The Sixth Man – Episode 31

Marti And Family

Wilson sent Les and his father away. They were reluctant to leave, but Wilson assured them they had nothing to worry about.

Wilson followed Marti, Lynn, Ronnie, and Butch to a mobile home park about a mile from the bar. Reason told Wilson it might be better to drive away and forget everything he’d heard the last fifteen minutes. But, there was the huge gap in his life and he thought that ever if he were able to glean one iota of information it would be worth it.

Marti unlocked the door to the mobile home and held the door open for everyone. Wilson was the last to walk in. Marti smiled politely and gestured towards a chair.

It was a pleasant looking home; neat and clean.

Butch, Donnie, and Lynn sat on a coach to Wilson’s right. Marti sat in a chair directly across from Wilson.

Butch was a muscular man with tattoos on his arm and seemed not to resist flexing them. Donnie was clean shaved and smaller of the two boys, but looked fit. Wilson looked at the door gauging a quick exit if needed.

Would anyone like something to drink?” Marti said.

Wilson shook his head and the three on the couch said nothing.

What is it you want?” Marti said.

Look,” Wilson said. “I’m not here to cause any sort of trouble for anyone. Ma’am,” he said looking at Marti, “if you have any idea who I am, please tell, me. If you have just a little information about me, a story, a friend, a place, anything; tell me and I’m out of here and you’ll never here from me again.”

Butch, Donnie, Lynn, and Marti all looked at each other. It was a family look; a hidden look that only they could interpret and know what each other was thinking.

Look,” Wilson said. “I know I was here around 37 years ago…’

Who have you been for 37 years?” Marti said.

Charles Peterson Arnold,” Wilson said. “I have a wife and two children in Atlanta who are strangers also. I don’t know them at all. A few months ago I found myself on a park bench in Des Moines. I didn’t know my name or how I got there. I’ve tracked my self back in time to this place and the name Wilson Gentry. I may have another name for all I know. I just want a little help. I’m lost, lost in my mind. It is the worst feeling in the world. At times I thought about ending my life.”

Everyone remained quiet.

Wilson pressed his lips and forced a cordial smile. “Thanks for your time.” He stood. He looked at Marti in the eyes. “Please, help me.”

Please sit,” Marti said.

No, Mom,” Butch said.

Yes,” Donnie said. “For all our sakes.”

Yes, Mom,” Lynn said. “I think you should give this man all the information he needs.”

Yeah, Mom,” Butch said. “Everybody’s right. I don’t want to see this fella wonder around or end his life because we didn’t give him the simple truth. I believe him, he means us no harm.”

Thanks,” Wilson said, sat and rubbed his thigh nervously.

Are you sure about this?’ Marti said.

The funny thing is I don’t know unless I know,” Wilson said. “A lot depends on you. I have to trust you and just judging by things so far, I trust you.”



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