Are You Looking For A Bargain Motorhome?

Yeah, I’ve been looking for one. Each day I scan the local Craig’s List listing looking for the diamond in the rough. Here’s listing I came across that is just too rich not to share.

“Homeless friends stayed in our RV for several months and kind of trashed it and left it pretty messy! (Likely it’s time to start looking for new friends.)

This is my weekend to get the place cleaned up and back in order and I really don’t feel like messing with the RV. So I’m asking $1200 obo (I’m not judging, but I think this is more than a weekend project.)

Here are some general details: (What is it they say, “The devil is always in the details.”)
The motor runs great, although probably could use a tune-up and oil change. (If I’m not mistaking, that’s what makes the motor run great.)
The Body is straight, (could use a buff and wax job), with no “notable” issues. (I’m suspicious of “notable.” I think what he means is that he has ignored them, thus no longer “notable.”)
The tires are fine but the steering tires should be replaced if you plan on doing a lot of driving with. (The lot of driving may mean just beyond the property where it sits.)
The plumbing worked fine when we last used it. (Which could have been during the first Reagan administration.) We did not hook the water up when we parked it. (Thank goodness!) We just shared our kitchen and bathroom with the gal and her boys as it was only a going to be a few month’s (I’m puzzled by something; why is month singular possessive?)
The gas stove, water heater and furnace work fine (Finally some good news, however, fine is objective.)
The a/c set-up works fine. 30 amp, 110 volts We never used the D/C but the previous owner said it worked, also.(I’m sure we can all trust the previous owner) 
It has a generator, (Onan ?) (What is there to identifying a generator? Look at it. What does is say?”) that I believe came with it, originally. (So you believe it came with it originally; glad to see you are a man of faith and believe. There are so many people who don’t believe in original things.) I have no idea if it’s condition. (Exactly, you are a man of few ideas, but thanks to your description we do know your condition and the motorhome’s; possibly drunk and definitely terrible.) I know nothing about them, (Are we talking about the gal and two kids that lived with you in the motorhome. I’m sure in that close environment you couldn’t help but know them) never used it and neither did the previous owner. (He probably did, but just not telling you.)
It has a built-in Frig that never worked and previous owner \didn’t know why, either. (And you weren’t about to find out either) We just bought a small, portable, frig when we stayed in it.
The carpet needs to be replaced and probably the floor sealed before recovering due to the dogs. (Talk about full disclosure. Likely we would have known that without being informed.)
The hide-a-bed and bench seats will need reupholstered/repaired. (I think it’s best they just remain hidden.)
I re-sealed the the roof last fall and, to the best of my knowledge, (If you deny a leak does that mean there is not leak to the best of you knowledge?) it has no current leak issues, although there are some minor water stains and areas where the wall paper has bubbled or peeling from prior leaks. (Who wants leaks with issues anyway? Not me. There’s therapy, intervention, rehab… And as for the prior leaks all the damage will just fix itself.) 
Structurally, the roof, ceiling, floor and walls are sound. (And I trust your judgment. They may be bubbled, cracked, and peeling, but sound structurally.) 
The window glass is all good accept the rear window,(bath area), which I planned on replacing with plexy-glass. (Sure you planned on it. Come on, who needs a winder, specially in the toilet? I makes up for the overhead fan not working. All you got to do is drive at least 45 and it airs right out.)

This RV needs a lot of TLC but there is a lot of potential. (TLC; Time, Labor, Cash.) 

I have a clean title in hand! (Believe me, that’s the only thing that might be clean.)
Come look at it if you are SERIOUSLY interested and make us an offer! (I have a hard time thinking you are the serious one,) I originally listed it for 1900 obo I’ve lowered it to 1200. (Yeah, because who do you know who can afford a $1900 motorhome. The payments alone would be staggering.) I really don’t want to mess with it. I have enough projects right now. (Yeah, like your yard.)

Thank you”

Well, I took a look at it and it was everything he said it was.


Blather away, if you like.

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