Beyond Beyond; Episode 68

Rugby and Italian 

On the third day Rich prepared breakfast in the cabin and they talked as they ate.

What have you got in mind today?” Dennis said.

I was hoping you might come up with something we might understand,” Rich said.

Isn’t the idea of going to a foreign country and visiting another culture supposed to broaden our knowledge?” Dennis said. “How can that be done if we experience only the things we already know?”

Yeah,” Rich said, “but I’m no better off about horse racing or soccer than I was before I came here. What about you?”

Regardless,” Dennis said, “there is a Ruby match someplace in Montevideo,” Dennis said. “I overheard somebody talking about it at the soccer match. That’s more like football, isn’t it?”

Yeah,” Rich said, “I watched it on TV this past summer and decided it was better to go down to the park and watch the old timers play shuffleboard.”

For some reason I don’t think you’ll be pleased unless we are chased, kidnapped, or shot at,” Dennis said.

Let’s find that rugby match,” Rich said.

They located the stadium match. They had scant more comprehension for Rugby than possessed for horse racing and soccer. However, running the ball and jarring tackles were more familiar to their understanding and experience.

After the rugby match they ate at an Italian restaurant.

They ordered and ate pasta with meat sauce and Chianti.

This has to be the best Italian food I’ve ever had,” Rich said.

I know of at least two dozen places in Manhattan just as good if not better,” Dennis said.

I ate canned spaghetti and ravioli at least once a week for the last five months,” Rich said. “That’s my point of reference.”

I got an idea about the next couple days,” Dennis said. “Let’s drive out into the countryside and do some sightseeing.”

I did that in Torres,” Rich said. “I got robbed by two banana pickers.”

That’s not a good way to face the future,” Dennis said smiling. “How could that possibly happen again… Never mind, I forgot who I’m sitting across the table from.”

Let’s do it,” Rich said. “I certainly don’t want to deprive you of any rich and diverse cultural experiences.”


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