The Tender Tender Tends to Tend (He said She said; Very Short Story)

My Daily Post

Steam locomotive with coal tender.

Could you be a bit more tender,” she said.

I tend to be tender,” he said.

In what way?” she said.

I tend to all your tender needs,” he said.

Name one,” she said.

Every time you tender, I tend,” he said.

I said name one,” she said.

You wanted a new blouse and you did not have legal tender,” he said. “I tended to that.”

Don’t you get it?” She said. “I feel you aren’t tender enough.”

Than it’s best I tender some sort of resignation, it seems I will never tend to all your needs,” he said.

I suppose your right,” she said.

I suppose this is goodbye,” he said.

Finally,” she said, “a tender moment.”




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