The Sixth Man – Episode 70

th70AT4PPUThe Final Solution?

Dung pulled an object wrapped in a white barber’s towel from the file cabinet. He presented it to Wilson. Wilson eased it from Dung’s hands.

It’s a pistol,” Wilson said and unwrapped it.

Now do what you came here to do,” Dung said. “It’s loaded.”

Wilson gripped the pistol and closed his eyes slowly. He pressed the image of Everett Carpenter in his mind as tightly as he pressed the pistol to his head. His finger slowly searched for the trigger. Something suddenly grabbed his hand and shoved him.

What are you doing!” Dung shouted.

Wilson, surprised beyond expectation looked at Dung. “I want it over with.”

What?” Dung said.

I can no longer live with this,” Wilson said desperately.

And neither can I,” Dung said. “So take your vengeance and kill me.”

I can’t,” Wilson said. “And why should I kill you.”

I have kept myself alive for this moment,” Dung said. “You and only you has the right. It’s not a murder, it’s justice, it’s an execution.”

What are you talking about?” Wilson said.

That day,” Dung said. “That day thirty years ago. I’ve lived that day everyday and now it can be over. Both of us will be set free.”

I don’t know what you are talking about,” Wilson said.

You don’t remember?” Dung said.

I don’t remember anything,” Wilson said.

Then why are you here?” Dung said.

To find the truth,” Wilson said.

Than why put a gun to your head?” Dung said.

Because I thought I would end it,” Wilson said.

Let’s put the gun back in the file cabinet,” Dung said. “There is something troubling about this. I think you need my help.”

I don’t understand,” Wilson said.

Tell me what you remember about the day Everett Carpenter died,” Dung said.

I don’t remember,” Wilson said. “Until a few months ago I didn’t even know my name was Wilson Gentry.”

Don’t carry that burden any longer,” Dung said. “As painful as it is for me to bear, I will tell you the truth.”

Wilson tucked the gun in his pocket. “Let’s talk, but I’m going to get rid of this. I don’t think either one of us can be trusted with it.”

Dung reached up and placed both hands on Wilson’s shoulders. “We must talk. I don’t know what you have come to believe, but you and I are the only ones that remember what happened that day and you don’t want to remember and I want to forget. Let me tell you. Maybe it will help.”



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