The Sixth Man – Episode 105

thRTO35EHYNew Found Land

That’s Newfoundland,” Charles said.

It’s on the coast,” Frank said. “There’s a town there.”

I can’t read it,” Charles said, “what does it say?”

It’s near a place named Burin, Newfoundland,” Frank said. “In fact it looks to me it’s just off shore. It’s in a bay.”

Charles leaned against the doorway.

What’s wrong?” Frank said.

Can you run things for awhile?” Charles said.

Yeah,” Frank said. “You going someplace?”

Yeah,” Charles said.

Burin, Newfoundland?” Frank said.

Yeah,” Charles said.

When will you be leaving?” Frank said.

As soon as I find out how to get there,” Charles said.

Charles climbed out of the boat and hurried back into the dealership. He ran up the steps to his office.

His secretary smiled, “Some boat Frank has?”

Sure is,” Charles said quickly. “Get me a one way flight to St. Johns, Newfoundland. The earliest flight you can.”

So you want time to pack,” she said.

Charles slowed down as he opened his office door. He took a deep breath. “I should slow down a bit. I can be at the airport in three hours.”

That’s what you call slowing down,” she said.

Cancel all my appointments,” Charles said.

When will you be back?” she said.

Just cancel for the next two weeks to be safe,” Charles said.

Charles went in his office and called Drake and Missy. They agreed to meet him at home and drive him to the airport.

He walked out of the office. The secretary was on the phone. She interrupted the call. “Can you catch a three o’clock flight?”

Charles looked at his watch. “Yeah, I got plenty of time.”

You have to be at the airport by two,” she said.

Like I said, I have at least five minutes to waste,” Charles said. “I’ll be there.”

Charles hurried home and quickly packed couple of bags. By the time he brought the bags downstairs to the foyer Drake and Missy arrived.

They came inside and Charles said to Drake, “Grab a bag and toss it in the trunk. Missy, you drive. Get me to the airport before two.”

Drake and Missy shrugged their shoulders and did what Charles said.

Your car?” Missy said.

Yeah,” Charles said. “Now let’s go. I’ll explain on the way.”


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