Ralph Descends

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It was tragic what happened to my buddy Ralph. He was going through a tough time with his girlfriend. I suggested we take a fishing tip; to one of those out of way places you must be flown in by a bush pilot.

We drove a day just to get to our plane. And the drive was good for Ralph. We talked and he was able to sort a lot of things out. He concluded the relationship was fraught with mistrust and it could not continue.

We arrived at a small airstrip in the back-country. The plane ascended to about 4,500 feet and leveled off. The pilot informed us we would touch down at our campsite in about 30 minutes.

Ralph pulled out his laptop and began to type out an email to his girlfriend. I leaned back and looked over his shoulder. It was a scathing break up letter. Personally, I would have been a bit more diplomatic and gentle, but Ralph is a straight forward literal type.

He hit “send” and smiled.

I was happy for him.

No more than a minute later he said, “What am I doing? I love her. I can’t live without her. I must descend.”

He looked at me helplessly. “What’s the fastest way to descend?”

I chuckled and smiled. “I suppose just jump out of the plane.”

Humor sometimes quells the moment.

I looked out the plane and watched the trees and lakes pass beneath us. I turned around and Ralph was gone. I looked over my shoulder and there he was at the door.

I don’t understand how this works, but I’ll do anything to get to get that email back,” and Ralph just sort of fell from the plane.

Suddenly it came to me. “De-send, not descend.”


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