Beyond Beyond; Episode 41

Meeting Galloway 

A warm glow from the setting sun illuminated the buildings of St George’s harbor. It appeared almost abandoned as if everyone left for the weekend leaving only a few behind. Rich dropped the sails and wrapped them. He started the engine long enough to glide along side an empty pier. He tossed a line around a piling and tugged it secure.

As if from nowhere, a small white car came to an abrupt stop at the entrance to the pier. A man in a blue uniform with a clip board quickly emerged and walked briskly toward Rich.

Good evening, sir,” he said. “I am Sergeant Robert Galloway of the St. George’s police. We would like to see your papers.”

Certainly,” Rich said. “May I invite you on board and you can relax at my chart table and check everything.”

That won’t be necessary,” Galloway said. “Your passport will be sufficient.”

Rich swung on board and into the cabin. He did not want the officer to see the weapons stowed under the bench in the cockpit and it caused some anxiety. “Remain cool,” he thought. Rich retrieved the passport from a drawer and returned quickly on the pier.

Galloway looked at the passport. He initialed it, stamped it, and handed it back to Rich. “We are very informal in Grenada.” He walked along side The Odyssey. “How long do you plan to stay here?”

No more than a day or two,” Rich said.

Where are you going next?” Galloway said.

I’m sailing around the world,” Rich said. “I plan on sailing down the coastline of South America. I actually expected to be close to the Strait of Magellan by now, but I stopped in Barbuda. Me and a friend helped to build a small ferry.”

Do you have anything on board you plan to leave in Grenada?” Galloway said.

No,” Rich said. “This is my first time here and I don’t know anyone.”

It would not be good to leave you’re boat here,” Galloway said. He pointed over Rich’s shoulder. “There are some public docks just over there. If you stay no more than a couple days no one will say anything.”

Thanks,” Rich said, “I’ll do that now.”

You can stay here for the night, but it would be best to move very early in the morning.” Galloway said.

Is my boat okay to leave alone?” Rich said.

We watch the harbor very closely,” Galloway said, “but one should be vigilant of his own. There are many poor people here and for the most good, but what they view as necessity may overcome them.”

Thanks,” Rich said.

Enjoy Grenada, sir,” Galloway said.

Thanks,” Rich said.

If you wish to have a meal,” Galloway said and pointed to a restaurant on the street running along the harbor. “That is a fine place to eat and you can watch your boat from the window.”

Galloway walked away, slid in his car, and sped away.

Why would he not want to look at my boat?” Rich thought. “He appeared as if expected. Don’t move the boat now, wait until morning. Nonchalant, Rich, be cool.”


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