Blossom the Possum


Often with the Daily Prompt we are afflicted by the first impression that comes to mind. This morning it was “blossom.” Indeed, likely everyone thought first of a flower in blossom. Ideas for the prompt started from that singular vision and spread in as many different directions as there are responders to this prompt. At least that’s the way it was for me.

With amusement I drifted to an event many years ago when my wife and I captured a destructive opossum in a live trap. It took several days. Advice was given to me by everybody I worked with raised in the South and certain they had the perfect bait for opossums. We tried every combination of good old fashion opossum comfort food known to any Southern boy worth his salt; a can of tuna, peanut butter, corn, and a Susie Q snack.

Finally we captured it in the trap; none too happy. It looked as if even an opossum’s constitution had difficulty digesting the combinations of fare offered. He just sort of laid there in the cage, You know the look, “why did I go and eat all that?”

We drove it five miles into the wilds to set it free. It would not come out of the cage. Likely he reassessed the foods, thinking it was worth the temporary anguish to his otherwise robust intestines. He thought he had found the opossum culinary mother lode. Eventually he was shaken from the cage and scurried for a nearby stream.

How it found its way back to our home a week later we have no clue. We captured it again and this time crossed two county lines before setting it free. We never saw him again. It seems opossums have their limits.

For several months my wife and I expectantly kept an eye out for the creature we affectionately named Blossom the Possum.



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