The Sixth Man – Episode 92

thOXF0SD3TWater Again

Emerson, the man I told you about who saw to it I was taken care of,” Wilson said.

Yes,” Marti said, “I remember.”

Me too,” Lynn said.

Go on,” Marti said.

He said there was one word that I said that seemed out of place,” Wilson said.

What was it?” Marti said.

Water,” Wilson said.

Water,” Lynn said, “what can it mean?”

I am afraid of water,” Wilson said. “We have a pool at our home in Atlanta. I dangle my feet and that’s it. I’ve never been in a boat on the water. The sound of rushing water terrifies me.”

What about the lady who raised you, Marcel,” Marti said. “Did you think to ask her?”

Emerson told me about water after I met Marcel,” Wilson said. “Water has nothing to do with her. If she knows something about it I think she would not have told me unless it had some way of torturing me further.”

When you hear water what do you think of?” Marti said. “What do you see?”

Just water,” Wilson said.

No,” Marti said, “You must see something more specific. There’s water in a glass, water in a pool, rain, or water in a river. You know what I mean.”

Just water all around me,” Wilson said.

Do you see anything beyond the water?” Marti said.

No,” Wilson said. “It’s water, but something keeps me from seeing a long way. Fog, it’s like I can’t see any more because there is fog or steam or something. All I know is that it makes me frightened and anxious.”

I think you have to find out where the numbers on your medallion lead you,” Marti said.

Wilson grinned with appreciation. He stood. “You two are so good to me, but it’s time for me to go. I got to find a room.”

Spend the night here,” Marti said.

I can’t do that,” Wilson said.

I didn’t mean sleeping together,” Marti said. “I have a spare bedroom.”

It just wouldn’t look right,” Wilson said. “I don’t want the neighbors to talk.”

Wait a minute,” Lynn said, “this is my dad. He can stay at my place. I can’t have my dad in town and have him staying at some sleazy motel.”

Well,” Wilson said, “I can afford better than sleazy. I can afford crummy.”

You’re stayin’ with me, Pop,” Lynn said grabbing his hand, “And we are going to talk until the sun comes up.”

I got to hit the road tomorrow,” Wilson said.

Lynn turned serious. “No you don’t. I’m taking the day off. We are going to drive to Louisville to pick out a car.”

That’s going to take some doin’” Wilson said, “but there are some complications. Briefly, no one in Atlanta knows exactly where I am except my son, Drake. There are few people in Atlanta I can’t trust. I don’t think anyone in Louisville knows I’m alive. But, I think we can pull this off.”

Wilson stepped into the kitchen and called Drake. He told him who to contact and how to arrange for Lynn to pick out the car of her choice.

Wilson and Lynn drove to her apartment. They stayed up until about 11:00 PM and rose at 7:00 AM the next day.

Blather away, if you like.

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