The Sixth Man – Episode 110

th13Y7UII5A B C

My name is Charles,” Charles said. “Why do you ask?”

The people who live in that house lost a child, their oldest, many years ago,” she said and added sternly. “They don’t need to be reminded of it.”

His name was Andre?” Charles said and his heart began to beat heavily and he found it difficult to gain a breath.

Yes,” she said.

What was his full name?” Charles said. His chin quivered.

Her lips quivered. “Andre Benoit Clement.”

Charles nervously removed the necklace and handed it to the woman.

It has the initials A B C on it,” Charles said.

She looked at it. She sniffed. “Where did you get this?”

It has been with me as long as I can remember,” Charles said.

Oh my god!!!” she cried out and embraced Charles. “Andre, Andre, it is you!”

She let go and hollered to the house Charles had just visited, “It is Andre!!! He has returned!!! He is here!!!”

The woman from the first house came running. “Leave her alone!!! Has he hurt you!”

No, Berta, no,” she said. “This is Andre!!! This is Andre!!!”

Our brother! Our brother!” Berta said. “How do you know, Danni?’

He has the medallion,” Danni said in tears. “And like you said, he looks like Marcel.”

Quick we must call Rene and Xavier,” Berta said.

Charles was near panic and euphoria and yet stood in the middle of hysteria which he could not grasp. “What is going on?”


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