Finally Buffed

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Finally a Daily Prompt. I hated to chide whoever is in charge of the Daily Prompt on my previous post, but somebody had to wake them up. Then again, maybe it’s the new guy and the old guy has his belongings in a cardboard box and being escorted from the building.

Anyway, today’s Daily Prompt is “buff.” That’s a good word, because everything needs buffed; shoes, cars, body, my prose, and on and on.

However, most of all if we don’t take time to buff ourselves (personality-wise) we risk becoming dull and tarnished. Buffing removes the sharp edges and adds a little luster to our personality. Sometimes it’s a gentle application and others require pressure and time.

Even at my age I often think about refinements that are needed. My biggest fear is when it’s all finished there is little time to show it off. However, sometimes the real beauty in life is sometimes the unrefined and unfinished. A neglected antique sometimes has all the charm and beauty of a well taken care of museum piece.




Blather away, if you like.

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