Beyond Beyond; Episode 9

Adventure at Lewes, Part 2 

Rich scampered up the steps to the upper deck. Uneasy and skittish he looked around. No one was on the deck. The breeze was stiff and cool. “Relax,” he murmured, “just relax.”

Rich slipped between the railing and a lifeboat. He parted the canvass from the lifeboat and dropped the tracking device inside. He sauntered back to the steps and back down to the passenger loading area.

The gangplank had been removed.

A crewman stood guard at the closed gate.

I got to get to shore,” Rich said.

Sorry, chief,” a crewman said, “we’re about to shove off.”

We have another two minutes,” Rich said looking at his watch.

I do what the captain says,” the crewman said.

I didn’t hear him say pull the gangplank,” Rich said.

I did,” the crewman said. “You must have something wrong with your ears.”

A distance of about six feet spanned the ferry from the dock.

Rich strolled about 20 feet from the crewman. He climbed to the top rail.

Hey!” the crewman said, “you can’t do that!”

Rich held on to a post and made certain his feet were planted firmly. He leaped. He landed on the dock with a couple of feet to spare.

Rich walked past the crewman standing on the boat.

You’re crazy,” he said. “If you’d fallen in and the boat swung over you’d have been crushed.”

Pull the gangplank,” came over the speaker.

Rich stopped and faced the crewman. The crewman scowled, “The next time on the ferry I’m going to smash your face against the deck.”

Rich jogged from the terminal area toward the cove where The Odyssey was anchored.

Thoughts ran through his mind. “I do not want anyone looking at The Odyssey’s records and discover the name on the transom is Cody Boy. That may cause a further investigation. They may actually be looking for The Odyssey. The boat is under my name, not Salty’s. I got to get there fast.”

Rich hurried his pace with intermittent jogging. “The guns and ammunition!” he thought. “All anyone would have to do is lift the bench and there they are. Salty can’t come up with something fast enough for that one. I should have dropped the tracker in the ocean like Salty said. I’d rather be outsmarted by White and Smithson than lose to my own stupidity.”

Rich tried to hitch a ride. No one stopped. “Why would anyone stop, I look like I’m running from a bank robbery.”

Rich jogged and his heart raced. “It may already be over,” he thought. “The Odyssey might be undergoing and inspection right now.”

Rich was out of breath and slowed to a fast walk. He was exhausted and completely gripped with the anxiety that The Odyssey may even be confiscated by now and Salty being arrested or at least detained.

Rich glanced at his watch. It has been 15 minutes since he left the ferry. He heaved a deep breath and started running again. 


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