.

“Too much, senor,” she said.

“No you take it,” AJ said. The food and service is great.

Alex and AJ started to raise from their stools.

“Oh no, senors,” she said nervously. “Have more beer.” She turned and bent over the cooler.

“Something’s wrong,” Alex whispered to AJ.

“Let’s go,” AJ said.

“Oh no,” she said. “More beer. Free. On the house.”

They grabbed the plates and rushed out the door. They squinted at The Consuelo anchored off shore. A small boat approached her.

“That’s why she wants us to stay,” Alex said.

They ran to the dory and launched into the surf. By time they pulled along side four men were standing on the deck. The were yelling at Alex and AJ in Spanish and motioning to leave.

“No comprendo,” One man was saying. “No comprendo.”

Alex pulled the .45 from his pants and fired three shots into the air. “Comprendo now!”

The men fell silent and slowly moved from The Consuelo to their boat. Alex and AJ climbed aboard.

AJ reached in his pocket and pulled out his billfold. He emptied the cash and handed it to the man in the boat closest him. Alex shoved their boat away with his foot.

He turned to AJ. “Let’s hoist the dory on board.”

As they secured the dory to the bow Alex said, “Some men are thieves because they are bad, some are thieves because they are desperate. They weren’t going to get rich over us. They were looking just to get by. They had no weapons. They meant no harm, but they are thieves. A little money gave them a little dignity and maybe keep them from talking. Now, let’s get out of here.”

In time The Consuelo was back to sea about twenty-five miles off the coast of Baja sailing south southeast.

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Galapagos Man; New Novel By Kenton Lewis

Genovesa[1] - Copy - Copy
Available on Amazon.

Galapagos Man is my fifth published novel. It is available at Amazon.

The story is inspired by the memory of my dad. He spent time in the Galapagos Islands during World War Two. Many of the events that take place in the first portion of the book are based on actual accounts he shared with me, but fictionalized to blend in with the plot.

The circumstances on how my dad ended up in the Galapagos Islands are basically true, everything else is fiction. Dad was sort of a John Wayne character. He was bigger than life. Even after his death in ‘69 stories swirled about his exploits as a younger man.

In a way, Dad was always searching for something. I don’t know what it was. I attempt to show that what he wanted most already existed within a generous heart hidden within him. His life was a paradox; outward selfish pursuits and hidden acts of generosity. I try to harmonize the two and make sense of how complicated our lives can become, but eventually if given the opportunity they can somehow be analogous.

The main character is Alex Thurston and supported strongly by his son AJ. Alex leads his son to a buried treasure hidden during a tour of duty in the Galapagos Islands.

Along the way and afterwards there are adventures on the high-seas, prison escapes, chases through deserts, chases at sea, chases on streets, espionage, romance, explosions, secrets from the past, and a lot of other stuff.

The book is written to be read in ten to fifteen minute intervals. In other words one can read a chapter quickly, thus creating a natural bookmark. Seldom will the reader have to stop in the middle of a chapter. There are fifty chapters.

You will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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The Note

I’m taking a few days off. Here is an excerpt from my novel Galapagos Man.

The next day Alex reported to the headquarters of the Army detachment. He was finally assigned to an artillery battery and a bunk in a barracks.

His first night in the barracks he heard the other soldiers talk about a plane with a pilot, copilot and two civilians who took off earlier in the day crashed and were lost at sea. They were presumed dead. No wreckage was found.

Alex, again, was the only one who knew about the money.

The next day he checked the duty roster. He was scheduled for a cleaning detail at the headquarters guest rooms a few building southeast of the building where he was interrogated. He reported and was ordered to clean the guest rooms.

One of the rooms belonged to Yost.

Alex stripped the bed and began to sweep the floor. He swept underneath the bed and caught a small piece of note paper with the dust mop. He picked it up and read what was written on it;

1. Be his friend.

2.. Let him think it was all a set up.

3. Tell him Rossi was OSS.

4. Make sure he knows it‘s top secret.

5. Make sure Thurston has an accident.

Alex stashed the note in his fatigue’s pocket and collapsed into the room’s only chair. “He was going to have me killed,” Alex murmured. “That bastard.”

He was certain the order on the note was meant to go with Yost and to be carried out in the future. Except for the note Alex was certain that the only person who controlled his destiny was in a plane in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


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He’s Dying

I’m taking off for a few day so I posted ahead of time.

This is and excerpt from my newest novel, Galapagos Man.

“I figured it was my last chance to be somebody, to make something of my life,” Alex said. “So at thirty, during the war. I enlisted. I wanted to be an officer. It seemed like it was all stacked against me.”

Alex laid in his bed sunken and wasting away from a sickness no one could diagnose. It was unsettling seeing a man who just a few years ago stood six three and two hundred pounds. He still had massive hands and a barrel chest. Grey stubble covered his face like a burned forest.

The room was the bedroom of a small home purchased a couple of years earlier. Present was an odor like a load of soiled laundry. A light layer of dust covered everything. The sun struggled to cast its rays through water stained windows.

“What do you mean, Dad?” AJ said.

“When I went through the physical in basic training they asked me to do a deep knee bend. My knee was so swollen I could hardly walk on it. That disqualified me from OCS. In basic they all called me ‘Dad’ or ‘Pop.’ I was the oldest guy in my company; hell I was the oldest guy in the battalion. War is for young men made up by old men. They took care of me. There were things that a guy my age and with my knees couldn‘t do. Yeah, they were a great bunch of guys. I‘d like to see them all one more time before I go.”

“Don’t talk that way, Dad,” AJ said. “You’re going to be okay.”

“No I’m not, son. No I’m not.” Alex looked at a framed photo of himself taken when he was in the Army. “I’m only half the man now that I was then, maybe even less than that. It’s amazing what years of hard living can do to you. Take care of yourself, son. Don’t let yourself go to hell.”

“I love you, Dad,” AJ said.

“I love you too, son,” Alex said and smiled.

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How Does Your Garden Grow? (Advice to writers)

It's a beautiful thing to watch something grow and to know you've had a hand in it.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch something grow and to know you’ve had a hand in it.

Daily Prompt: Earworm

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Somewhere in the middle of a story something hits you, a word, a phrase, a sentence. There is something about it. You can’t let it go.

Perhaps its melodic in form, a profound truth, or a perfect and concise expression that embodies much in few words. Nevertheless it has to be placed in a story and suddenly everything flows to that one word, phrase, or sentence. You just have to get it out.

Several years ago a phrase came to my mind, a phrase only. It would not leave. From that phrase people emerged first like shadows and then in the full light. They had a story to tell, but more honestly I had a story to tell.

As I began to carve away at people and plot; a story arose and eventually a novel – from one sentence. It was like a seed that grew into a tree.

This was the sentence: “Darkness covered the town as if by the stroke of a painter’s brush.”

I could not leave it alone. I had to water it and see how it would grow. As I wrote, rewrote, and rewrote the phrase actually became the opening words of the third chapter of my novel, Ice Too Thin.

When something gets in your head find a way to get it on a page. It’s like tossing a seed in dirt, that is the only place it has a chance to grow.

Here is the first page or so of that third chapter with the phrase from which a novel sprouted.

“Darkness covered the town as if by the stroke of a painter’s brush.

The last customer left the barber shop and the barber pulled the shades down tight. Dunken Crane, a pot-bellied bald man with full black beard, rocked on his heels with folded arms in the front window of his hardware store. He was trying to decide whether to remain open the last fifteen minutes of the day or not.

The grocery on the opposite side of the street still had two customers walking the aisles.

At the gas station, Henry Phillips a gangly figure with large hands like a seal’s flippers and a long face slammed the hood on a Chevy pick-up (‘That tune up will have to wait until Monday morning. ‘). He wiped the grease and oil from his hands and tossed the rag into a barrel and slung on his coat.

Down the street next to the railroad was Ben Benson, a stout barrel-chested man with a pug face and curly blond hair. He’s throwing the lock and chain on the gate to his lumber yard. Ben’s grandfather started the lumber yard seventy-five years ago.

Every structure in town has Benson lumber in it and everyone paid dearly for it too.

Cleo and Cloris Knudsen still have two more hours before closing their restaurant. The Knudsen sisters are identical twins who never married. They are thin shapeless women with enormous protruding teeth. Their smiles are as genuine and radiant as a sunrise.

The law office of J. Robert Crandell above the grocery is dimly lit. His eyes are red and scratchy from reading books on environmental law. He sips some cold coffee and grimaces at its bad flavor.”

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The Runaway

Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

At one time I thought of ending up some place like this, but what I have is much better.

At one time I dreamed of ending up someplace like this, but what I have is much better.

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

At the age if 15 I hatched an elaborate scheme to run away from home.

Several of the dilemmas faced are contained in my novel The Summer of ‘62.

Let me take you there for a few brief moments. Dad and Mom never got along. Their relationship became violent. Without the ability to take blame for their own problems they began to blame me.

The last weekend of Summer vacation before school started, a friend invited me to church camp. It was scheduled to last three days. My parents thought I was attending, but in reality I turned down the invitation. My plan was to put as much distance between my parents and me as possible in those three days.

With camping gear and provisions packed on my bike I peddled a little over fifty miles to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I spent a night sleeping at a roadside rest area and decided to peddle home the next day. Mom and Dad never knew.

My plan was to send a letter from Ft. Wayne, giving my parents the impression I was heading west. As a lad I had a fascination with Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. That was my real destination.

Thirty years later I visited the coast of Maine several times and always wondered if I would ever find myself there.

I wrote a squeal to The Summer of ’62. It is a speculative fantasized story of a boy who runs away from home. He meets new people along the way and experiences adventures. At last he settles in Maine for a couple of years before exploring the rest of life and the world. I call the novel The Id and the Odyssey. I plan on publishing it this winter.

I’m glad to have not taken that road.

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A Page From My Novel

During World War II my Dad was stationed on the Galapagos Islands. I've used it as a location for part of my next novel, Galapagos Man.

During World War II my Dad was stationed on the Galápagos Islands. I’ve used it as a location for part of my next novel, Galápagos Man.

It’s 7:06 AM ya’ll and the Daily Prompt has become the Daily Plop. Thus I will share the opening page of chapter sixteen of a novel I’m working on. The working title is Galápagos Man.

Alex Thurston is dying and he has revealed a long kept secret about the past to his son, AJ. AJ talks to his wife, Millie, about his Dad’s condition.

Chapter 16

The Plan

The day Alex told AJ about the events during the war he told it to Millie.

After the children were in bed they snuggled quietly on the living room couch.

“There’s something bothering you, AJ,” Millie said. “You want to talk about it?”

“It’s Dad,” AJ said. “He’s slipping fast and I don’t know what to do for him.”

“You have got to do something,” Millie said. “Dad has a lot of living left.”

“He’s determined to die,” AJ said.

“Doesn’t he want to see his grandchildren grow?” Millie said.

“Dad thinks that dying before the kids are too old is best,” AJ said. “There will be less to remember of him.”

“He has a son in Panama,” Millie said. “You would think he’d like to live long enough to see him and maybe his children.”

“I think that’s a part of Dad’s life he’d just as soon forget,” AJ said.

“Not from what you told me,” Millie said. “Maybe that’s what is killing him. If he only had a reason to live.”


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