Sixth Man – Episode 56

No Navigation Needed

“I hope this drive to Fargo might help,” Mathias said.

“What do you mean?” Wilson said.

“One night before we got loud and obnoxious you kind of went into strange mood,” Mathias said. “I thought you might be having some sort of flash back from Nam. Suddenly you turned to me and smiled strangely. You said, ’You know my name is not really Wilson Gentry.’ I had no idea what you were talking about. Then you smiled like there was some secret you were keeping and you said, ’It’s really Devon Ennis.’

“That’s a name I’ve never heard before,” Wilson said.

“The next day I asked you about the name and you acted as if I were the one who was crazy,” Mathias said. “When you start looking again that’s a name you might want to consider.”

“This is maddening,” Wilson said. “I was first a man with not name, then I became Steve Joseph, it looks like I’ve spent most of my life as Charles Peterson and you know me as Wilson Gentry, and now the name Devon Ennis comes from no where.”

“It would be easy for me to say stick with Wilson Gentry and the heck with the rest,” Mathias said, “but I’ve never been faced with what you’re going through and I ain’t never heard of nobody that has.”

“I’m going to find out,” Wilson said, “if it takes the rest of my life. I want to be laid to rest knowing who I am and where I came from, no matter what.”

“You never talked about your past,” Mathias said. “You didn’t have one, did you?”

Wilson pulled the car off the side of the road and brought the car to a stop.

Wilson turned toward Mathias. “Yeah, Mathias, that’s what I’m afraid of; once I know and remember Wilson Gentry I’ll have to go back further. It’s like a scavenger hunt; my next clue is hidden under a rock, that gives me a clue to a mail box, that gives me a clue to flower pot, and so on.” Sometimes I wonder if I had episodes within the life of Wilson Gentry. Maybe we’re all like this; something happens, we go blank, and invent the past and there are those like me that can’t invent one.”

“You want me to drive?” Mathias said.

“Yeah,” Wilson said. “You know where to go.”

“Not really,” Mathias said, “I’m just afraid you’ll drive us headlong into the twilight zone.”

“It isn’t funny,” Wilson said.

“When it’s not me it is,” Mathias said.

north-dakota-road[1]Wilson grinned. “I can see how we became friends.”

They traded seats and Mathias steered onto the highway and headed toward Fargo.

“This is a nice car,” Mathias said. “Does it have all the navigation stuff on it?”

“Yeah,” Mathias said, pulled the car over again and stopped.

Mathias released the hood. He got out of the car and was under the hood for a minute. He got back in the car. “No more navigation.”

“Why,” Wilson said.

“There’s something going on, Wilson,” Mathias said. “And I think it’s within your best interest to not let anyone know where you are.”

“I don’t get it,” Wilson said.

“You don’t know a person you’ve talked to in the last six months,” Mathias said. “Not even me, but I’m the only one who has admitted to owing you money. Those folks back in Atlanta, they have every reason to keep you as you are.”

They drove toward Fargo.


  1. now that is an interesting spin on things. Hadn’t given that one a thought. Still enjoying your story!! vicki

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