The Sixth Man – Episode 64

th3F5UBG7ZA Step Closer To Burton Parnell

Two days later by mid morning he was in Missoula.

Wilson located the school of law and waited until Burton Parnell’s class let out. After the students filed out of the classroom Wilson stepped inside.

“Excuse me,” Wilson said to a man behind a desk. “You look too young for Burton Parnell. I was hoping to talk to him.”

“I’m his associate professor, Harrison Ballard,” he said. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“I must speak to Burton Parnell personally,” Wilson said. “I’m an old client and he may be able to help me with a new problem.”

“Burton won’t be back until next Monday,” Harrison said. “He called in,” Harrison chuckled. “He said he wanted to get some things done before the cold weather set in. He lives about 40 miles from here back some dirt road.”

“It’s important I talk to him,” Wilson said. “Do you have a number that I can reach him?”

Harrison jotted a phone number on a scrap piece of paper and handed it to Wilson.

“Thanks,” Wilson said and turned for the door.

As he reached for the door knob Harrison said, “Which client were you?”

“Wilson Gentry,” Wilson said.

“Ahhh,” Harrison said. “Gentry, that’s been some time ago. Burton will be glad to see you.”

Wilson stepped toward Harrison. “You are familiar with my case?”

“Yes,” Harrison said. “We review it from time to time. It’s used as a teaching aid for law students.”

“What crime was I accused of?” Wilson. “I sort of know that, but what was my defense?”

“You don’t know?” Harrison said.

“That’s why I want to see Burton Parnell,” Wilson said. “I don’t remember who I am. I only have my name. I was hoping he could help me.”

“Burton’s the best lawyer I know,” Harrison said. “He a decent and compassionate man. If he can help you, he will.”

“What did I do and by defense?” Wilson said.

“It’s best you discuss that with Burton,” Harrison said.

Wilson paused. He left the room and went to his car. He punched out the numbers on his cell phone. There was no answer.

Wilson hurried back into the classroom and retrieved an address from Harrison. Harrison provided him with directions.


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