The Sixth Man – Episode 24

“The Talk”

Drake rested his hand on Charles’ shoulder. “Dad, there is something strange about this whole thing. Trust me, Dad, keep this to yourself. If Mom or Missy know what I‘ve told you a slip of the tongue from them could be problems. Let‘s keep this between me and you for now.”

In the last few months I’ve been Steve Joseph, Charles Arnold, and now Wilson Gentry,” Charles said. “I don’t understand the reason for the secrecy, but I’m going to trust your instincts. I’m a stranger here, this is your territory.”

If Ted Abernathy knows this do others?” Drake said. “And I’m not so sure he informed missing persons as he claimed. He‘s managed and handled this whole thing.”

I met a lady on the plane from Indianapolis to Atlanta,” Charles said. “She’s an agent for the FBI here I Atlanta. Her name is Wanda Kotterman. Maybe she could help. I give her a call.”

Wouldn’t that be risky?” Drake said.

I have her card,” Charles said. “I told her why I was going to Atlanta, she knows about the amnesia. She was very kind to me, a real nice person. I think she can be trusted.”

Drake rubbed his chin. “Let’s meet up with her; you and me. But she must not know about it. Don’t trust anyone especially when you don’t know anyone. We will find out where she likes to eat or shop and casually meet her. I don’t want us to be someplace where we can be bugged, nor give her time to wear a wire or have other agents in place.”

I’ll trust you on this,” Charles said. “But, why the clandestine approach, I’m not a criminal or wanted. Was I under suspicion for something?”

No, but let’s play this cautious for now. There are things that don’t seem right and I can’t explain, because I’m not sure. In the mean time none of this leaves the room,” Drake said. “Not even to Mom or Missy. I have a friend who will do some work for me on the sly. He can find out about your agent friend and we’ll take it from there. It may take him a week, but this may help us to know what’s going on.”

Charles handed the card to Drake. Gayle and Missy returned to the room with coffee and pie.

What have you two been talking about?” Gayle said smiling.

I was just trying telling Dad about one of the times up at the lake,” Drake said.

It looks awful private,” Gayle smiled.

Well it was,” Charles said. “He was telling me about the time I was awkwardly explaining what it meant to be a man, you know ‘the talk.’”

I thought that talk was in his bedroom after you caught him peeking in Melinda Caruthers basement window when she was changing into he bathing suit.”

That was our little secret,” Drake said. “He told you he gave me ‘the talk’ then.”

I guess I waited for a time when the pressure was off,” Charles added.

Are you sure you ever had ‘the talk’ with him?” Gayle chided.

Sure I did,” Charles said.

Mom got a medical dictionary when she talked with me,” Missy said. “What did dad bring, Playboy?”

I drew pictures,” Charles said.

Drake looked directly in Charles’ eyes and said astonished, “Yes, Dad, you did. You remembered that.”

Charles smiled. “This is a good start.”

And they all had coffee and pie.



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