Writing Advice; One Brick at a Time

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A couple of years ago I made a decision to post my books in portions, or as, I call them, episodes. There are a few reason for doing this.

First of all, it was an effort to familiarize readers with the contents; to give them the feel of the story. If their interest was sufficiently inclined, they could continue reading or purchase the book (hopefully the latter).

It was also an aid in writing. When writing, it helps to break things down in smaller portions. As a writer, I attempt to make each episode interesting on its own, while at the same time building on the overall plot. The episode normally range two to six pages. It might be likened to a brick in a wall; sturdy by itself, yet more utilitarian if other bricks are there to complete the wall.

As a writer it helps me keep things concise and the action moving. My episodes have a conflict and resolution of small events within the plot. If I were to write just chapters there may be a tendency to drag things out; get to the end without taking time to smell the roses. For other writers that may not pose a problem, but for me it’s just a device I use to keep the story interesting when there is a lull in the action.

It is likewise a mental device, it keeps my thoughts compartmentalized. I have in mine the overall plot of the book before I start. Although that is in mind, by writing in short episodes, it allows me to concentrate more fully on the small portion or episode rather than allowing the mind to wonder. The brick layer building that brick wall can only lay one brick at a time. He can’t be thinking about the entire wall; slaps on the mortar, lays the brick in place, taps it in place, trims the excess, and smooths the gaps—now he’s ready for the next brick.

Thus, when the book is all assembled it has chapters and episodes or portions that make up the chapter. For the reader episodes are a good jumping off point rather than going to the end of a chapter.

Thus, a great deal of my site is devoted to my novels. Currently it is a book entitled Beyond Beyond.



  1. Wow… Lovely thoughts on how to make those themes of your blog. Really intriguing writing skills as I have skimmed through some of your work. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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