The Sixth Man – Episode 106

thE71Z4R3BIn A Hurry

Missy pulled from the driveway and drove down the street.

Now can you tell us what this is all about?” Drake said.

The medallion,” Charles said.

The coordinates,” Drake said.

Frank Foster had his boat pulled onto the lot today,” Charles said. “He blasted a fog horn and rang a bell. I immediately had a vision of being in a small boat in the fog. It was a memory, I know it was. I gave the coordinates on the medallion to Frank and he pinpointed it in Burin, Newfoundland and that’s where I’m going.”

Dad,” Missy said. “Isn’t this a little to fast?”

I got to get there,” Charles said. “It’s like a dam about to burst. I got to get there.”

But what if Frank read the coordinates wrong?” Missy said.

There is something there or not,” Charles said. “but I feel a pull like I’ve never felt before. It just won’t let go of me.”

So how the heck do you get from here to Newfoundland?” Drake said. “I called the airlines a few minutes ago; there is a flight from Atlanta to Toronto and from there to St. Johns, Newfoundland.”

So how are you going to get to Burin?” Missy said.

Rent a car, I suppose,” Charles said.

Where will you stay?” Drake said.

I’ll get a hotel,” Charles said. “I’ve slept in foxholes and on park benches, I’m not worried about that. I just want to get there.”

Like it’s not going to go anyplace,” Missy said.

I know that,” Charles said, “but you don’t know what it’s like to be me or should I say me looking for me.”

No we don’t,” Drake said.

Yeah, Dad,” Missy smiled, “just go with it.”

Have you guys been visiting your Mom?” Charles said.

They said yes.

Keep it up, okay,” Charles said.

We will.”

We will.”

Look, you two,” Charles said, “I know this is hard for you guys to take, but in the long term you’ll feel better about it.”

But does she deserve it?” Missy said.

Yes, she does,” Charles said. “She was a really good mother to you. She just went of the rails. Abernathy came back into her life and took her for an emotional ride.”

Does that mean you and Mom will get back together?” Drake said.

No,” Charles said, “and it has a lot to do with what occurred, but she would have to live under suspicion for the rest of her life Even if I could completely forgive her she would always doubt me and mostly herself. We will never be back together, but we will always be there for you; you can trust that.”

They pulled up to the drop-off at the airport. Charles checked his watch. “Two o’clock exactly.”

They said their goodbyes and Charles checked in at the ticket counter. An hour later his flight was climbing out of Atlanta and turned north to Toronto.


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