The Sixth Man – Episode 36

By Appointment Only

Wilson continued to stay in the motel. He contacted his family in Atlanta and only told them that he met people who remembered him and beginning to piece things together. He told them of his plans to go to Houston.

He dropped by Marti’s home on the day he planned to drive to Houston. Lynn was there also.

She hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Be careful, keep in touch and… I love you, Dad.”

And I love you, my little girl,” Wilson said.

He stepped over to Marti. “We had a special love didn’t we?”

Yes,” Marti said. “We sure did.”

Wilson caressed her hand and kissed her on the cheek. Marti softly touched the spot he kissed.

You still love me, don’t you?” Marti said.

I’ll be safe,” Wilson said.

Wilson drove away. “How is this all going to be reconciled?” he said. “This is such a mess.”

At the end of two days of driving Wilson checked into a motel on the outskirts of Houston. He found the name of P. H. Haverston as a practicing psychologists. The next morning he called for an appointment.

We don’t have any openings untill early next week?” the receptionist said.

It’s very urgent,” Wilson said.

We can recommend another psychologists if it’s that urgent,” the receptionists said.

Dr. Harveston comes highly recommended,” Wilson said, “and I want to see no one but him.”

How would it be if we put you on a waiting list,” the receptionists said. “If someone cancels we will call you.”

If that’s the best you can do I guess that will be fine,” Wilson said. He gave her his cell phone number and waited for two days. He did not give her the name Wilson Gentry. He was suspicious of Haverston and thought the best approach would be to surprise him.

During that time he called Lynn and they talked for an hour. He called Atlanta and told his family of the progress.

It was eight in the morning and Wilson was about ready to go out for breakfast. He pulled his phone from his pants pocket. “Hello.”

Is this Mr. Arnold?”

Yes,” Wilson said.

This is Doctor Haverston’s office, we had a cancellation. Could you possibly be here in two hours?”

Yes,” Wilson said. “10 o’clock, right?”

Yes, Mr. Arnold.”

I’ll see you then,” Wilson said.

Could you arrive about 30 minutes early to fill out some paper work and answer a few questions about why you want to see Dr. Haverston?”

Yes,” Wilson said. “I’ll be there at 9:20.”

Wilson had a light breakfast and drove to Haverston’s office.



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