Conversation With An Atheist

So the prompt is “create” and I also thought about creation on my walk. 09-patterns-of-evolution-4-638[1]

On occasion there are conversations with those who proclaim atheism. I normally say, “I feel sorry for you, but not for the reasons you think. You have so many friends who try to convert you to Jesus, right?”

Yeah, you got that right. Hearing about Jesus get a little old.”

People have a reason to think one way or another, what is yours?”

I’ve done a lot of reading.”

Have you done a lot of thinking? I’m not saying you don’t think or haven’t taken the subject seriously, but is it enough for you to read something and accept it?”

It is just that evolution is something that seems most likely.”

It is interesting you say most likely. That sort of leaves room for something less likely, nevertheless likely.”

I think you’re playing word games with me.”

You might call it a word game, but I call it logic. So do you see where I’m going?”

I’m not sure.”

For example if you read or heard of a sea creature gradually developing a fin to move with ease through the water in order for it to capture needed nutrition, that might sound logical, but is it? Logic would dictate a whole host of questions. For example how much time elapsed before it developed into the perfect device we see today? How was it possible to genetically modify the original creature’s DNA to begin to pass on even a rudimentary fin? Later you read, the fin eventually became a wing and flight was achieved to capture its nutrition. Honestly, what is this beginning to sound like to you? That’s rhetorical, just something to mull over.”

I’m sorry, I’ve just read too much and there’s too much evidence.”

Fair enough, but you should thank me.”

Grateful you opened my eyes,” said sarcastically.

No, I didn’t once mention Jesus.”

(Because a person says they are an atheist does not mean they have no moral clarity, nor are they less feeling. They have their reasons and should be respected. And so it is with the atheist crowd, respect the Believer, it takes equal amounts of faith to accept either.)




  1. Well spoken! None of us is without faith. Respect like this leaves the door open for all of us to grow and change. Without destroying relationships.

  2. There’s a believe in the theist community that evolution equals atheism. I want to just put this out there with respect so you can have another point of view. Atheism is not based on evolution, Atheism is to say i don’t believe in god because i have not seen evidence. Evolution could be declared fiction tomorrow and it doesn’t change the definition. What atheist want to see is proof of a god, not an assumption of “I don’t know therefor God.” Just my two cents so the conversation could be more balance.

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