The Sixth Man – Episode 41

Find Me A Lawyer

Wilson drove around the corner and called Drake.

“Drake,” Drake said, “Can I help you.”

“Drake, this is Wilson,” Wilson said.

“Dad, how are you doing?” Drake said.

“Fine,” Wilson said, “but I got something very important to tell you.”

“What?” Drake said.

“Abernathy may soon know you’ve been in his safe,” Wilson said.

“How?” Drake said.

“I wasn’t thinking,” Wilson said, “but I told Haverston I became aware of a file with his name on it in a lawyer’s office.”

“How will he connect that to me?” Drake said.

“Haverston slipped up,” Wilson said. “He denied any knowledge of me in the last 30 years, but said I had businesses, plural; that’s not a coincidence.”

“How did he react?” Drake said.

“He tried to explain it,” Wilson said.

“If Haverston calls Abernathy, it will come back to me,” Drake said.

“I’m sorry for the jam I put you in,” Wilson said.

“I’m in a jam,” Drake said. “You don’t even know who the hell you are. Look, if Haverston does call Abernathy, Abernathy won’t do anything. He’ll go on like every thing’s normal. He’ll move the file someplace else.”

“Do you know where that might be?” Wilson said.

“No,” Drake said. “Is there anything you need help with right now. You’ve been through so much already.”

“I think I’m doing okay,” Wilson said, “but there is something I need to know as soon as possible.”

“What is it?” Drake said.

“I need you to find out the whereabouts of a lawyer named Burton Parnell,” Wilson said. “He might be in Wyoming or Montana. He defended me 30 years ago.”

“Defended you!” Drake said.
“I was being investigated for murder. That’s about all I know,” Wilson said. “Haverston gave me his name.”

“Who were you supposed to have murdered?” Drake siad.

“Another soldier in Nam,” Wilson said.

“I’ll get right on it and call you as soon as I can,” Drake said.

“Thanks, son,” Wilson said and he paused realizing that was the first time he called Drake son.

“You’re welcome, Dad.” Drake said.

And they hung-up.


  1. This is getting deep as my granma’s well and about as thick as her coffee. just a hint here to take or leave as you wish. Every sentence does not need the name as an identifier. * He said *works well every so often. Keep em commin.” The posts I mean.

    • There is a school of thought when two characters a speaking it may not me needed. The “Drake”,” Drake said,” seems a bit redundant, but I started with a certain style and don’t want to abandon it.
      Do you think it is disturbing to you as reader? I’m interested in knowing.

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