Don’t Trust William Devane

thSX4AZZTEGold and silver is a smart investment; at least that’s what they say on radio and television. And we know that people who appear on radio and television are duty bound to tell the truth. Let me rephrase that, they would not willingly mislead anyone. Let me rephrase that again, they will lie to their mama on her deathbed.

I’ve been watching those gold and silver commercials for years. A current one says if silver returns to its recent all time high, the return on investment could b over 200%. Currently, they say silver is at a low and now is the time to buy.

What if I bought silver 15 years ago when they were telling me it was about to skyrocket in price? Do ya’ll remember that, the big worldwide shortage for silver and the increased demand that was supposed to happen?

Rosland Capital’s current spokesman is hack actor William Devane. You ever notice Devane is caught in a torrential downpour in one of the commercials, he climbs into a golf cart for protection and he’s completely dry. I give Rosland Capital one thing, who really wants to see William Devane in a wet golf shirt?

Rosland Capital’s previous spokesmen was hack Watrergate conspirator G. Gordon Liddy. What a marketing blunder on behalf of Rosland. That would be like McDonald’s hiring John Wayne Gacey to be Ronald McDonald and Berry Manilow to write and sing one of its jingles. (Oh, right they did hire Manilow.) Liddy lied to congress (Oh, right, everybody does that).

Anyway, here is my advice; it is the same advice I gave for free 15 years ago, don’t buy silver. Now look at all the money you just saved; now just send me 10%.



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