The Sixth Man – Episode 34

A Surprise

Donnie pulled the bottle from the cabinet in the kitchen and poured another drink for everyone.

Was the psychologist’s name, Haverston?” Wilson said.

Yes,” Marti said. “Are you starting to remember something?”

No,” Wilson said. “I made an acquaintance with someone who works for the FBI and she gave me that name.”

Do you think he’s still around?” Marti said.

Yeah,” Wilson said. “He’s in Houston and that looks like my next stop.”

Do you want someone to go with you?” Marti said.

No,” Wilson said. “This is something I have to do alone, but thanks and even though it doesn’t feel like it I am married.”

I’m flattered you thought that was an invitation,” Marti said. “But I was thinking about one of the boys.”

Jumping to conclusions,” Wilson said, “Sorry and I’m sure the boys have got better things to do. This is my problem and my problem only. Now you said there was more.”

Yes,” Marti said, “and it’s not your problem alone. You got a wife and children in Atlanta. It is their problem.”

Why care about them?” Wilson said.

This is where the problem comes in,” Marti said. “Donnie could we trade seats so I can sit next to Lynn.”

They exchanged seats. Marti took the glass from Lynn’s hand and handed it to Donnie. She put her arms around Lynn. Lynn appeared puzzled.

What’s going on?” Wilson said suspiciously squinting one eye.

Marti pressed her lips and swallowed hard. She looked at Lynn in the eyes. “Wilson is your father.”

Lynn starred motionless at Marti.

You told me he was dead,” Lynn said. “You said he returned to Sweden and died in a car crash. And that he had no family.”

Wilson sat his glass on the table beside his chair.

Was I around when she was born?” Wilson said.

When you left I didn’t know I was pregnant,” Marti said.

How could I do that!” Wilson said.

You didn’t know,” Marti said.

Lynn, Marti,” Wilson said. “This sounds empty, but I’m going to make it up to you. I’m a wealthy man, at least the man known as Charles Arnold is wealthy.”

Are you sure?” Lynn said to Marti.

Absolutely,” Marti said.

Marti!” Wilson said. “There is a tree in a park in Pendleton, our initials are carved in it.”

Yes!” Marti said.

That’s all I remember,” Wilson said. “But it’s a good memory. Is that where…”

Yes,” Marti said beaming.

I don’t think we should be hearing this,” Butch said.

Wilson called Mrs. Bradford from Marti’s home and informed her of the events. He stayed at Marti’s and all five of them talked until Wilson left for his motel.



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