Breaking News; The French Are Behind US Election Hacking Attempts

One cannot look and wonder, why?

My apologies to those who have been opening my blog on a tablet or iphone. Yesterday, French Script was discovered to be the font showing up on those devices. My Daily Prompt posts were posted in Comic Sans MS, however showed up in French Script (I hear the French are doing a lot of hacking these days. WordPress might want to look into that.)

Which leads me, quite naturally, to my theory of the attempted hacking of the U. S. presidential election. It was the French. It has all the earmarks of the French.

Let’s first of all eliminate the Russians. Why? Because they know any country that offers a silly reset bottom will likely push the wrong bottom to tally votes anyway. You can’t predict or manipulate an outcome for the incompetent, you’re just best to allow them to run their course. You can’t even fight stupid with stupid.

Why the French? They do things for the sake of doing it. To the French there does not have to be any logical reason or even an outcome. Julianne cut vegetables, why? The Eiffel Tower, why? The Maginot Line, why? Jerry Lewis, why? The list is endless.

If the Brits didn’t first convince the French the Chunnel had no value, the English would have had to dig the whole thing on their own. It’s who the French are.

Once it becomes perfectly clear the hacking had no effect, reason, or value the French will proudly own it.

So, yeah, it has been the French who changed by Comic Sans MS to French Script.

The French Script is difficult to read, that is why the French developed it to begin with. If they had any idea it would have ever been used, they would have abandoned the font idea altogether. Thus, Times New Roman will be used from this point forward.




  1. I guess it is my time to blather, as you appear to be going out on a limb with your accusations. I am almost sure that the Russians are responsible, as they are not the hard working people who survived WW2. They want things easy and fast and that is why they hack. I got that Trojan Ransom virus on my computer which encrypted all of my files and I hate the Russians for doing that to me, as I never did anything to them.

Blather away, if you like.

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