Beyond Beyond; Episode 67

Horse Racing and Soccer 

Rich sailed into the marina he had docked at a week earlier. The Beyond anchored and they slept the night on the open harbor. The next morning Rich rented a dock space.

Dennis rented the car this time did the and driving. There were no Volkswagens available, so they settled for a Renault.

Dennis jerked into traffic. It was near impossible for him to find second gear.

There’s so many to choose from,” Rich quipped.

I had a Renault in high school,” Dennis said. “Not only was I made fun of, but it spent more time in the shop than on the road. My dad called it Main Street because it always needed repaired.”

The Renault putted along in the streets of Montevideo avoiding errant vehicles and wandering pedestrians. Curiosity of the innocence and unexpected kept them entertained.

Looks like the United States 20 years ago,” Dennis said.

So here we are two guys in Montevideo,” Rich said. “I take it you have never been here before, so what do we do?”

Likewise, I take it you’ve never been here before,” Dennis said.

Not really,” Rich said. “When I called you it was from the U. S. Embassy here in Montevideo. I didn’t see any of the city that day. I wanted to arrive in Buenos Aires before you got there, so I sailed the first thing the next day.

Wait a minute,” Dennis said, “are you working for the CIA or something?

Not exactly,” Rich said.

If it’s something you can’t talk about that’s okay,” Dennis said.

It’s more like they are using me,” Rich said. “I’m sort of a diversion.”

Diversion?” Dennis said.

Let’s let it go at that, okay,” Rich said.

I’m fine with that,” Dennis said.

While I was renting the car I saw a brochure on the desk about horse racing,” Dennis said. “You like horse racing?”

Never been to one,” Rich said.

Me neither,” Dennis said. “There’s a first for everything.”

They stopped at a gas station and asked where the horse race park was located. Next they stopped at a bank to exchange currency. Finally, they found the race park and spent the afternoon there.

They sat in the shade of an overhang and cheered with the rest of the crowd, for what they did not know.

Do you know anything about horse racing?” Rich said.

The fastest horse wins,” Dennis said.

They say the jockey has a lot to do with it,” Rich said.

Yeah,” Dennis said, “you can’t beat Roy Rodgers and Trigger. I’m not sure Trigger could run as fast without Roy.

If there’s horse named Trigger, my money is on him,” Rich said.

Yeah,” Dennis said, “we know about Trigger. Nobody has ever outran that horse.”

If Roy was ridding on another horse against Trigger, who do you think would win?” Rich said.

That’s a good question,” Dennis said. “Sounds like something that only a crowed bar could discuss with any degree of clarity and seriousness.”

The next day they attended a soccer match. Again, they cheered what they did not know with those who they assumed did.

They talked above the roar of the enthusiastic patrons.

Do you understand soccer,” Dennis said.

You put the ball in the net,” Rich said.

Sounds simple,” Dennis said.

Until the other guys try to stop you,” Rich said, “then it becomes complicated.”

It reminds me of hockey,” Dennis said.

I don’t understand hockey either,” Rich said.

It’s like going to an opera,” Dennis said. “I don’t understand what goes on there either. I just wait for everyone else to applaud.


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