“The Unicorn” in Uniform

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As soon as the robber left the house Jason immediately dropped to his knees and comforted Riley, age six, and Tiffany, four.

Will he be back?” Riley said through tears.

He won’t be back,” Jason said.

I’m never going to go to sleep again,” Tiffany said sniffling.

You two can sleep with me as long as you like,” Jason said.

I wish mommy was here,” Tiffany said.

Me too,” Jason said, “but if she was here she’d hold you just the way I’ am now. So you guys stay with me while I get the phone and call the police.”

Jason called the police and within five minutes a uniformed officer knocked on the door.

I’m Officer Korn,” he said. “We had a report of a robbery.”

Yes,” Jason said with Riley and Tiffany clinging to him. “Come on in.”

The officer looked familiar to him. They were about the same age. Suddenly it came to him while Officer Korn jotted the information in his report. It was the guy they called “Uni or Unicorn.” He was a hood, tough guy. He greased his hair, combed it up until it met in the middle, and a curl flowed down into the center of his forehead; giving a unicorn appearance.

When Officer Korn finished he smiled at the Riley and Tiffany. “Your dad will protect you. He’s done a good job already. The robber didn’t do anything because your dad was here.”

But my daddy was scared,” Tiffany said.

Sure he was,” Officer Korn said. “He was scared not for himself, but for you. I have to tell you the truth, when I catch that guy I’m going to be scared. In fact, I’m so scared, I’m going to call by buddies to help me. I don’t want to meet that guy alone.”

If you can’t get your buddies, my dad will help you,” Riley said.

I know I can depend on him,” Officer Korn said, “but for right now I want him to take care of you. And just to be safe. I’m going to drive by your house a few times every night until we catch that robber.”

Officer Korn said to Jason, “Is there anything else I can do for you this evening.”

No,” Jason said, “most importantly, you made us feel safe.”

Jason walked with Officer Korn to the door.

I remember you from high school,” Jason said.

You looked familiar too,” Officer Korn said. “Then the name, Jason Ringling. It’s been awhile.”

You know,” Jason said. “I’m really impressed how you handled my children.”

I got a couple of my own,” Officer Korn said.

You were such a tough guy in school,” Jason said.

A hood,” Officer Korn said.

Yeah,” Jason admitted.

We grow,” Officer Korn said.

We used to call you…”

Officer Korn interrupted with a smile, “Uni or The Unicorn, as in Uni-Korn, I know.”

Yeah,” Jason said, “stupid kids.”

Well,” Officer Korn said, “don’t feel so bad. Me and my friends called you Ringling the Weakling.”

Ya did?” Jason said.

Yeah,” Officer Korn said, “but I see that’s all changed. You look like you must hit the weights pretty good.”

Yeah,” Jason said. “I have a weight room in the basement.”

Hey,” Officer Korn joked. “If I run into the robber, I may just give you that call. I might need some muscle.”

Jason shook Officer Korn’s hand. “Things sure change don’t they.”

Not everything,” Officer Korn said. He removed his cap and a curl flopped down to the middle of his forehead. “They now call me the unicorn in uniform. Take care Weakling.”

You too, Uni.”


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