Beyond Beyond; Episode 11


They sailed at 95 degrees for two hours. The time was spent watching the seas and skies.

Salty took the helm and Rich took a reading. He sat at the chart table making calculations. He climbed up the companionway and on deck and asked, “How’s she holding?”

Steady,” Salty said.

Ever been to Bermuda?” Rich said.

Only in my dreams,” Salty said.

Set a course at 115,” Rich said, “and if the wind and seas are good we can be there in five days.”

Salty changed the course to 115.

With a sure destination in mind they could now feel at ease. Rich told Salty about all the exploits back at Lewes.

So what did you do with the tracker?” Salty said. “Isn’t that what got us in this tangled line.”

Right,” Rich said, “I almost forget the most important part; while I was on the upper deck I stashed it in a lifeboat.”

Salty laughed heartily.

Here is the beauty of all this,” Rich said. “As far as the police are concerned it is the Cody Boy who went out to sea. You called them and said The Odyssey was in the bay. Smithson will bring the transmitter down to Cape May and track the ferry back and forth, back and forth across the bay. When he does discover it he’ll find a nice little note for him and Sam.”

After their laughter died down Salty said, “Burned food or you cook?”

Stay at the helm,” Rich said.

Rich made a meal of cornbread, ham, and beans.

They ate together below and talked. They laughed and reveled in the past day’s events.

We got 700 miles of ocean ahead of us,” Rich said. “Will that test me enough to see if I got what it takes.”

You have it,” Salty said. “I think the sea is the place for you; it’s the land-lovers you seem to have the most trouble with.”

I want to just sail,” Rich said, “and go forever and never stop. It seems like when I’m in one place too long strange and bad things happen. I’m okay for a while. I have to keep going.”

I’m not good at these sort of things,” Salty said. “I can hardly figure out my own problems, but maybe when you stay someplace things are good until what you leave behind catches up.”

That’s kind of direct,” Rich said.

Just a thought,” Salty said.

Maybe you hit a nerve,” Rich said.

Some people sail around the world to accomplish something, others for glory, others to run away from problems. Is one of them you?” Salty said. “Because the trip was planned long before the trouble with White and Smithson. They are just expeditors.”

I really don’t know,” Rich said. “I just don’t know.” Rich paused. “Why did you try it?”

None of the above,” Salty said.

The sound of pounding waves against the hull, the whistle of the wind over the deck, and the rapid flutter of the sails were the only sounds. Rich stood and grabbed the coffee from the stove and poured two cups. They both sipped.

Than what?” Rich said.

The same reason as you,” Salty said.

To find yourself?” Rich said.

Yeah,” Salty said, “and I never did.”


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