The Sixth Man – Episode 113

thMFH8OZ85Meeting Mama and Papa

It was not a long walk, less than a quarter of a mile. Not much was said, but much was thought.

They arrived at the door and Rene walked in with Andre behind him.

Mama! Papa!” Rene called out. “I have a visitor to see you.”

We’ll be right there,” Mama said.

Andre nervously looked around the living room. It was warm and comfortable. Knickknacks lined shelves. The furniture was leather and the floor a was beige carpeted. It was a seaman’s home. Pictures hung on the wall. The oldest was of a small boy dressed like a fisherman.

That is you,” Rene said.

Andre heard someone in the other room making there way towards them. Mama walked through the opening from the dinning room into the living room. She wore a floured house dress. Her hair was laid in long grey strands. Her face was small and had a kindly smile.

Hello,” she said to Andre and turned to Rene. “You should have told me you were bringing somebody by, we could have had something ready. Why not introduce us.”

I’ll wait till Papa comes,” Rene said.

Mama stood still and looked at Andre curiously.

Papa was heard coming through the dinning room. Mama moved out of the doorway to allow him into the living room. Papa wore coveralls and a red flannel shirt. His hands were large and rugged. His face was wind worn and tanned. Papa had a look on his face as if he walked in on the middle of a conversation. He glanced at Rene and Mama after a long look at Andre.

Who is our visitor?” Papa said.

Rene nodded at Andre. “Go ahead.”

I’m Andre Benoit Clement, your son,” Andre said.

Yes!!!” Mama cried out. “I know my son. That is him.”

They embraced and cried.

Papa slowly moved to a chair and sat. Mama took Andre by the hand and led him to Papa.

Andre kneeled down on one knee. “Papa,” he said with tears. “I have come home.”

Papa through his arms around Andre’s shoulders and pulled him close and they sobbed uncontrollably.

After a few minutes Andre sat on the floor. “Tell me what happened.”


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