The Sixth Man – Episode 59

A Place To Remember

That night Wilson and Mathias visited a few old bars that Mathias remembered they went to. They drank a beer at each and left. Wilson remembered nothing.

Wilson and Mathias had a late breakfast near the motel. They finished eating and sipped coffee.

“Why don’t we head back today,” Wilson said. “It’s been a great time even though I don’t know who the hell you are.”

“Yeah,” Mathias said. “There’s only so much to do and see in Fargo.”

“I think we’ve seen it all,” Wilson said.

“There’s one more place, Mathias said.

“Oh yeah,” Wilson said.

“We passed by it yesterday,” Mathias said.

“Did you point it out?” Wilson said.

“No,” Mathias said. “When we drove by you looked at it. I wanted to see if you had a reaction and there was none.”

“Which place was that?” Wilson said.

“I’m going to try something with you,” Mathias said.

“Hypnosis,” Wilson said.

“No,” Mathias said, “I want you to think of the places we went yesterday, of those places which do you remember the most?”

“Why?” Wilson said.

“I’ve been thinking,” Mathias said. “The first place that pops back into your head may be a place that is already in your head.”

Wilson chuckled. “Mathias, you are incredible, that makes perfect sense.”

“Well,” Mathias said. “What is the first place you thought about?”

“It wasn’t a place we went into,” Wilson said. “If just sort of stuck out. I thought, man I’m glad we never went there.”

“What place was it?” Mathias said.

“That place that looked like a biker bar,” Wilson said.

“Finish your coffee, Wilson,” Mathias said. “I’ll pay the check.”

“What?” Wilson said.

“We’re going to the bike bar,” Mathias said.

“You’re kidding me,” Wilson said. “We’re gonna get out butts kicked in that place.”

“Not as long as you mind your manners,” Mathias said.

“How do I do that?” Wilson said. “The guys that go there don’t even know what manners are.”

“Let’s give it a try,” Mathias said.

“I don’t remember where it was,” Wilson said.

“I do,” Mathias said.

“What happens if we get killed?” Wilson said.

“It was for a noble cause,” Mathias said.

“Stupidity is not a noble cause,” Wilson said.

“Neither is war,” Mathias said.

“Let’s get in the car,” Wilson said.

“One last thing,” Mathias said. “We pull up, I’ll stay in the car with the motor running, you go in and look around.”



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