Non Commit (a very short story about the satisfaction of doing nothing)


You never commit to anything?” Bob said. “I know it’s hard, but try it and follow through.”

Sure, I commit,” Wilson said, “what are you talking about?”

Name one thing you commit to?” Bob said.

I commit to nothing,” Wilson said.

Nobody can commit to nothing,” Bob said. “You have to commit to something.”

You said I never commit to anything.” Wilson said. “Never of anything is nothing.”

I was using hyperbole.” Bob said. “It’s impossible to commit to nothing.”

Then, I’ve done the impossible,” Wilson concluded. “Everybody commits to something, not me. Everybody ‘s running around committing here committing there. I got pressure you can’t even begin to imagine.”

You’re avoiding the obvious,” Bob said. “You have no ambition. You will never amount to anything.”

But, I’m satisfied.” Wilson said. “I go to bed every night knowing I accomplished what I set out to do – nothing. Just like the Hippocratic Oath—I do no harm.”

What would the world be like if it were full of people like you?” Bob said.

You see that’s the problem;” Wilson said, “too many people are committed to something.”

What if people were not committed to world peace?” Bob said smugly.

You see that’s the problem,” Wilson said, “people are going around trying to shove peace down other people’s throat. If everybody would just commit to nothing for a year, just try it my way. Just commit to nothing.”

Yeah, right,” Bob said, “all it takes is one person to commit to war.”

Can he do it alone?” Wilson said. “He has to have a bunch of committers. No siree bob, don’t come knocking on my door, you won’t find a committer there. But, you, you’re ripe for the cause, you already demonstrated you can commit to something. You and all your committed friends are a danger to the world. You and those like you should be committed.”


Blather away, if you like.

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