Adrift; A Really Cool Poem – I think.

My Daily Prompt 



Alone at sea without any lights
So peaceful, tranquil, nothing to fright
A rudderless ship my thoughts adrift
My mind a net my conscience to sift
Both good and bad views, words, and deeds
Examined separated, some cast back to sea
What few oysters I manage to find
I dig out the pearl and call it mine

Fools only go to sea with no rudder astern
At the mercy of the wind and waves they turn
A wave casts me high to search all about
Suddenly in swells surrounded by doubt
If only a rudder for my steady hand
Sail the waves, find a safe harbor at land
If the conscience were a guide so great
I’d need not a rudder to make my escape

Where is that pearl that I did call mine
But, pearls are useless to dog and swine
How could I put myself in such a mess
To sail the sea in a ship that’s rudderless
How could I allow my thoughts to be driven
Any view, word, and deed randomly arisen
I can quickly calm this turbulent sea
It’s all in my mind, it’s all up to me



Blather away, if you like.

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