The Sixth Man – Episode 25

tape-measure-cinch-by-inch[1]A Good Lawyer

During the next week Drake and Missy visited nearly every night. The visits were casual as they talked about old times with Charles, now known as Wilson in order to try to familiarize him with who he really is.

It was 10:55 on a Thursday morning when Drake came by.

I wasn’t expecting you until this evening,” Wilson said.

I just got off the phone with the friend of mine who I had been tracking Kotterman,” Drake said. “She eats the same place everyday, a greasy spoon three blocks from her office.

Drake and Wilson slid into Drake’s car and headed toward downtown Atlanta.

Do you think she will remember you if you just approach her on the street?” Drake said.

We talked a lot and she looked my face over pretty good,” Wilson said.

Let’s hope she’s alone today,” Drake said.

What do you think we should ask her to do?” Wilson said.

Let’s see if we can get her to talk off the record,” Drake said. “And if there is something seriously wrong she will allow you to obtain counsel first.”

Do you know any reason why Abernathy would have a file with my name on it?” Wilson said.

He’s your friend not mine,” Drake said smiling.

Yeah,” Charles said, “but he’s your boss and I don’t know him from Adam – at least in my present state of mind.”

But, I do know something he doesn’t know,” Drake said.

What’s that?” Wilson said.

I know the combination to his safe,” Drake said.

How did you get that?” Charles said.

Abernathy is a good lawyer, maybe the best,” Drake said. “I’ve learned a lot from him and about him. He’s a womanizer. He changes secretaries every year or so. He joked one time and said he changes the combination on his safe every time he changes secretaries. One day I was in his office and a client was in the outer office. We owed him $10,000. Abernathy went to the wall safe, that’s where the money was kept, he had trouble with the combination. He left the office, came back, and opened it with no problem. After a meeting with the client, Abernathy asked me to take the client out to dinner. At dinner the client said Abernathy stepped out into the outer office and whispered in the secretary’s ear, but he overheard him. He ask what her measurements were. That’s his combination, it’s always the measurements of his secretary.”

So how did you get the measurements or should I say combination?” Wilson said coyly. “On second thought, I suppose I don’t need to know.”

I was in the break room with her and said to Abernathy’s secretary that I was buying some lingerie for my girl friend and they were near the same build and could you help me by giving me your dimensions. She couldn’t resist,” Drake said.

Don’t they say a good lawyer never ask a question he already doesn’t know the answer to?” Wilson said.

I had my suspicions and a good idea,” Drake said, “I just needed confirmation. I worked far to hard in school to gain experience in that area.”

A good lawyer always has an evasive answer ready,” Wilson said.


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