The Sixth Man – Episode 115 (Final Episode)


Well my friends and readers this is the end. I hope you enjoyed The Sixth Man. Feel free to send any comments you may have.

I’m taking a little break. There are several projects that need some dire attention. I have started my next novel. It’s entitled The Middle of Nowhere. If you receive notices by email keep on the watch.

The Fisherman

I’m looking for Charles Abbot,” a voice said.

There’s nobody here by that name,” Berta said.

Somebody said he was here.”

Perhaps you might try the house just down the street,” Berta said.

I’m certain this is the house.”

What do they want?” Papa said moving toward the door.

Somebody named Charles Abbot,” Berta said.

That’s me,” Andre said and quickly sprung from his chair and made long steps to the front door.

Berta opened the door wider.

Drake!” Andre said. “Everybody it’s my son. Come in.” Andre waved him in.

They hugged.

Drake,” Andre said. “This is our family. I have found my family; our family. These are our family.”

What are you doing here?” Andre said.

We got to worrying about you,” Drake said. “Missy and I came.”

Missy is here!” Andre said and turned to everyone. “My daughter is here!”

Where is she?” Andre said.

She’s in the car,” Drake said. He went to the door and waved at the car.

Dad,” Drake said. “Lynn is here too. We called her. She was worried and we met in Toronto.”

My other daughter is here too!” Andre said.

There’s someone else too,” Drake said a nodded toward the door.

Marti appeared slowly in the doorway.

Marti,” Andre said. “You all came.”

We were all so worried,” Marti said. “Now my daughter will know her family.”

Andre moved resolutely toward Marti. “I will never allow you out of my life again.”

And I will never let you,” Marti said. “Let me meet your family.”

Our family,” Andre said.

That was pretty much it. Andre Benoit Clement found his way home. That is not the complete end to the story. It ended well.

Andre sold his dealerships and other business interest to his employees. He remained and advisor, but after learning of his background his heart was no longer in business, cars, sales, investments, or Atlanta. His heart had always been in Burin; he just never knew it. It was always there, he was unable to recognize what the longing was that pulled him away at times.

Drake and Missy made some life altering decisions also. Drake quit the FBI and was able to qualify for a licenses to practice law in Newfoundland. It happened there was a need for a lawyer familiar with U. S. law. Missy was welcomed as a licensed physician in Burin and opened a clinic. All clinics need employees; that’s where Marti’s experience as a nurse figured in. Lynn was also employed by the clinic.

As you may have already speculated Andre and Marti married.

Andre entered the fishing business with his father and brothers. Marti became the fisherman’s wife.




  1. I enjoyed every bit of this story. It could easily become a novel (or novella) if you publish it. 👍👍👍

    • I was thinking just this morning about thanking you for all the likes and reads. I’m glad you took the time to comment so that I might thank you. I not sure when I’m going to start posting the next story. I just have so many things going on right now.

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