Imaginary Funny

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Funny makes people smile, laugh, or intellectually acknowledge the thread of humor in something. Humor is different from culture to culture, because it is often based only on the experience or knowledge of that culture.

Why does a man slipping on a banana peel become funny? I suppose anticipating the inevitable and witnessing someone awkwardly flail to keep their balance. Of course to heighten the comedy; a man approaches the banana peel, skips out the way, walks around it, and tips his hat to it – then ran over by a truck.

What makes it funny is that it is done in such a way as to not offend, nor in a realistic way, show the actual pain and consequences.

Can one draw a line on humor. Most comedians say no. The reason; it inhibits the art form and limits creativity.

We often hear the expression sense of humor. What does it mean? We know what sense of smell and teste are. They tell us immediately whether something smells or tastes good or bad. We can’t pretend something tastes or smells good or bad. Likewise, we can’t pretend something is funny for the sake of creative license.

Humor is often imaginary. However with no imaginary lines? But there are lines; when people don’t smile, laugh, or intellectually see the strand of humor.

A severed bloody head is not funny. And anyone who defends it as such, even on a creative and intellectual level, has no sense of humor.



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