Beyond Beyond; Episode 52

Agent Lewchanin 

Not more than five minutes passed. The door opened. A tall man in a blue suit entered.

I’m agent Lewchanin,” he said. “I understand you have a file name.”

Yes,” Rich said.

What is it?” the man said.

May I see your credentials,” Rich said.

Lewchanin reached inside his suit jacket pocket and handed Rich a leather holder.

Rich opened it and looked at it carefully. The man’s name was Paul Lewchanin. He handed it back. “Operation Gomez File1250.”

I’ll be right back,” Lewchanin said.

After 15 minutes Rich thought about leaving. It became uncomfortable. He was in a world of suspicion and espionage where life was cheap and people were mere pawns. The room seemed to close in on him.

The door opened. Lewchanin swept in with a legal pad and sat in the chair.

Give me your file name again,” Lewchanin said.

Operation Gomez File 1280,” Rich said.

Do you know Clyde Acer?” Lewchanin said.

No,” Rich said and stood as if to leave.

Do you know Clyde Acres?” Lewchanin said.

Rich sat down.

Why are you visiting us today?” Lewchanin said.

I want to pass another name on to Clyde,” Rich said.

What is the name?” Lewchanin said .

Peggy Hudson,” Rich said.

Peggy Hudson,” Lewchanin said jotting the name on the legal pad.

I know of no middle name,” Rich said.

Can you tell us anything more?” Lewchanin said and started writing on the legal pad.

She’s an artist and married to Dennis Hudson,” Rich said. “She is connected with White, Smithson, and Stafford. Clyde knows who they are. I suspect she and Dennis will be divorced soon if not already. Dennis helped me. Make sure you note that. Dennis aided me in my escape. Dennis is not involved in anyway, but has information.”

Anything else you can tell me?” Lewchanin said.

No,” Rich said.

Do you live in Rio?” Lewchanin said.

No,” Rich said. “I sailed here. My boat is docked at a marina. I can’t remember the name, but it’s at the first one I came to on the west as you enter the bay. My boat is The Odyssey.”

How long do you plan on staying?” Lewchanin said.

I paid a month’s rent,” Rich said. “Clyde can feed you the details, but I’m being pursued by some people that the CIA are watching. The Agency figures as long as they are looking for me it keeps them busy from doing what ever it is they do. With that in mind, anytime I feel threatened or watched I go.”

How did you get to the embassy?” Lewchanin said.

Cab,” Rich said.

Do you know if you were followed or not?” Lewchanin said.

I didn’t think about it,” Rich said.

Rich continued and told Lewchanin of all the contacts he had with people starting with the events at Cape May.

Here’s what I think,” Lewchanin said. “I think they have a pretty good idea where you are. The three guys in Porto Seguro was no random robbery attempt. They were locals, alright, locals hired by someone. They either had orders to kill you or take you to someone.”

Rich looked at Lewchanin to read his temperament. “He’s a professional at deception,” Rich thought, “but also it benefits him and the agency to give me all the advice and help I need to keep moving and alive. I must trust him.”

Is there something that troubles you?” Lechanin said.

I’m scared,” Rich said.

I’ve been in this business a while,” Lwchanin said. “Few days are without some fear. We will help you anyway we can, but we need you also.”

So should I leave?’ Rich said.

Yes,” Lewchanin said, “but give me a half hour. Let me take you to the cafeteria. Have a meal and wait there for me.”

They rode the elevator to the ground floor and walked to the back of the building and into a cafeteria. Rich picked his way through a serving line. He felt out of place. He was dressed for the sea and everyone else dressed like bankers.

Rich sat alone at a table. Right after he finished the meal Lewchanin returned and sat across from him.

Okay, Rich,” Lewchanin said. “For right now do what you planned to do in Rio. We will have someone tracking you. So don’t get creative on us. Stay in the open. Don’t rush into anywhere. Walk in slowly, especially bathrooms. The person following you will be wearing a dark blue Panama hat with white band. He’ll be your guardian angel.”

Lewchanin stood and so did Rich.

Lewchanin reached to shake Rich’s hand and Rich grabbed hold.

We have a plan for you,” Lewchanin said. “Have your boat ready to go at a moment’s notice. The next time we contact you it will be time for you to go.”

When will that be?” Rich said.

At least a couple days,” Lewchanin said. “It won’t be more than a week.”

Rich stepped away from the table. He turned to Lewchanin. “Thanks.”

Enjoy Rio,” Lewchanin said.

Rich walked back to the lobby.

The receptionist cleared here throat. “Mr. Larsen, I called a cab. It should be here shortly.”

Thanks, ma’am,” Rich said.


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