This Summer, Why Not Read About A Summer – The Summer of ‘62?


The Summer of ‘62 was a personal effort. Some of it is as true as remembered, some events and characters fictionalized though based on actual events and characters, and very few entirely fiction.

The first chapter is autobiographical and sets the stage for events to follow.

In as much as the book is partially autobiographical, it is a sketch on what farm life was like in middle America a few years before its social structure and values were changed by the advent of drugs, war protests, hippies, and social unrest. It embodies the last years of innocence remaining from the fifties. They were simple untarnished times.

Rich Larsen, the protagonist, finds himself in the middle of dysfunctional parents, good friends, bad friends, good teachers, bad teachers, and his own self doubts. Many events are nearly intolerable and some manageable. The young man manages to weave his way through a mind field and labyrinth of emotional lures and snares. He’s committed to find meaning to his life.

He’s befriended, finds love, betrayed, and mostly misunderstand, but he is resilient.

Click the link and live The Summer of ‘62 along with Rich Larsen.


Blather away, if you like.

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