A Word, A Word, My Kingdom For A Word. (Where is the WordPress word?)

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Location; WordPress home office. Day; Wednesday June 21, 2017. Time; 8:30 AM.

My god!” Lilly thought. “I forgot to post the word for the Daily Prompt today. Quick, a word, any word, any word, any word, any word will do. My mind is blank.”

Lilly lifted from her seat. “That’s good, my job is sedentary. I need that,” she whispered to herself. Then she yelled out to the office, “Somebody got a word out there? Any word will do.”

No words out here,” Braxton said disinterested. He smiled and thought, “Someday her job will be mine. I got words, plenty or words. Let me start with, incompetent.

Me neither,” said Miki as if she wouldn’t share a word even if she had one.

Just used my last word,” Arlo said and quickly entered it into his tablet and quickly slid it into his desk drawer.

No, I’ve been saving my word. I can’t just give it away,” Walter, who seldom shares words, said smugly.

I got a word, but it was a gift from my grandmother,” Sally smiled and blinked.

Sally,” Arlo said. “You told us last week you were an orphan left on the steps of a police station; you have no grandmother.”

It’s my imaginary grandmother,” Sally said. “And she’s just as real to me as yours is to you.”

I have a word, but it’s a dirty word,” Marty leered. “Ya wanna hear it,” he added as if trying to lure someone into a white van.

That’s okay,” Lilly forced a smile, “you keep it. I saw it scribbled in the bathroom.”

What did you think of it?” Marty said.

I immediately thought of monkeys, balloons, and organ grinders,” Lilly said.

You could rearrange the letters,” Marty grinned.

Have you ever seen Deliverance?” Lilly said and quickly added. “Never mind.”

Hey, Lilly,” Joey said from the furthest desk, “there’s this word guy I know, down on the corner. If you wanna, you know, I could score for ya. It will just stay here. Nobody else will know you couldn’t come up with a word. And my guy, he’s solid, not a word, I mean he won’t talk, but he’s got words. He’s got a bad memory, but a lot of words.”

I’m not that desperate for a word, but thanks,” Lilly said. She sat back and relaxed. Her mind continued blank.

She suddenly rose like a breaching whale. “FOR GOD’S SAKE, PEOPLE, THIS IS WORDPRESS!!! Get it, we’re supposed to have words!”

She’s desperate people,” Joey said. “Let’s pool our money and I go see my guy. She really needs a word.”



  1. That was real funny! I assume that you were inspired because WordPress was late putting up the WORD for today.

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