Trump Triumph

My Daily Post

The word triumph, like many, goes though many metamorphosis and branches out into download (4)several different directions. One can easily see how persons playing a game of cards and suddenly laying down the winning card might shout “triumph” and in time run it altogether and just shout out “trump!”

Likewise when one declared a victory of monumental proportion, it might be announced with the blare of a horn, later be called a trumpet.

Indeed, the political establishment, the media cartels, pundits, and odds makers all stared into cameras red faced, teary eyed, and mouths agape this past fall when the guy with no chance triumphed against opposing odds never before seen.

No matter one’s political stripe, one can not but stand in admiration of his triumph. Winners find a way to win—and losers find a way to lose. In the game of cards, it’s not the cards you have, it’s how you play them. How often have you seen the person with the bad hand win?

The race is not always won by the swift nor is the battle to the mighty.

For those who feel or convinced a lesser has triumphed and taken victory from the clutches of what is favorable, good, and righteous; they are hoodwinked by their own delusional thinking. The one who triumphed is no more or less a buffoon, crook, or intellectual master than the immediate predecessor or any one who opposed. They are all charlatans in their own right.

Sports can often be paralleled and referenced to compare the magnitude of overcoming such overwhelming odds. However, I can think of none. Ali’s victory of Foreman comes close. The only thing left to reference are events chronicled in the Bible; those of Biblical proportion.

In my younger days I played a lot of competitive sports. When I lost, it was for only one reason; I wasn’t good enough, my opponent was better. To believe otherwise will never foster a future victory nor give one a pleasant night’s sleep.

(This is in no way meant to be a political statement or preference. It is meant only to teach a lesson.)




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