Sail Away


(I have written several books sailing has played a central part in the theme, I decided to post an excerpt from my latest published book, Beyond Beyond.)

“I want to just sail,” Rich said, “and go forever and never stop. It seems like when I’m in one place too long strange and bad things happen. I’m okay for a while. I have to keep going.”

“I’m not good at these sort of things,” Salty said. “I can hardly figure out my own problems, but maybe when you stay someplace things are good until what you leave behind catches up.”

“That’s kind of direct,” Rich said.

“Just a thought,” Salty said.

“Maybe you hit a nerve,” Rich said.

“Some people sail around the world to accomplish something, others for glory, others to run away from problems. Is one of them you?” Salty said. “Because the trip was planned long before the trouble with White and Smithson. They are just expeditors.”

“I really don’t know,” Rich said. “I just don’t know.” Rich paused. “Why did you try it?”

“None of the above,” Salty said.

The sound of pounding waves against the hull, the whistle of the wind over the deck, and the rapid flutter of the sails were the only sounds. Rich stood and grabbed the coffee from the stove and poured two cups. They both sipped.

“Than what?” Rich said.

“The same reason as you,” Salty said.

“To find yourself?” Rich said.

“Yeah,” Salty said, “and I never did.”



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