The Sixth Man – Episode 112

thQRRRUJ1BAndre and Little Bo

Two rugged men in working cloths quickly exited a pickup truck, hurried through the back door, and into the kitchen. Andres stood. The two men slowly moved toward Andre. Andre stood. They looked at Andre suspiciously.

The older looking of the two stretched out his arm for a handshake. “My name is Rene Clement.”

Andre shook his hand.

The other reached out. “I am Rene’s brother, Claude Clement and your name?”

Andre Benoit Clement,” Andre said proudly.

How can this be?” Rene said.

That’s why I’m here,” Andre said. “In the last year all I’ve done is try to find out who I am and where I came from. It has all led to here.”

But, how did you find your way to this place?” Claude said.

Andre reached out to Rene. He lifted the chain from his neck. Andre held the medallion in his fingers. “You were three years old when Papa put this around your neck. I was there. It has your initials and the coordinates of Burin. I don’t remember it, but Papa told me about it; he told all the family about it. It is a family story. He said as long as there was hope he would tell the story. The he stopped telling it one day; he said he lost hope.”

Rene reached and held Andre’s medallion. “You are my big brother.”

They embraced and Claude joined them immediately. There was a wailing for lost years and jubilant cries for the impossible joy.

Sit,” Berta said, “Everyone sit. I’ll get coffee.”

They all sat around the table.

We must come up with a way to break this joyous news to Papa and Mama,” Berta said.

We must get everyone here except Papa and Mama,” Danni said. “We let our husbands, wives, and children know.”

And then we all go over to Papa’s and Mama’s,” Claude said.

I can’t think of no other way,” Rene said. “Andre is here and what else can we do?”

Perhaps we can ask the oldest in the family,” Berta said. “What do you think is best?”

I think it would be good to meet your husbands, wives, and children first,” Andre said, “but if you please, I’d like to meet with my Papa and Mama alone at first.”

He is the oldest,” Rene said. “He is wise. That’s what we should do.”

I’m calling everyone in my family now,” Danni said.

Berta, Rene, and Claude called their families. Everything came to Danni’s home except Papa and Mama. For the rest of the afternoon Andre became acquainted with his new found and long lost family. He related to them his quest to find them as well as other things about his life.

It is quite strange,” Andre said after relating many things, “I look around this room and I see people who look like me. I’ve never had that before. I see not only physical resemblances, but smiles and gestures I’ve had all my life and never knew from where they came. I remember fragments of things; boats, my room, old boots, fishing gear – did Mama play piano?”

There was a collective “Yes.”

I remember,” Andre said. “And father a guitar.”

Another collective “Yes.”

Andre stood. “Little Bo,” Andre said to Rene.

You were the only one to call me that,” Rene said.

Let’s go Little Bo,” Andre said. “It is time. Take my hand and we will walk to Papa and Mama’s together.”

Hand in hand Andre and Rene walked up the incline and around the curve in the road to Papa’s and Mama’s



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