The Sixth Man – Episode 42

Another Piece To The Puzzle

Wilson was laying in his motel room bed watching TV when his phone rang.

Hello,” Wilson said.

Dad, this is Drake,” Drake said. “I found out about Burton Parnell. He teaches trial advocacy at the University of Montana in Missoula. He has a ranch. It looks like about a 45 minute drive from town.”

Well that’s where I’ll be heading,” Wilson said.

Burton Parnell is at the top of the ladder, Dad,” Drake said. “I read where he’s an eccentric old guy, but nothing gets by him. He’s trained some of the country’s best trial lawyers.”

Is he better than Abernathy?” Wilson said.

Dad,” Drake said. “You should know this, Abernathy was one of his students.”

Just when I thought things would get easy,” Wilson said.

I can get access to phone logs,” Drake said. “If a call from this office to Montana comes from this office I’ll let you know.”

I got a question, son,” Wilson said. “Somebody is going through a lot of effort to hide something from me. How much money am I worth?”

Didn’t Mom tell you anything?” Drake said.

We talked about the dealership and the others I owned,” Wilson said, “but we never talked about money. I suspected I did okay, I mean that’s quite a house.”

Dad, you own a couple of building in Atlanta and some warehouses too,” Drake said. “In fact, you own the building Abernathy’s firm is in. He rents from you.”

You still haven’t answered my question,” Drake said. “How much am I worth?”

I’m not sure, Dad,” Drake said. “Millions.”

In other words enough to make a good friend do crazy things if the opportunity presented itself,” Wilson said.

Yeah,” Drake said.

I’m starting in the morning for Missoula,” Wilson said. “Watch your back, son. Trust no one.”

You do the same,” Drake said.

They hung up and Wilson stared at the ceiling. “It’s always nice if you know what the puzzle is supposed to look like.”


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